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  1. Matt, thank you so much for that great post. That was right up my alley. Very creative way of giving us your choice, as well as your views concerning the other members' schedules. By far the best non-schedule post in both of these threads, and certainly the most entertaining. Thanks again. Will read it through again for kicks. Bogie
  2. I totally agree with the core of what you're saying Dobbs, as I do believe the fan base will eventually jump ship. Hey, with all this recent talk of DVD recorders initiated by you, maybe we'll start trading recorded DVDs of our favorite classics Netflix style, via the mail, and quit relying on the disappointing networks that seem to be selling their souls like two-dollar h--. Well you get the idea! Bogie
  3. Hey filmlover I think you're right about the 8th. When I took a look last time I believe that was the date indeed. I'm still not over that actually, what an incredible boon! Anyway, you said: "So, now here we are, finished the second Challenge and running smear campaigns on TV to get the vote (oh, wait, sorry, that is just our local political candidates)." Hahaha! Ain't that the twooth! And . . . "I am glad you enjoyed it so much. I guess the next one will be 'The Challenge Strikes Back.' " Seriously, all jokes aside, despite who wins, if the next challenge doesn't go b
  4. I think the best films to remake today are those that featured fair, poor or substandard special effects, or poor and standard production values, but movies that were very well made, brimming with substance, atmosphere, and overall quality, or unmatchable chemistry between the leads, and superior dialogue, or films of high iconic status, such as Casablanca, or even All About Eve, these and films of their caliber should never be touched by the likes of any modern-day filmmaker. However, I would love to see an updated version of The Killers, as that is a film that would be interesting to see
  5. I know I?ve already presented a programming schedule and have placed a vote, but I must say I didn?t realize this was going to be this exciting. The anticipation to see who?s going to take home the prize is running really high for me and I?m loving every minute of this. I hope others are inspired to chime in with votes, because the more the merrier, and certainly the more interesting this will be. I feel all who have received nods thus far are deserving of them. Given how much fun all this is I am really very surprised that just six schedules were submitted. Granted I realize that time an
  6. Absolutely my pleasure filmlover, and thank you also for the kind words. It was fun participating and reading the schedules of others. I only wish there were more, but then again I always say if someone doesn't have something to offer, they shouldn't force something just for the sake of presentation. That said, everyone's programming schedule struck me as inspired. And I'm not speaking for myself of course. Bogie
  7. I actually have to unplug my DVD recorder several times over the course of a few hours of straight use, otherwise it conks out. I use a cheap Protron, which used to work great with the timer setting but has since lost part of the use of that function. If I want to record with it now, I have to set the timer and keep the machine "on" or it won't turn on automatically to record. It gets stuck trying to power on and I have to unplug it to reset the darn thing. I used to dub VHS tapes onto DVD discs but found that I lost a considerable amount of resolution doing that, and the films end up look
  8. Chalk one up for filmlover for me. Would definitely tune in to see a lot of his choices. Very stiff competition I must say. Took me a long time to narrow it down to one. Bogie
  9. I myself am a fan of biopics, and have a few recent ones in mind that I have enjoyed, some of which are Elizabeth, with an absolutely entrancing Cate Blanchett, The Insider, which was deftly directed by Michael Mann, and showcased spot on performances by both Crowe and Pacino, as well as Christopher Plummer, who is at the top of his form in his portrayal of CBS? Mike Wallace. But of particular note I?d like to mention a film I?ve only recently had the pleasure of viewing, though it?s been out for a few years now, and remained at the back of my mind ever since it was released, and that is T
  10. Excellent programming schedule, Tracey. Very inspired. I really enjoyed that. Bogie
  11. Matt, filmlover, kudos on two wonderful schedules. Very creative way of mixing things up with the TCM programming. I particularly liked Matt's Rodney King themed Can't we all just get along? choices (very funny) and the Darkness After Dawn pick, Conflict; and filmlover's Ann Sheridan birthday tribute choices (love her) and the Lorre/Greenstreet teamups. Good stuff, both of you! Bogie
  12. Quoting SheltiesRule1: "All polls are bias. people who answer will be swayed by the question, what they think you want to read or hear, popular social thought of the day, those who take the time to answer the poll will not give a true cross section of a valid polling, and so on. So, no poll is valid. Sorry, but it's true, all polls are bias. Just ask a stats prof. Don't get mad and say nasty things to me, thanks." That said, my choices for favorite movies are: 10. Angels With Dirty Faces 9. Libeled Lady 8. The Bad and the Beautiful 7. Out of the Past 6. Rear Window 5. The Tre
  13. movieman1957 said: "For me Crawford is unwatchable." I would say I feel the same except I love Mildred Pierce, and her in it especially, as I cannot see anyone else in the role for the sake of her complete encapsulation of it. But I do find many of her other films--A Woman's Face, Possession, etc.--to be quite unwatchable, and I thought it was just me. Oh well. As to the Bette Davis vs. K. Hepburn question, I love K. Hepburn in certain roles, mostly opposite her life partner, Tracy, but Bette Davis is more enjoyable when carrying a film on her own. And her range was quite remark
  14. My favs are: All About Eve Now, Voyager Dark Victory Jezebel Bogie
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