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  1. Thank you so much for your reply, I don't believe that TCM is aware or has any of this material though I could be very wrong but i've been told that attempts to contact TCM about this have been made but so far no luck. I'd like to see this these resurrected because if you know the series it's a who's who of old Hollywood and I've just received Richard Lamparski's the author of the series who is still with us contact info ( letter mailed today). These recording are housed at Pacific Radio Archives and they deserve a home and rediscovery people like us and so many others who have a tr
  2. I came across this radio archive website that has the What Ever Became series by Richard Lamparski. Never given the credit for his series he did what Kevin Brownlow did for Hollywood by publishing and recording well know & obscure silent, sound stars and entertainers while they were still alive. Some of these recording are the only sound of their voices since they never appeared in sound films. I know that Brownlow's series ( yet to be released on DVD) is one of the most amazing and informative programs on Hollywood, but these recordings should see the light of day and as a classic film
  3. I see the announcement that the CFUB is closing as of 1/11/2016, is it closing to new members or being eliminated all together and if so is this a cost cutting move? I understand things change but the time it took to post photos on the site are they all going to be deleted or is their away to save all of them? All assistance would be greatly appreciated
  4. Katie welcome, your going to have the time of your life, as I like to say this is the one place you have something in common with everyone. A few things getting in touch TCM has a presence on social network, twitter & Facebook, through the message board as well. SueSueApplegate does an amazing job under general discussions keeping everyone up to date on the festival so be sure to check back often. As for the passes it’s really what you want to get out of it but let me put this out here for everyone when you go and queue up for an event Spotlight pass holders have preferential treatment
  5. Well the 2015 film festival is about to get underway and I'm not able to attend this year. To everyone I met over the last 2 festivals and to all the newbies your going to have an amazing time, this is truly the one festival where you have something in common with everyone, the love of classic film ( we are a class act) see you all in 2016 and Mr. Osborne get well soon, you've always been very generous with your time and I've always appreciated the time you give to all the attendies, never turning anyone away. Regards WRJ
  6. Hey everyone check this out: I came upon this link about the famous night club fire from Nov 28th, 1942. I was aware and had heard of this but after doing further research found not one feature film had ever been made about it even though one of Hollywood's own cowboy star Buck Jones perished in this fire. With lack of originality in Hollywood these days I thought why not? Why not make a movie about this and the way this screenplay is written it seems to have the sports, love story, mystery, and like it says: The Boston story that has never been told. In a triangle between love, coinc
  7. Hello everyone with Mickey Rooney gone now one of my 1st thoughts was he was the last actor mentioned in Celluloid Hero's by the Kinks to pass not really a happy song but one that talks about Hollywood and how hard it can be, well Mr. Rooney lived it, bless you Mickey. I'm happy to hear he'll be remembered at this years festival. See you all at the Roosevelt
  8. With the festival getting closer and we all converge into Hollywood (sounds so cool) meet up, catch up, look at all the history, walk of fame, watch the greatest films ever made, shouldn't we have a toast to all those we've recently lost? I have to say though I never meet or knew them( only through at 1st the old UHF channel) and then well you know the story. Seeing our special celluloid hero's in black and white, color etc., when they leave as strange as this sounds it effects me in away that is hard to explain and as time goes on and more leave us it's a great way I think to let them
  9. How many people attend? It's like it's own little city, safe to say hundreds since you see in lines, on the street's in the stores, at the Roosevelt, in the theaters, in a classic kind of way I'd almost call it spring break for we classic movie lovers, who love the classic film( were a little more low keyed) but can still enjoy with the best of them. Cordially WRJ
  10. Hi Emma: Your not low on the TP, 1st you have a pass and your going to the festival, it's a great way to go around, mingle, and you'll have no problem getting in to see films you want to see though I admit sometimes you have to get into the queue early. The discussions with the panels and remember the best part of this festival is you know you have something in common with the person next to you. Enjoy
  11. It's really something to be able to stay close, I've found that the Comfort Inn 7051 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA is very close, safe and reasonable. It's about a 3-5 minute walk to the festival and it has all the amenities, shops, food, etc. near by. Another perk is the free parking..I've come back to my room late at night from the festival and never had a problem. I know it's not as fancy as some of the others but it still puts you right in the heart of the city...
  12. Olivia de Havilland with the passing of her sister you wonder if she'll be at the 2014 film festival not only for GWTW but maybe for her Joan ? Of course this FB page https://www.facebook.com/oliviadehavilland.tcmfans?sk=photos Edited by: WRJ on Dec 18, 2013 5:05 PM Edited by: WRJ on Dec 18, 2013 5:07 PM
  13. Life is good, this morning purchased my pass and am looking forward to seeing old & new friends alike, we are that rare breed that truly understands and appreciates the classic film. See you in April, and wouldn't it be an honor and a privilege if our wishes come true and Olivia De Havilland returns to Hollywood once more.
  14. Well if anything we can all toast at the Roosevelt, lets all just have a great time, 20 years Wow TCM now that's entertainment.... Suggestions anyone for just having a time to remember...
  15. Good morning: Well glad to see we might have something here, I'll be looking to see what else the area has to offer for us, hidden gems, maybe not so well know, all suggestions and idea's are greatly appreciated . Consider Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street: It's four corners of a Hollywood hubbub peppered with at least five important things to cover -- perhaps on multiple LA Date Nights (that might even include a show at the nearby Pantages Theatre!). Cleo as mentioned The Middle Eastern fare at less-than-a-year-old Cleo -- the attractive restaurant inside The Redbury Hotel -
  16. Hello, with the TCM 2014 festival months away and for some planning starts almost right after attending the last one ( budget reasons) I've been amazed to find that some hotels, motels near the festival are already full or close to it. As we plan ahead and then wait for the calendar to show this years 20th anniversary dates for some of us this is a once and a life time opportunity to attend, that being said we all are usually at the Roosevelt hotel, how about having toast to kick of the festival at one of or (multiple watering holes) along Hollywood Blvd? A great way to meet, network an
  17. B-) So within the last few years Wallace Reid's had 2 books written, been mentioned in multiple online articles about fallen idols. So any chance TCM with run some of his or Dorothy Davenports films? I have multiple wallace Reid pictures so be sure to check them out, if anyone has some that they would like posted please let me know.
  18. Does anyone know of a film or short that was ever made of the Fire at The Cocoanut Grove in Boston? I have been told one was made by a poverty row studio but have not been able to come up with anything, and just out of curiosity if no one ever made one how has Hollywood passed on this especially since one of their own and so many other souls lost their lives in the fire.
  19. Hello all: I've heard that Ben Affleck is going to be directing a movie in Boston about the fire that cost Buck Jones and so many others their lives. Does anyone else know anything about this
  20. LOS ANGELES ? Peter Gowland, an innovative fashion photographer who invented elite cameras and equipment that he used to shoot pinups and magazine covers for six decades, has died. He was 93. Gowland's business partner and wife of 68 years, Alice, told the Los Angeles Times in a Sunday story that Gowland died March 17 at his Los Angeles home of complications from hip surgery. He was 93. Gowland shot more than 1,000 magazine covers, mostly glamour shots of female models but also portraits of celebrities like Rock Hudson and Robert Wagner. His covers included Rolling Stone, Playboy, See
  21. Well it's been about 87 years since we had Wallace Reid. So I've been thinking, does anyone besides me think it's time for Hollywood to apologize for using him and the putting him out with the trash? You see Hollywood had no use for him when he dies, tragic as it was Will Hayes and company spent more time trying to figure out how to salvage his name since he had multiple films still to be released that Paramount wanted to make money on. Granted he has one star on the Hollywood walk of fame but let's face it, it's a joke. He was a writer, director as well as an actor and had he had his way
  22. http://fan.tcm.com/view/displayManagePhoto.kickAction?as=66470 Fill in the balnks, memories, photos greatly appreciated
  23. His Dad Died in 1923, he never had the career but he did have his family, friends and flying. A Hollywood Jr. http://fan.tcm.com/view/displayManagePhoto.kickAction?as=66470 Pilot Dies in Crash of His Home-Built Plane at Sea February 27, 1990 A single-engine experimental airplane crashed in the ocean in heavy fog off Santa Monica shortly before noon Monday, killing the pilot. William Wallace Reid, 72, a Westside architect of condominiums and apartments and the son of silent film star Wallace Reid, lost contact with the Santa Monica Airport control tower about 1
  24. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallace_Reid Wallace Reid Jr. More at IMDbPro ? advertisementDate of Birth 18 June 1917, Los Angeles, California, USA Date of Death 28 February 1990, at sea, off Santa Monica, California, USA (plane crash) Spouse Ruth Dugan (? - 28 February 1990) (his death) 2 children Trivia Son on actor/director/writer Wallace Reid and actress/director/writer/producer Dorothy Davenport. Grandson of Harry Davenport and Alice Davenport, and Hal Reid and Mrs. Hal Reid
  25. Wallace Reid and Wallace Reid Jr, the greatest father and son of all Hollywood. Everybody please add you memories 1923 well it was as if it were only yesterday.
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