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  1. just finished reading the whole thread -what a lively, funny, and entertaining discussion of hammer horrors- thanx guys! great stuff!
  2. hi socalgal! you know, i don't believe that ginger would mind a bit. both astaire and rogers resisted the idea of becoming a permanent team. they wanted individual careers and did not want to be typecast together by the studios or the public. i think this is a vital point regarding the classic hollywood stars.... they were all typecast in a narrowly defined role that registered with the public--- whether it be hero (john wayne, gable, james stewart), villains (george sanders, basil rathbone), leading ladies (greer garson, norma shearer), or sex symbols like ava. it is interesting
  3. i really enjoyed ava being 'star of the month', and i _really_ enjoyed being able to come to this thread and read all of the feedback, comments, and insights to ava & her films. during our family gathering yesterday, some of us peeled off to the den to watch tv. i put on tcm & 'the night of the iguana' and really enjoyed watching my family members get into it! the two most talked about subjects were tennessee williams and ava. i was able to pipe in and answer all questions. funny everyone was suprised by the ending-- expecting a romantic link-up between burton and kerr. i had t
  4. what, no censorship on your thanksgiving poster? that turkey is showing a lot of leg. and it looks smokin' hot! and it looks like every dog in town is after it!!
  5. so cal, of course it is a personal choice. i'll say it this way--- for me, rita hayworth is my favorite dancer...the best. for me there is no other. p.s.--- fred astaire backs me up on this one. hayworth was his favorite dance partner.
  6. i love what director nunnally johnson says about ava--good insight-- from the tcm 'angel wore red' article: " Ava is like Marilyn. She's really frightened. She would cry a lot, she had no confidence in herself, she felt she couldn't act, she had no home, no base, no family, she missed them terribly, she felt she'd missed out in life. It was hard to believe her unhappiness. When you looked at her, even then, she was...the most beautiful human being in the world." it seems to me that all these lady sex symbols- think also novak, bardot , bara, bow, harlow - felt the crushing weight of t
  7. cinemaven, don't hate me.... but i disagree with your friend. you cannot manufacture a STAR. i was reading 'the star machine' by jeanine basinger earlier this year, and she seems to imply the same thing. yes hollywood (then as now) worked like a factory and put thousands of people thru the process. full makeovers in hairstyles, clothing, makeup. publicity, acting lessons. it was a business to the studios. but it was also a crap shoot for them too. because the public decided who was a star and who they were willing to pay money too see. the studios responded to public demand. as alway
  8. miss goddess-- i too am enjoying the conversation here! i have 'one touch of venus' somewhere on videotape, but i plan to get it on dvd soon. i just bought 'snows' on dvd today. 'the killers' is oop and very expensive to buy now. and i would love to get that widescreen print of 'maja'-that tcm just broadcast- on dvd someday. meanwhile, look at this jammin' poster of ava, from 'the little hut' 1957: http://www.moviegoods.com/large_detail.asp?http://www.moviegoods.com//Assets/product_images/1020/428281.1020.A.jpg this girl has IT! in droves! how the director didn't capture ava's
  9. hi miss goddess! you know, i agree with you in regards to ava as an actress. in those terms, she has had some excellent roles, with her performance the anchor-the heart- of many a film, such as in 'the sun also rises', 'show boat', 'on the beach', 'the night of the iguana', and many others. while i might decry the fact that ava never had a glamorous (enough-for me) star vehicle that fully captured her essense, i think that, of all the "glamour girls", ava got the best, meatiest acting roles. and she worked with some of the best actors and directors of her day.
  10. wow, such good posts since my last visit! for cinemaven: i think that rita and ava are so close in charm and charisma that they could be sisters. for me they are the only two stars that can be called a 'goddess of love'. i think that rita's studio was careful to perpetuate this idea in her every film. ava's studio did not, and the effect is more hit or miss, depending on the film. i think their main difference is that rita was a marvelous dancer.... the most graceful dancer i have ever seen. wonderful movement, that the camera lovingly captured in each film. so already she has more sc
  11. i really enjoyed 'ava night' last night. i was not as familar with these films. this is the first time that i've seen 'the naked maja' in widescreen-- it looked so much better. ava in color is so gorgeous. i love her with long hair. and i love the twist in the 'camille'-type ending... the way she hits the ground like that! i watched maja, 'on the beach', and 'the angel wore red'.... all have the theme of ava bravely sacrificing her love for her man's greater good. there's that sweet vulnerability that ava is now famous for. i also enjoyed her different leading men in these films. a
  12. hello miss goddess! yes i will-- thanx for the invite!
  13. julie being found out & forced to leave, and the following set-piece of her leaving as joe sings 'old man river', is the most moving part of the film. ava and rita hayworth are among my top favorite stars. both jolt the senses with their innate eroticism, both are devastatingly beautiful, yet both are extremely vulnerable onscreen. i will look forward to the ava festival every thursday this month.
  14. i don't recognize any character on 'the revenge of frankenstein' poster... but geez, how dynamic is that imagery! and the 'curse of frankenstein' poster....holy moses! what an imagination that artist has!!! that scene--just as it is-- would have been great in the picture. i've been following the 'hammer horror' festival all month on tcm, and for the added cherry on the top, coming here to see what kyle has posted. the combination has been highly enjoyable!
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