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  1. Want to add my best wishes to Ms. Williams for a happy healthy birthday! You're the tops.
  2. And does anyone know why WITH A SONG IN MY HEART has never been released on VHS or DVD? According to FOX Home Entertainment musicals don't do as well financially as other kinds of films. However, they are planning to finally release "With A Song in My Heart" this year in honor of Jane Froman's Centennial which will be celebrated in Columbia, MO in November.
  3. I think it's not unreasonable to say that Jane was a mezzo in the '20's and' '30's and her insistence that she was a mezzo may date back to her studies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. By the late '40's her voice was getting richer and darker and by the time of "With A Song in My Heart" and her recordings of "I Believe" and other records in the '50's, she certainly sounded more like a contralto than she did in her early years. Even her rendition of "Connais-tu le pays" from "Mignon", which is sometimes shown on Classic Arts Showcase, is darker than an earlier rendition I've head of
  4. I was lucky enough to know Jane Froman from the time she had her TV show at CBS in the early '50's and continued to know her until her passing in 1980. She always said she was a mezzo, but this information is also contained in a soon to be published biography by author Barbara Seuling. While Jane did not appear in many films because of a pronounced stutter when speaking, she did sing in "Stars Over Broadway", "Radio City Revels" and a short film called "Kissing Time". But if nothing else she should be remembered for the glorious soundtrack from "With a Song in My Heart". T
  5. > You know, Jack, I would have to agree with the > CONTRALTO theory on Kay Armen. The reason I say that > is that she sounds somewhat similar in range to Jane > Froman, who is classified as a contralto. Jane Froman was always very adamant about being a mezzo, NOT a contralto. Since Kay Armen's voice was the nearest to Jane Froman's I'd have to classify her as a mezzo as well. Of course, I think the best Movie Soprano Voice -- if we're counting mezzos and contraltos -- is Jane Froman.
  6. FOX says it will release a DVD of "With A Song in My Heart this year, in honor of Jane Froman's 100th Birthday.
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