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  1. I got a $5 monthly promotional increase to Comcast for the next 6 months , after that it goes to $10 a month, and I live in Delray Beach, FL.
  2. I did not recieve November's either. Same old, same old, as the past 2 months of missing issues.
  3. I just found the link, thankfully some people are still getting them and sharing the link.
  4. I have been having wine and pop corn pairings for years. I had no idea it was so chique.
  5. Just saw June's Monthly highlight this morning. No May highlights.
  6. Ok, I am glad I didn't snooze while the May attractions were being shown. But I want to snooze during their wine ads. Wine always makes me sleepy.
  7. We are in the last 2 weeks of May, and I have not yet seen Turner Classics highlights of what is coming on in May 2018. I have seen all the other monthly tidbits and the Wine Club ads. Have they shown it? or are they phrasing it out?
  8. even Bomba the Jungle Boy has tons of stock footage from the Tarzan and other jungle movies.
  9. Even in the western movies and tv shows, they have the actors wear the same clothes most of the time, in order to use old stock footage for the continuity, but sometime it fails where there a painted black and white horse in the scene, and then the horse's tail is a different color, same with the jungle scenes, a tiger's or zebra's stripes are different in the stock footage, then in the close up scene.
  10. I find the stock footage in the Tarzan and other jungle movies fun to watch. When Jane was walking towards the natives, you could tell that she was walking in front of another movie screen to become part of the scene. Same with the scenes with the wild animals. Amazing work of editing.
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