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  1. Hi if I am right, just take a turn for me Dan as I have to go get kids to bed and then have quiet time with hubby I won't be back till Monday at some point and if I am wrong I will try again ! LOL Carol
  2. Would it be Mickey Rooney? Dan!
  3. Thanks Dan I am always happy to know I have given some sort of good answer ,I will try again ! Carol
  4. Edmund Gwenn ? he played a good Santa
  5. Right you are .I pass the torch to you Dan !
  6. I am a native of Baltimore, I toured with a number of stage productions. Throughout the 1930's I starred in a number of plays. I made my film debut in John Fords The Long Voyage Home . I had some memorable but small roles in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon,and The Quiet man .Who am I
  7. Hey right on ! I am really excited about this game I like it ! Okay take it away jdb1,and thanks for the confidence boost .
  8. No I am not ,but I sure look good in a sweater. ( this clue will probably give it away ) good luck
  9. Thanks Charlie that was very kind of you I will give this a try.okay here goes .I was the daughter of a miner from Tennessee.I moved to L.A. at the age of 10 , a popular **** girl earlier on in my career,I reached the height of my fame in the 1940's and 50's who am I ( please excuse me if I have not done this right it is my first time ,Judith if you can give me some tips on how to ask great. okay take a guess any body)
  10. I believe it is John Wayne but then I believe in anything here lOl Inglis .Hi Charlie long time no talk hope all is well
  11. Was it Bela Lugosi ? okay this is my first time with this be gentle now Lol Inglis I have to say though I can't see him playing romantic second leads so this is probably a dumb answer Message was edited by: inglis
  12. whats the name of the movie where he plays anFBI agent? please and thankyou
  13. Thanks for your info I was wanting to know so the mystery is solved
  14. Rusty thanks for your coming on to help its driving me nuts . I was asking on the other thread because it seems like that is where all the action is so I asked there as well as here.
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