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  1. thanx for the heads-up, edgecliff.....i myself might be just nutty enough to get 'the strawberry blonde' dvd for rita hayworth alone.... but still that will be later this year, i'm in no great rush. wow... there's a lot of rita being released this year, HALLELUJAH!!!
  2. i'm glad to hear that the quality is good on these dvds..... there are a number of titles that i'm interested in, and i hope they'll be offered by WB for some time (a few years).....to give us enough time to collect them. since these are rarer 'on demand' titles, i suppose they will stay at $20 @ title...... the price is too steep for me though. i might just get 2 or 3 titles this year.
  3. wow, you really will beat a horse to DEATH.
  4. hi ff...... you're right of course, blu ray will win out sometime in the future (5-10 years?), but until that time it's a competitor of SD with us consumers stuck in the middle, that's our gripe!! SD shows no signs of dying off soon. and that's what edgecliff is highlighting with this 'holiday inn' dvd (hi edgecliff)..... with no release in blu ray, 2 separate editions of the same film in SD released in this short time frame makes no sense, that's all we're saying....
  5. hi filmlover..... we all understand that you are behind blu ray 1000 percent, so those articles are not directed to you but to those of us on this thread who have recently posted their concerns about jumping over to blu ray...... it's good to know a majority of the nation shares that reluctance to make the jump. i know that we're going on a tangent in regards to the thread, but i'm sure the tcm administrator will step in if he thinks it's too much, it's his job to police the site, not ours.
  6. found a great article on blu ray sales with links to two further articles: http://entertainment.slashdot.org/entertainment/08/08/07/1811259.shtml
  7. i'm glad you feel that way ff, but i still agree with edgecliff.
  8. > {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote} > I already have the update remastered version of HOLIDAY INN and I am very happy with it. The only really new things to be offered in this 3 disc version is a CD of music and a colorized version. This is ridiculous. Universal has so many wonderful films in their library yet to be released yet they go another round of HOLIDAY INN. I am not interested in a colorized version of the film, nor am I interested in this waste of time 3 disc set. BTW I think I like the old art work better than this reissue. i missed this.......yes, i just bought
  9. i totally share your dvd pain.... funny you should mention dracula and frankenstein, i have already TRIPLE-DIPPED these titles in the standard dvd format, NO MORE!! the whole home video business is a big money-pit, different formats competing & overlapping one after the other, and the poor consumer out here just doing his best to keep up while each format takes our money no questions asked (a few messages back there was some brouhaha over amazon raising the price on the 'affair in trinidad' dvd... well would you believe about 12-15 years ago i bought that title on videotape--- a new re
  10. > {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote} >Some people may be disappointed in the look of a well-transferred 35mm movie simply because they compare it to stuff that doesn't involve film at all - like the animated movies from Pixar or Dreamworks, which look flawless in HD because they were made digitally. i've been told by kids in college film schools that most film productions nowdays are shot and edited digitally, then transferred to film at the end....hard to believe that the process of cutting and splicing pieces of film together is old school and has fallen by the wayside. and w
  11. filmlover, do the black pillars on each side of the image play like that on your tv? i forget how large you said your screen was, but how large is the 4:3 image when played on your rectangular set?
  12. i totally agree with you about switching my standard dvds over to blu-ray, i'm in the same boat with collecting mostly classic older films. i suppose sometime in the future, when my current standard tvs blow out and i have to replace them, i will deal with all this new technology. however, check out this RAVE REVIEW for the blu-ray release of 'black narcissus' '47.... the image does look excellent, but darn it i just spent $35 last year for the criterion collection version! http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/34144/black-narcissus/
  13. wow, so 'affair in trinidad' went up by $4 over at amazon...... that's why i use the amazon marketplace sellers mostly, when buying so many dvds each year i need to get the best bargains possible.
  14. i know.... it's quite a paradox..... but you gotta admit there are a TON of titles coming our way this fall!
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