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  1. I wish TCM would really dive into the Paramount library now that they occasionally cherrypick some titles now owned by Universal. I suspect though their licenses are higher than what they have to pay for WB/MGM/RKO since it's a completely different corporation.
  2. For Me my never seen "most wants" include ALWAYS GOODBYE - 38 - Barbara Stanwyck THREE FOR BEDROOM C - 52 - Gloria Swanson THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED - 40 - Carole Lombard THE GIRL FROM MANHATTAN - 48 - Dorothy Lamour GOLDIE - 31 - Jean Harlow THE BRIDE WORE BOOTS - 46 - Barbara Stanwyck THE DEEP BLUE SEA - 55 - Vivien Leigh KIKI - 31 - Mary Pickford and way too many early Claudette Colbert films - SECRETS OF A SECRETARY, HIS WOMAN, TONIGHT IS OURS, THE BRIDE COMES HOME, etc. Hepburn's THE MADWOMAN OF CHALLIOT used to air all the time on local late shows in the late 70s /
  3. I can't wait for TCM to show some of the "B" starrers of Columbia's 1950's blonde bombshell CLEO MOORE like OVER-EXPOSED, ONE GIRL'S CONFESSION, STRANGE FASCINATION, etc. TNT showed several of them in the early 1990's but I would love to get them on TCM now.
  4. ICENDIARY BLONDE was shown by TCM when the Private Screenings Betty Hutton episode premiered in 2000. Also the movie was shown on American Movie Classics around 1990.
  5. Personally, I rather hate the idea of this series because all the titles are already on the market. Just think how many new movies would be on the market had TCM decided instead to use this series to release NEW TO DVD movies in this series!! This reminds me of all the CDs out there on the market on "classic" singers - they keep repackaging the same 'greatest hits' tracks over and over rather than putting out on CD for the first time other vintage recordings by these artists. I can see where these might tempt "new" buyers but how about those of us who have already bought many of the
  6. Thanks for mentioning CHRISTOPHER BEAN. That's one I meant to put in my original post but overlooked. I believe a lot of movies are in limbo because often the contracts called for the rights to the film to revert to the author after "x" number of years if the author was a major name -and/or leading playwright. So the studios no longer own many of the movies and the author's estates don't really know how to market the movie so it just sits unseen. This one is a particular shame - I mean Marie Dressler's last film!! It's historically important. I wish TCM would try to buy it back from
  7. I had no idea Gloria's ZAZA still existed!!! That's great news. Where is it playing? Unfortunately I'm quite sure it will never be in my area as I live in the deep south and they just don't show classics on the big screen anywhere down here.
  8. I'm sorry to hear you were ripped off but thank you for warning people about this company. Gloria's SHIFTING SANDS is scheduled for a DVD release shortly - it's already listed on Amazon.com. Hopefully the print is much better than the terrible one released on VHS years ago. The movie is pretty good.
  9. Very exciting news!!! I've heard the VHS release of this in the 1990's was a bad print and without musical score besides so I've never bought it. Those screen captures look great. TCM's schedules are up through April - could it possibly air in May or June?
  10. I take it Mae Murray's final MGM films VALENCIA (1926) and ALTARS OF DESIRE (1927) do exist then? That is very good news. I've been told that they do by some - and that they don't by others. Thanks for posting this informative list. Has a list been compiled of the MGM Silents that definately survive anywhere?
  11. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos!! This is definately one film I hope TCM will broadcast. I've always thought Lillian looked so beautiful in the costumes from this movie that I've seen in various books.
  12. Here's a thread I've been meaning to start for ages. Despite owning the classic film libraries of MGM, RKO, and Warner Bros, Turner Classic Movies has never shown quite a number of films made by these studios to my knowledge made during the years 1929 to 1960. Here's a list of films I've never seen on TCM or listed in their programming schedule. I'm sure many of you can add more. Please don't list any silents, as most of those are probably lost, and post-1960 films don't really qualify for "classic era" even though the channel does show quite a number of films past that date. If any of th
  13. LONELY WIVES is one of my favorite "little" films from the early 30's. Laura La Plante is sensational in it although I have to admit Ralston and Miller kind of show why they didn't make it in talkies.
  14. AAAWWWGH!!! I missed THE RUNAWAY!!! I completely forgot to have it recorded!! I love Anita Page - she's one of my very favorites. So it is her indeed in this 60's movie?? There has been some speculation that it was another actress using the name since she hadn't been in pictures for 30 years.
  15. Dorothy Lamour was one of the biggest movie stars of the late 1930's and 1940's yet she is one of the least seen of the superstars of the era on TCM. I realize this is mostly due to the fact she was at Paramount and they don't show too many Paramount films on the channel but it's time for TCM to fix this and give us more Dottie. At least since they are now airing Columbia titles give us 1948's LULU BELLE with George Montgomery and 1949's SLIGHTLY FRENCH with Don Ameche. Robert Osborne wrote an obit tribute to Miss Lamour in 1996 and in it he credited her with introducing him to people
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