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  1. Bette Davis-The Little Foxes Katharine Hepburn-Woman of the Year Joan Crawford-Sudden Fear Laurence Olivier-Wuthering Heights Gregory Peck-To Kill a Mockingbird Robert Mitchum-Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison Humphrey Bogart-null: Couldn't stand this bald man with dentures. Joseph Cotten-Portrait of Jennie Teresa Wright- Mrs. Miniver Meryl Streep- Kramver vs. Kramer Geraldine Page-null: Couldn't stand this physically unappealing actress Vivien Leigh-A Streetcar Named Desire Marlon Brando-A Streetcar Named Desire Henry Fonda-Jezebel Jimmy Stewart-Vertigo Marilyn Monroe-The Misfits Rita
  2. "They remade Ninotchka into the musical Silk Stockings." Really? Now, I never would've guessed.
  3. I speak (write) my mind and don't apologize for it. If you don't like it, lump it (as my mother used to say - and still does). I suggest that you don't respond to my posts or, if you do, don't whine like idiotic rugrats - I could care less one way or the other. I will not be branded an "internet troll" just because I'm opinionated. All of my posts have been about films or film stars. I can't help it that I despise some and love others. It's the nature of the beast. N'est-ce pas? Am I lying when I say that Priscilla Barnes' career fizzled out. She never did make it to the A-list, did
  4. http://mishuna.image.pbase.com/v3/79/515779/1/50264360.IMG_0056.JPG OLD, OLD, OLD!
  5. "About ten years ago, I interviewed Priscilla Barnes, one of the stars of Chastity Gulch..." Gawd, is this talentless old **** still around? Well, her career (if you wanna call it that) sure fizzled, honey. Isn't she making soft-core porn nowadays? Or at one point she was - who knows and who cares! Why did I respond to a post mentioning a "never was"? Poor thing! Bless her teensy heart.
  6. >For a moment her beauty > takes your breath away and your heart skips a beat. > Who is she? Rita Hayworth Greta Garbo Ava Gardner Lana Turner Sophia Loren Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn Kim Novak Raquel Welch Catherine Deneuve
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