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  1. "War of the Worlds" (1953) Hands down. The quitessential 50's Science Fiction epic.
  2. Check a local Comic Book shop they tend to have conversions from Japanese Laser Disks/DVDs also you can try the internet for non Region 1 vendors I don't remember what region Japan is. ALso you will need to convert this on your computer or have a hacked region free DVD player ( These are not illegal)
  3. Another Giant Blob movie was in fact the Sequel to "The Quatermass Xperiment/Creeping Unknown" also starring Brian Donlevy; "Quatermass II / Enemy From Space" had a blobish sort of creature well actually one big blob comprised of a lot of little blobs that come down in small metor like landing pods and control human hosts to start changing earths environment to suite thier physiology. Not to spoil the ending but these little blobs combine in a tank and it becomes the enormous blob during the finale! unfortunately poor minature effects make this scene pretty laughable. Oh yes, I just rememenered another English Hammer production featuring a living blob of Radiactive Magma coming not from space but the bowels of the earth " X, The Unknown" featuring a really good performance Dean Jagger. Much better then Donlevy's lame pedestrian "Quatermass" . "X" is one of the better English SF films of the 50's IMO, Check both of these out if you get the chance. I belive Anchor Bay put both of these out some years ago, I have both! I also just got an excellent Region 2 DVD versions of both the Film version of "QX" as well as the original live TV 50's BBC production on which is was based
  4. No "BattleGround" on that list? wow that's not even a list IMO. That was easily on that list and probably my favorite War film of all time, it was the fore-runner to "Hell is for Heros" and TV's excellent "Combat!" all of which were derived from creator Robert Pirosh's experiences as an infantry man in the ETO, including the Battle of the Bulge.
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