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  1. I'm back and I need Hatchet Man supporters.
  2. Some of the gangster films that are mentioned such as Goodfella's depict a realism that some of the movies of the 30's and 40's were unwilling to touch. But no I cannot compare SCAREFACE of the 80's to that of the 30's two different era's. But killing is killing and no matter what decade. I think the gangsters of today tend to kill without honor and that comes across in the newer films. ROAD TO REDEMPTION (2001) was made in the 1930's style real classy film too. I'm still a 1930's gangster guy and some of the new stuff makes me want to break out my GAT and clean house!
  3. Stoney, Check out this site. http://www.tvparty.com/lostny.html
  4. Hey Stoney, My favorite Sandy character was "The Big Professor" and Chuck Mcann doing Little Orpan Annie and all those great cartoons on saturday morning on channel 5. Hey and don't forget Zachary on channel 9.
  5. Great post! Do you remember Sandy Becker,Chuck Mccann ,Tex Antone( weather guy WPIX) and Officer Joe?
  6. Dobbsy, Thanks for the info your a swell gato and numero uno hombre in my book. I will follow up on the info you provided. Badges! We don't need no stinkin badges!
  7. Dobbsy, I'm also having lots of problems with my DVD recorder and they are listed as follows: 1. Cannot finalize if I record in SP and LP on DVD-R's and RW's. 2. If there are any interuptions during recording disk on DVD-R and RW's they will not finalize. 3.After about 50 re-records using DVD RW disks they will no longer read. 4. I have tried several brands such as Fuji and Sony and the both have failed after several re-records. 5.I haved tried call maker of my DVD player and they will not confess to any problems with their machine. 6. DVD player will lock up someti
  8. Paul Muni could have played Dobsy easy. Speaking of Paul Muni as I write Scarface now playing.
  9. Hey Dobbsy, Good people down on the the docks at Port Elizabeth and Port Newark and over in New York (no Triads or Tongs,Mott st ). It's too bad TCM has a basic Top 10 that they run over and over with other less seen Flicks thrown in. Okay Mr. Dobbs are you going to support my effort or bump me off when I fall asleep?
  10. Thanks for your support now if we can only rally all native New Yorkers and the good people of "Jersey" to our cause. Did you make a request at the request section of this site? Again thanks for your support,
  11. If anyone is interested in TCM showing The Hatchet Man starring Edward G Robinson please post at the request site. TCM hardly ever shows the Hatchet Man and it is a really GREAT movie with crime and redemption. Again please vote to show THe Hatchet Man.
  12. I agree TCM should set a side 1 week out of a month to show nothing but gangster movies from the 30's and 40's. I have a VCR/DVD combo but there's nothing to record in the gangster genre. I think maybe TCM should broadcast a light and airy channel for the "softies" and leave the regular TCM for the real "hard boiled" types such as us.I hope more people who agree with this post will let TCM know.
  13. Okay "G Man don't" shoot you have Tony for now, I'm unarmed see? ( I'm still in search of VHS tape) If I don't find VHS tape I guess I'll end up wearing the bracelets and sending you 2 bits. ( 2nd version of Scareface never released)
  14. I don't think that's Armstrong on the trumpet I'll have to go back and look at my tape. I know Armstrong was under mob contract for a while in Chicago and I know Raft was always under "mob" control. I really liked Raft and he was one guy the Mafia couldn't control. Oh and which Armstong band is playing he changed several members? Do you agree with me about the George Raft 1930's only deal? ciao
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