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  1. Many thanks for your continued efforts. They are appreciated. I would never have been able to capture The Clyde Mystery (1931) if I hadn't seen your list. It wasn't even listed on the on-screen guide, and the movie it followed (to which there was no imaginable connection) was not one which interested me. Jack Tillmany
  2. My on screen guide says the one following Rollerball is an Operation Crossbow promo; after Princess and the Pirate it's Easy Life, a 1944 Crime Does Not Pay.
  3. Close Relations was shown on TNT before TCM came on the air, so it's obviously in the Turner library.
  4. Who was the uncredited actor who played James Morgan, Virginia's father, in The Panic is On?
  5. But since VCRs have been in common public usage for at least 25 years now, and TIVO, DVR and DVD technology have been in full swing for at least five or more, don't you think that someone would have to have been living on another planet not to realize what's going on? BTW: It's mentioned way down the thread, but just for the record, Charley Chase in Skip the Maloo! (1931) followed Heroes Island. After all this blood, sweat and tears trying to nail these Roach shorts, no doubt Hallmark will some day issue a nicely packaged DVD "Collectors Box Set" of all of them, so all of this turmoil
  6. Thanks! I should have done that before I hit the send button! Missing a Charley Chase short left me shattered.
  7. I concur! The Charley Chase short that followed The Elephant Man, and preceded Something Always Happens wasn't listed on the schedule and it looked like a "new" one. Did anybody catch it? What was the title? Echo Mountain was an early 3-Strip Technicolor short that I don't think has ever been on before and which I would have loved to have captured. Any chance of bringing back the weekly charts on this thread? Thanks, Jack Tillmany
  8. Just for the record, since it doesn't seem to have been mentioned so far: Living on Love (1938) is a re-make of Rafter Romance (1933) and A Man to Remember (1938) is a re-make of One Man's Journey (1933), so that's why the inter-connected rights have kept them in limbo until now.
  9. Can anyone identify: Maizie (the successful seller); the Chinese cook (IMDb lists Willie Fung, but it wasn't him); the deaf landlord; Rosina Lawrence's husband (IMDb lists David Sharpe, but it wasn't him); the older female party guest (with Larry Steers). Fun short!
  10. Can anyone identify the uncredited actor who played Stephen Foster in Memories and Melodies (1935) which followed Irene (1940) Wednesday afternoon? Thanks.
  11. Now that we have FINALLY had the opportunity to add The Nickel Nurser to our archives, could someone please identify Thelma Todd's two blonde (uncredited) sisters. FYI: Eddie Dillon was Mr. Todd and Harry Bowen was the messenger; IMDb erroneously has Bowen as Mr. Todd; I submitted a correction.
  12. Toyland Broadcast (1934) (Cartoon Alley #42) originally ran 8 minutes, but the TCM version, after having being laundered by the Political Correctness Gestapo, only runs 6 minutes 30 seconds.
  13. IMDb has Gloria Blondell (uncredited) playing the switchboard operator in Chapters 2, 8, 13 and 15, but a very knowledgeable friend of mine says it's not her. Any suggestions?
  14. Yes, fewer films commonly available now on DVD, and more that are NOT. Yes, PLEASE put North By Northwest back on the shelf for at least a little while! Why not show some of the post-1949 WB films that seem to have completely disappeared: Bombers B-52 (1957) (LBX), Burning Hills (1956) (LBX), Drum Beat (1954) (LBX), The Great Jewel Robber (1950), Highway 301(1951), I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951), Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951), King Richard and the Crusaders (1954) (LBX) , Lightning Strikes Twice (1951), The Lion and the Horse (1952), Lucky Me (1954) (LBX) , Operation S
  15. If you are a Cord fan, check out Racing Lady (1937) shown a couple times recently. RKO's snappy Cord convertible gets quite a work out in that one, hauling a horse trailer yet.
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