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  1. THANK YOU !!!! Yes, I was obviously confused, but I knew the song in it (or was close anyway)!! I was looking for the Howard Keel version of Kismet. I think someone told me this a long time ago (when the story line was fresh in my mind) but I had seen another 1944 version of kismet and didn't believe them!! Thanks for taking the time for such a good response!!
  2. Thought I saw it on this channel years ago or on AMC.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me find a movie title I thought was called "The Pirate". It is NOT the one with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, but it is a musical. I do not know the stars. I saw it many years ago, and it is basically the pirates of penzance storyline musical. The lead male is black haired and in it sings a song about "gesticulation". It is sort-of a musical comedy where he talks about if they cut off his hand for stealing how will he gesticulate or be able to speak without his hands. It is a color movie (appears to me like technicolor guessing 1940's or 50's) or has been colorized. It is sarcastic comedy musical. I have searched the web and can't find it any way I have tried. If someone can identify this movie with the correct title and the actors I would be ecstatic!! Thanks!
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