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  1. Ha ha. I always liked "Since You Went Away," with Claudette Colbert. Her husband goes to war and she comes home to an empty house. Everywhere she looks is a reminder of how much they love each other and all their years together. Before she goes to sleep she finds a note he left tucked under her pillow. Later, when he's missing in action, she receives the Christmas present he sent her: a music box that plays their song. Where's my hanky?
  2. Or how about maybe some good ol' cartoons? I've said it before, but I hate the "Movie News" feature so much, I'll say it again. . . Yuck!
  3. Not to mention . . . The Cincinnati Kid Edward G. Robinson's character says to Steve McQueen's character: "You're good, kid. Very good. But as long as I'm around you're second best." Little Caesar Edward G: "Is this the end of Rico?" The Princess Bride: (not mentioned before, but a definite classic) Westley: "I'm not saying I'd like to build a summer home here (the Fire Swamp), but the trees are actually quite lovely." - The look Buttercup gives him is priceless! White Heat Jimmy Cagney: "Top o' the world, Ma!!" The Philadelphia Story C K Dexter: "I had to hit you
  4. To get back to the original thought: who just captures your attention and imagination? Well, there's Errol Flynn. That man was the greatest actor of his day. From all I've read or heard about him, in real life he was a jerk, a bounder and a cad. But oh boy, could he make you believe in his nobility and decency! And was he ever easy on the eyes! And I agree wholeheartedly about Norma Shearer. I love the way her look never changed all that much, but you believed each character she portrayed. Then how about Claudette Colbert, Ronald Colman, Anne Shirley, Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon,
  5. Then there's the most mind-boggling one I've ever heard: as Robert Osborne said at the last showing (2/2) of "The Adventures of Robin Hood": what if Jimmy Cagney had accepted the role of Robin Hood?????????!!!!! Who would have played Prince John? - Edward G? But while Marilyn Monroe was Truman Capote's choice for Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn was the much better pick. And I like Monroe's acting.
  6. A big star I would like to see is Ronald Colman. Pretty much the only movies of his they show is "Prisoner of Zenda" or "Random Harvest", but he did so much more. And his voice! (sigh) My mom always said he could read the phone book and it's worth listening to. . . .
  7. To answer your first question, the movie with two people jumping off a cliff is "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"; the two people are Paul Newman and Robert Redford. I too love the 100 years montage (sometimes I get so schmaltzy I cry - !) AND I don't care at all for TCM's new classics bit, or whatever they call it.
  8. I'm new to this website, but not to TCM. Or AMC or FMC, either. AMC went the way of the dogs, it's true. (Sorry, fellow dog-lovers) FMC, while laudable in its non-commercial movie showing, follows AMC's lead in only showing the same movies over and over. And while I've been able to tape quite a lot of movies from FMC for my collection, for my money, give me Robert Osborne and the feeling somebody out there is listening. And that I'm not the only classic movie freak around.
  9. I have another candidate for cloning - Audrey Hepburn! She's been gone 10 years already and I still miss her classy personality and presence. She and Cary Grant were ideal in CHARADE. What made them think a remake could begin to touch it? And I'm sorry, but Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't even come close to Audrey, in looks or spirit!
  10. I desperately hope it's NOT the start of something! I've also noticed TCM advertising brand-new movies in between movie showings. And I don't like it at all! All it really is is a commercial - these new movies haven't been seen yet, so how can they possibly be considered classics? I greatly rued the day AMC went down the tube - I liked Bob Dorian and REMEMBER WENN - but since getting TCM on our satellite, I don't miss AMC at all.
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