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  1. Does anyone else think that Rita Hayworth shares a strong resemblance to the young Julia Roberts? Or is that me and my crazy imagination...
  2. We're Not Dressing... My pick. Has to be... But I would take any Bing pre-code, doesn't really matter which. This one is the best I have seen so far, though. But it is nearly impossible to even consider limiting myself to just one musical for the rest of my life... Some of them mean so much to me, like Easter Parade, In The Good Old Summertime, Singin' In The Rain, Brigadoon. The thought of not seeing them again is hard to fathom.
  3. Actually, when I first started watching the Marx Brothers, I first thought Chico was hot... Then I grew to think all of them are very attractive, I love men who don't take themselves very seriously. Harpo is my most beloved, because I love his whole "mime" routine. I also couldn't believe how old they were in these films! Christine: I hope you had a happy New Year! I watched my dvd last night and the satelite was out right up to the credits, and never went out again Though it seemed a little more subdued than the other films, I found it very entertaining (especially for Harpo). Loved
  4. Hi there, Christine! Here in North Carolina we had some surprise flooding. I'm not flooded out but my satelite went out about 2:30 in the morning and came back up at about 3:30. I'm hoping I caught A Night In Casablanca @ 4 (set my dvd-r), but I won't know until I watch it tonight! I have several movies I'm just getting around to watching where the satelite cuts out during the running time I'm looking forward to it if I did get it... I was watching... Wait, which Marx film came on while the ball was dropping? Was it Monkey Business? And it was the part where he comes into the man and
  5. I love the part where Harpo keeps lighting Groucho's cigar in A Night At The Opera... The match is so long, Groucho says "Last time I saw that match it had apples growing on it." Or the scene with the contract, Groucho says, "If my arms were a little longer I could read it. You don't happen to have an ape in your pocket, do you?" My mother found that particularly amusing, since she always does that when trying to read something.
  6. How Wonderful! The same thing happened at my house I forced my parents to sit down and watch the flicks as they came on... The Marx Brothers never disappoint! Thanks for sharing that story with us, it's nice to know these movies (no matter how old) still appeal to the younger generation. Around my house, At The Circus always gets the most laughs. I think it is Groucho's ceiling walk scene... Hilarious! Danny
  7. i saw the most adorable shirley temple film late night on tcm just last night. i never really watched much of her films, but after watching this one she just is the cutest thing i've ever seen! no wonder so many people fell in love with her.
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