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  1. I entered "boy" into IMDb.com's keywords and looked through all of their movies from 1945?1963. Below are two movies that have plots that could be the movie you are looking for but aren't close enough for me to be certain. There's no mention of a bicycle in either plot description for associated discussions. Sorry I can't be of more help. David The Window (1949) At the age of 9, Tommy Woodry has a reputation for telling tall tales -- the latest one being that his family is moving from Manhattan to a ranch out west. When the landlord interrupts the Woodrys at dinner to show
  2. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. I'll check those films out. It's not terribly important that I find a film like the one I described. It's just that I heard a radio commercial the other day that used voice over with sexy sax music to depict a stereotypical film noir scene, and it got me to thinking that I don't actually know a film noir film that observes those characteristics. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I think Tension (1949) might have the sexy sax solos I'm looking for. I'm not sure about the voice over narration.
  3. Does anyone know of a stereotypical film noir that contains both voice-over narration and sexy saxophone solos? You know the scene. As a saxophone wails in the background, we hear: "I could tell she was trouble when I first laid eyes on her. etc." None of the few film noirs that I know use sax. I'm wondering if these are characteristics more of radio dramas than they are of films. In any case, I'd appreciate any film (or radio) suggestions. Thanks, David
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