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  1. Robert Armstrong to Bruce Cabot in King Kong (1933) Bruce Cabot to John Wayne in The War Wagon (1967) John Wayne to Ron Howard in The Shootist (1976) Ron Howard to Richard Dreyfuss in American Grafitti (1973)
  2. Maybe I came in too late on this, but the film has to be "Operation Petticoat" (1959) starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis and directed by Blake Edwards. This film was made after Curtis' big hit of the same year ("Some Like It Hot") and Curtis wanted to get along with his older co-star whom he had imitated in SLIH. From what I've heard Grant like his imitation and the two got along famously.
  3. Does animation count? Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone) and Mel Blanc (Barney Rubble) were not movies stars, but I think they were both born about 1907.
  4. "Johnny Guitar" (1954) "Jubal" (1956) "Torpedo Run" (1958) "Barrabass" (1958) "Flight of the Phoenix" (1966) "Dirty Dozen" (1967) "The Wild Bunch" (1969) etc, etc
  5. Hume and Lorne were from north of the border (Canada) and Leo was from south of the border (Mexico)???? Just kidding.
  6. You have excellent taste. I can't think of three better composers especially Herrmann. His music contributed greatly to the moods the Welles and Hitchcok films he scored. "Taxi Driver" seemed like such an appropriate exit for him. Of the more contemporary composers I like Thomas Newman.
  7. I will help you out a little. We can talk endlessly about Ford and his use of landscapes, Hitchcock and his precision, Welles and his technique, etc, etc. I honestly think Wyler compares well against these men and many others (Lean, Kazan, Huston, Stevens) and I say this now and would be glad to debate it in any film class anywhere. Maybe the best way to make my point is to point out other director's weaknesses. I am a lifetime Hitchcock fan, but let's face it he was limited to one genre. Welles' work was largely downhill after "Citizen Kane." I know all film buffs admire John Ford,
  8. All good choices. I like "The Train" (1965), "The Professionals" (1966) and "The Swimmer" (1968).
  9. No, I'm afraid I don't remember him. I guess AMC thought it better to revamp their image and not clash with TCM. It's funny, you'd think there would be enough baby boomers and older people to support two classic movie channels.
  10. Does the answer have anything to do with England? Bette Davis tried to leave Warners in the late 30s to make films in the UK and the other two are from the UK.
  11. Yes I enjoyed Nick Clooney too. For that matter I always thought Bob Dorian made a good host. Anybody remember him?
  12. And, of course, that explains how he and Miguel Ferrer are cousins. Nick and Rosemary Clooney were brother and sister and Rosemary was Miguel's mother.
  13. I'm doing some head scratching here. Instead of Sally, could the Award winner be Meryl? But whether it's Sally or Meryl, what do either of them have in common with Geraldine Page (1985)????
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