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  1. I'm not going to slander some of the SH!T (for lack of a better term) that we are forced to watch, although it would give me emmense pleasure to do so! But every now and again they really can do it (make a good film that is)! As a huge fan of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, I thought that Walk The Line was an absolutely fabulous film! It also has made my friends like Johnny Cash's music! One of my best friends has even read his autobiography! That was definitely the best film in years! So what films have ya'll liked?
  2. You write out the list again, but this time you write your favourite film with 11 points and your least favourite with 9. All the rest keep the ten points! Eg. Marilyn Manson: 10 AC/DC:10 Iron Maiden:10 I don't like Iron Maiden and my favourite is Marilyn Manson so: Marilyn Manson:11 AC/DC:10 Iron Maiden:9! Any problems?
  3. The Philadelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, Adam's Rib, Holiday, Some Like It Hot and really any other film that Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy made!!!!!!!
  4. I'll be 14 next week and my absolute favourite is Katharine Hepburn!! I used to love Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe the most but now Kathy is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest!
  5. I've chosen some of her films and basically they all start out with ten points and you take a point away from your least favourite and add one to you favourite! the last film standing wins! It works on all the other message boards! MORNING GLORY:10 LITTLE WOMEN:10 BRINGING UP BABY:10 THE PHILADELPHIA STORY:10 WOMAN OF THE YEAR:10 ADAM'S RIB:10 THE AFRICAN QUEEN:10 SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER:10 LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT:10 GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER:10 THE LION IN WINTER:10 ON GOLDEN POND:10
  6. Peter Sellers was hilarious! And Katharine Hepburn!
  7. Katharine Hepburn! No body else! I adore her! And she would make me laugh and it be great to hear her voice first hand! I know I'd have a good time! Also, I know it has nothing to do with this site but I would live to meet June Carter! She was one of the nicest woman that ever lived! You know whats awful they both died in 2003! Bad year for me!
  8. Okay, well definitely a young Marlon Brando. He was fine! Cary Grant had so much class ans he was so handsome! Emmm....Oh and Clark Gable was so dashing! I love him!!!!
  9. Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh!!
  10. I guess I would put in someone that you could actually believe Scarlett would chose over Rhett in Gone With The Wind! And I'd put some one stunning in the role of Ilsa in Casablanca to show why he has pined for her all those years!!
  11. I am about to turn 14!!!!!!!! I recently posted a thread asking the same thing so no you're not alone!!!!! I love old films and I thing it's great that they can still have an effect on the younger generation, like us, and people will come to realise that we were right all along!!!! I just made my best friend watch Gone With The Wind and she loved it!!! My friends hate when I talk about my films so I keep it to a minimum and then I come on here and talk with people who understand!!!
  12. Some Like It Hot, Young Frankenstein, Bringing Up Baby, anything with Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy, Sleeper (any Woody Allen film really) and Katharine Hepburn always make me laugh!!!!!
  13. I can't remember the first old film I ever saw, but my favourite used to be Judy Garland!!! My mom and my grams have brought me up on old films!!!
  14. CharlieT, I have seen both To Kill A Mocking Bird and Casablanca and I love them both!!!! I have also seen The Maltese Falcon!!! It's not one of my favourites but I love it nonetheless!!!
  15. I like Jane Powell!!! The best was Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!!! That's a great film!!!
  16. CharlieT, I'm sorry to say that I never saw The Quiet Man!!!! To the two younger people that replied: It's fantastic that I have company!!!!!!!
  17. If you look at the stars of today you'll see that they are given God like positions and we are supposed to idolise them! Most of them get by with very little talent and a few with none! They are not proper celebrities to my mind. Now think of the amazing talents that this site and channel are devoted to. They make a laughing stock of modern 'celebrities'! The whole world knew they were and they were worth looking up to! They were super-super-super stars! Where have these kind of talents gone? And why does most of the world not see to the medeocracy of some modern celebrities?
  18. All the songs in Some Like It Hot were wonderful! I don't think that is a musical. And the music made for A Streetcar Named Desire is great and really captures the mood of the film! And Tara's Theme from Gone With The Wind always gets stuck in my head too!
  19. I could watch Katharine Hepburn in anything!!! She was wonderful! I don't think she made very bad films if any!! Audrey Hepburn had a wonderful presence on screen as well! And Vivien Leigh is fantastic at drawing you in. I'd watch anything to see them!!!
  20. Mine are the ever famous " Frankly my Dear, I don't give a damn!" frpm Gone With The Wind! And " Nature, Mr. Alnut, is what we are put on this world to rise above" from The African Queen and "I always depend upon the kindness of strangers" from A Streetcar Named Desire!
  21. I am a girl but if I was to have my breath taken away by a woman it would be Marilyn Monroe! She was gorgeous!!!
  22. Cary Grant- Bringing up Baby Katharine Hepburn- The African Queen Vivien Leigh- Gone With The Wind Gregory Peck- Roman Holiday Marlon Brando- A Streetcar Nmed Desire Audrey Hepburn- My Fair Lady Marilyn Monroe- Some Like It Hot Jimmy Stewart- The Philadelphia Story Humphrey Bogart- Casablanca Lauren Bacall- The Big Sleep Joan Fontaine- The Affairs of Susan Lawrence Olivier- Rebecca
  23. Izcutter & TOOMANYNOTES I have not seen all of Doris Days movies! Maybe she did play strong women sometimes. But the general portrayal of Doris is the innocent, delicate home maker. I don't think she is very unique but this is one persons opinion! And my only resource is to bet and guess because I am only thirteen and I certainly was not around in the fifties! No offence meant by my previous post!
  24. I don't like Doris Day! She just milked the huge censorship laws imposed in the fifties by smiling and being all innocent and delicate! And as for her being as American as the flag, I bet you the whole world was screaming in silence to bring back the strong women! But I'm not American so I'm just guessing!!!!
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