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  1. Which classic actress would you like to bring home to meet your parents? The Big M! Pull yourselves together, family members, and have a seat! Which classic actress would you like to dance with? The Big M! Which classic actress would you like to see as a Playboy centerfold? The Big M! Which classic actress would you like to wake up in bed with? The Big M! Which classic actress would you like to yell and scream at on a bad day? When I'm upset with a lady, I never scream, I just let her read my body language and say everything is ok, just relax! Which classic actress would you tell your innermost thoughts to? The Big M! Which classic actress wouldn't you mind having a one-night stand with and never seeing again? Joan Crawford Which classic actress would you like a long-term relationship with? Rhe Big M! Which classic actress would you like to have as a sister? Which classic actress would you like to have a photo of above your bed? The BIg M! Which classic actress would you run the other way from? Which classic actress would you replace your wife/girlfriend with? The BIg M!
  2. Great question and great feedback options! For me, over the years, I've found that Oscar winners are chosen by those who have far higher standards than I have in evaluating a movie, so I tend not to be interested in those movies that comply with those exceedingly high standards, many of which I could care less about - I rate movies only on one criteria::did it entertain me to the max! So, dear reader, see below the Oscar winners that satisfied that one criteria and the others I have categorized for other reasons. Enjoy! Entertained me to the max: 1938 - You Can't Take it With You 1940 - Rebecca 1943 - Casablanca 1957 - The Bridge on the River Kwai 1959 - Ben Hur 1963 - Tom Jones 1964 - My Fair Lady 1967 - In the Heat of the Night 1969 - Midnight Cowboy 1970 - Patton (One of my all-time top ten favorites) 1973 - The Sting 1975 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Another of my all-time top ten) 1992 - The Unforgiven 1997 - Titanic (Another top ten) That's it!!! Bottom line: Oscars must impress somebody, but I'm not one of those impressed! Ho-hummers: 1939 - Gone with the Wind (Remember, I'm a guy and this is a love story!) 1945 - The Lost Weekend 1949 - All the King's Men 1950 - All About Eve (Bette and the Big M couldn't save this one for me - mostly a soap opera to me) 1953 - From Here to Eternity (I kept saying "And?") 1954 - On the Waterfront (Just didn't hold my interest) 1968 - Oliver! (30 minutes of this was more than enough for me) 1971 - The French Connection 1972 - The Godfather (I liked Good Fellas far more) 1974 - The Godfather, Part II (I liked The Roaring Twenties far more) 1976 - Rocky (I liked Raging Bull far more) 1977 - Annie Hall (Far down on my list of Woody Allen favorites) 1991 - Silence of the Lambs (I still can't believe it was even considered) Intend to see: 1931 - All Quiet on the Western Front (May match a favorite, Paths of Glory) 1932 - Grand Hotel (I'm hoping it matches the all star cast in Dinner at Eight) 1935 - Mutiny on the Bounty (I saw Brando's version, so I need to see this one) 1936 - The Great Ziegfield (Although overly long, I think I'll enjoy this one - I have a very strong preference for well-made biopics) 1937 - Life of Emile Zola (I like biopics, so this will get a look) 1994 - Schindler's List (Documentary type movies interest me, but I may bypass because of my 2-hour maximum viewing preference) Must pay me to watch: Any Oscar winner not cited above is included in this final category, because I have no interest in the format, subject, or plot. By the way, I just viewed a 2006 movie on DVD, that if it is not selected as an Oscar winner, will still be in my top ten - United 93, a movie that will enthrall all but the faint of heart - it is a must-see movie! That's all, folks!
  3. Regarding the child star I was looking for, I indicated in an earlier reply that Charles Herbert appeared to be a match, but I suspected he wasn't because he was clearly younger than the child I remember from the late 50's. I confirmed further by looking at The Fly on a DVD and saw Herbert and knew he was not the child, again, as I had suspected. To pursue the matter, I checked a child actors web site, movieclassicskids, and found a photo for the child star Richard Eyer and looked at his filmography to further confirm and I'm nearly 100% convinced he is the one I've been looking for - I can't find the Hitchcock TV episode in his filmography, so I have to wonder if I'm wrong about the Hitchcock connection, because the photo shows me Eyer is the youngster I remember seeing in so many TV episodes during the late 50's. Everything appears to match and I can further confirm by viewing one of his movies from his filmography and that should clinch it. By the way, his brother also was a child actor, and Richard, born in 1945, was nearly a teenager when I saw him and Charles Herbert was not, so Herbert could not have been the child at all. Like most child stars, Eyer was unable to transition into adult roles and, from his biography on another web site, I found he has been working recently as an elementary school teacher. This was a very interesting and fulfilling exercise for me and I do thank you and everyone who may have helped in the search for this "forgotten" child star. Thanks again and have a great day.
  4. The child must be the one I've been referring to, but the photos I've seen online do not exactly match the appearance of the kid I'm thinking of! He must be the one, though, because his filmography is lengthy and covers the time frame I remember having seen the child actor that I remember. His filmography cites Houseboat and The Long, Long Trailer, movies I saw, but I just can't recall seeing him in those movies. I will watch the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral to confirm that the one you cite and the one I remember are the same, since he was cast in that western. I'm nearly 100% sure you have found the child actor I have been looking for, because everything else seems to match. His online biography could also explain why I haven't seen him after the 1960's started - he just couldn't transition to adult roles. In any case, thanks for taking the time to get an answer and have a good one!
  5. This is an outstanding thread - 49 pages of responses in less than a month! The photos in this thread are truly breathtaking and merit a publication in a book of classic movie stars - anyone willing to try and overcome the red tape in getting am approval from the web administrators? Back to the Big M. I just cited in another thread that Marilyn Monroe, if she were a thoroughbred and all the other dazzling, alluring female actresses were also thoroughbreds, Monroe would be Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes and all the other dazzling ladies would be the also-rans, lengths behind Big Red! Your post and all the later posts just proved what I always supposed: The Big M can only be topped by herself, although I must admit Hedy, Ava, Suzy, and a few others startled me and made me remember only the Big M can overcome their challenge! The Big M keeps her title, though, Secretariat to the max!!!
  6. And!!!!! It's not in the top 1000 in another survey (Movies You Must see Before You Die), if you can believe that! So, critics can say what they want, but, I am master of all I survey and I regard it as the funniest movie of all time and my favorite movie of all time, so take that Roger Ebert, Tom Shales, Rex Reed, Gene Shalit, et al! I respect each and every critic and read their opinions religiously, but, as master of all I survey, if I walk into a movie they recommend and I'm not intrigued within the first 20 minutes, I'm out of there! By the same token, as I just indicated above, if they give thumbs down on a movie I enjoy to the utmost, I enjoy the movie, no matter what they think - it's my dollar, thank you very much! I enjoyed that movie so much, I have watched it several times since the first viewing in 1963 and will view it again and again because it splits my ribs every time, especially that service station scene cited below, and Mr. Durante kicking that bucket always brings tears to eyes - that Spencer Tracy look near the end is priceless when he decides to join in the search - shut your mouth, Ethel Merman!!! I don't care what anybody says, that is my favorite and I just don't see how it can be displaced as a favorite - The Magnificent Seven, Patton, A Shot in the Dark made a run for it, but Mad World is Secretariat in the Belmont and the rest are just the also-rans! Ditto, the Big M is Secretariat in the Belmont, while all the other dazzling, alluring female actresses are just also-rans - in another thread, I challenged any forum reader to top the Big M and the best I could get was an offer of another picture of the Big M to outpace the first posting - Secretariat to the max!!! That's all, folks, and have a good one!
  7. Mumy has the angelic look of a child, while the youngster I'm referring to always had the appearance of a devilish adult waiting to cause mischief in any scenario - Philip Alford in "To Kill A Mocking Bird" has the same villainous look of the child I'm referring to. Another child closely resembling the Hitchcock actor is Rupert Osborne, so angelic is not what we are looking for. Thanks for your reply, but the search will have to continue until a senior Hitchcock TV fan sits up and thinks for just a second and voila', we'll have our answer. By the way, I just searched for photos on a few child actor web sites and could not find the child star at all, so this might take more time than I thought. I do know he had nearly as many tv appearances as DeWilde during DeWilde's heyday on TV, so a DeWilde TV fan might recall the actor's name also. And kids who followed the Mouseketeers might also know who he is, so I might not have to search much longer. Also by the way, which you probably already noticed, I cited Foghorn as a favorite Little Rascal when I should have cited Froggy. I always get both mixed up because both were blond and both had deep bass voices for a child. Foghorn was Foghorn Winston in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, so I apologize for the mixup. Thanks again for your help and have a good one.
  8. What longevity for a forum post - 2 years and counting! Here is my reply to this very long-standing post. The only child movie stars who ever appealed to me were the Little Rascals, in the following order of preference: - Stymie - Spanky - Alfalfa (his straining to sing off-tune always left me in stitches!) - Buckwheat - Wheezer - Foghorn - Joe Cobb - Farina I even enjoyed the technicolor movie version that appeared long after the Little Rascals had completed the classic movie years and the early TV years on my local TV stations, so the Rascals were true favorites of mine. Other child stars had very little impact, as I never could identify with any of them, so the Little Rascals (Our Gang) rank as special in that regard. By the way, since movie fans abound on this forum, and since seniors seem to also be amongst the fan base, does anyone know the name and the outcome of a Alfred Hitchcock cast member who, as a little boy, was always a villainous presence in the Hitchcock TV series in the late 50's. The youngster I'm referring to had dark hair and talked out of the side of his mouth and always seemed to have devilish intent on the Hitchcock productions. I do recall seeing him on TV many time and he may have even appeared in movies, but I never did get his name - please post his name if you know who I am referring to. Thanks and happy posting.
  9. Movie fans everywhere, here is your chance to shut me up about the alluring Monroe (see breathtaking photo posted by Garbomaniac below). Here is your challenge: Post a picture of a more alluring female movie star and I'll give you and that female movie star your props!!! I happen to know you can't do it because I've seen virtually every pretender to Monroe's title and she hasn't been unseated yet, at least not in these eyes. Let's see if you can top Monroe - 500 million guys can't be wrong! I rest my case about the most alluring female movie star of all time!!!
  10. My Wicked, Wicked Ways was one of the first autobiographies I've ever read about movie stars, mainly because I prefer well-written and thoroughly researched biographies, especially those that leave no stone unturned revealing a motion picture star's life - Gable was stingy, ladies, and he enjoyed womanizing to the utmost - all ladies had to be on their guard at all times, and Lombard knew all about what he was about, believe it! The autobiography all classic fans need to read is Memoirs of an Amnesiac, Oscar Levant's revealing story of his own life - it's a classic! If you haven't followed up on my earlier post about this exceedingly interesting human being, do yourself a favor and find out how looks can be very deceiving - Levant was a womanizer of the first order and an intellectual to boot!!! If a later post should inquire about biographies of the stars, I've read many of those and I'll alert you to those you'd want to read. Have a good one!
  11. Very interesting thread, to say the least, so I want to add to earlier list with this post. Remember, I'm not that great on word for word, so editors can pounce as soon as this one is posted. "Round up the usual suspects" Raines in Casablanca. "She's got it! By Jove, I think she's got it!", Harrison to assemblage upon hearing Hepburn's "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" in My Fair Lady. "I'm alive! The cat is alive!" Taylor to Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. "Mr. Christian! Mr. Christian!" Laughton bellowing for a front-and-center appearance by Mr. Christian (Gable) in Mutiny on the Bounty. "...and we're not taking any more", Finch in Network. "Enter laughing" Reiner to Beymer in Enter Laughing. "They call me Mr. Tibbs" Poitier in a detective movie - name it, if you please! Editors and grammarians, it's your turn - enjoy!
  12. Thanks for requesting a clarification, since a clarification is definitely needed. For glamour and comedic talent, Monroe is the Ferrari, but for acting and singing Day is - the latter's "Que Sera Sera" is an all-time classic! Day is a favorite and always has been, so I'm glad to give her her props in this update. Thanks again for asking and have a good one!
  13. All are great, but how can you omit Monroe from a gams list? Please don't me started up in here!!!
  14. I'm always surprised at how others can remember word for word movie or other quotations, so, for those who have that ability, you'll have a field day with my responses to this inquiry. Here goes, and remember, your corrections are eagerly awaited, since I know I will not be exactly on the money for many of the following: "Funny. You think I'm funny!" Pesci in Good Fellas. "You talkin' to me!" DeNiro in Taxi Driver. "That was my first mistake..." Wallach in The Magnificent Seven. "I know you are, but what am I" Herman in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. "We don't wear no stinkin' badges" Brooks in Blazing Saddles. " " Durante's kicking the bucket down a mountain side in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. " " Coburn's adjusting his hat and then standing after a bully kicked his boot sole and awaited Coburn's response to a life-and-death (gun vs. knife) confrontation in The Magnificent Seven. "Shane! Come back, Shane" DeWilde in Shane. "Feets don't fail me now" by Moreland in an obscure B comedy seen during my childhood. " " W. C. Fields mumbling under his breath when confronted by, to him, an exasperating situation in any number of his comedies. OK, editors, your turn and have a good time!
  15. My top ten: 1. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 2. Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip 3. Raising Arizona * 4. Ruthless People * 5. Tom Jones 6. Blazing Saddles 7. The Wrong Box * 8. Murder by Death * 9. You Can't Take it With You 10. I Love You to Death * Hope you enjoyed each one, and, if you missed any, you have missed a laugh riot, especially if you like black comedies (cited above with a * )! Enjoy!
  16. Read Oscar Levant's autobiography and his sequel to it and you will be enthralled by his cynicism - he was actually a very cynical person like those he portrayed in his movies! His autobiography is a best seller and should be required reading for all fans of classic movies and classic actors! Anyone else having read the autobiography might second my recommendation so that no one misses who Oscar Levant was - he was even greater than his movie performances and press clippings would have you believe - I couldn't put the book down once I started to read it and the sequel was just as entertaining! Viva Oscar!!! Enjoy!
  17. Interesting question! Genres I absolutely love, in order of preference: - Comedies, excepting romantic comedies - Biographies of famous historical figures or celebrities - Documentary overviews of lives of famous sports figures or entertainers - Documentaries of famous events, natural phenomenon, or latest technologies - Musical variety shows, especially of the vaudeville variety (That's Entertainment, Hollywood Canteen, Ziegfield Follies, etc.) - Murder mysteries, especially of the film noir variety - Gangster movies - Westerns, except those with singing cowboys -ugh!!! - War movies about WWI or WWII The genres I do not enjoy, in order of dislike, from first to last: - Romance movies - Science fiction movies - Horror movies - Children's movies (Old Yeller, Bambi, etc.) - Heart-warming dramas (It's a Wonderful Life, The Shop Around the Corner, etc.) That's it - I hope you enjoyed reading my list. Have a good one!
  18. Thanks for the genre alert. I'll check those the next time post about specific genres. Have a good one!
  19. I agree with Pulp Fiction and I would add the following: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Fargo Blood Simple Raising Arizona Thanks, Coen brothers for the last 3!
  20. Marilyn Monroe! After catching my breathe, I'd try to ask her a question, but I think I would be left speechless! Then she would leave, saying Joe D. was the same way - poor fellow!!!!
  21. When I was much younger, I was told I was a spitting image of Lee Marvin, dipped in chocolate! Now that I am older, I have lost those craggy looks, and am now told by one and all that I very much resemble and behave like a jovial James Earl Jones on one of his worst hair days - oh, how I long for the Lee Marvin days! I personally feel I now look much more like a tan Wallace Beery in Pancho Villa - that's me all over, personality and all!!! No brag, just fact!!! Have a good one!!!
  22. Your Top Ten Favorite "B" Western Cowboys? Here are my ten favorites: 1. The Lone Ranger 2. The Durango Kid 3. Whip Wilson 4. Hopalong Cassidy 5. Wild Bill Elliot 6. Red Ryder 7 The Cisco Kid 8. Buck Jones 9. Tom Keane 10. Tim McCoy Surprise! Surprise! Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Lash Larue did not make my list! Is any one of them in your top ten? Lists are so easy, I can list all day long! Your turn!
  23. Interesting question! For my list, I will cite the actor and the movie only, since, in most cases, I do not recall the name of the character portrayed by the actor. For listing uniformity's sake then, even though I know, for example, that George C. Scott portrayed Patton in Patton and Wallace Beery portrayed Pancho Villa in Pancho Villa and Humphrey Bogart portrayed Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny, I will still just list the actor's name and the movie - kindly understand as well that I just do not memorize character names, so I do apologize for that. I will list the male characters first, then, the female characters, saving the best for last - normally, the ladies are first, but I'm saving the best for last this time! Male Characters: Humphey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny Humphrey Bogart in The Treasure of Sierra Madre Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca Humphrey Bogart in The Roaring Twenties Wallace Beery in Pancho Villa Wallace Beery in Min and Bill Wallace Beery in Dinner at Eight Clark Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty Richard Pryor in Jo-Jo Dancer George C. Scott in Patton Errol Flynn in Robin Hood Spencer Tracy in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World Charles Laughton in Ruggles of Red Gap W. C. Fields in every W. C. Fields comedy Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory ----------------------------------------------- Female Characters: Marilyn Monroe in every movie she ever made! Bette Davis in every movie she ever made! Marie Dressler in Min and Bill Marie Dressler in Dinner at Eight Doris Day in Calamity Jane Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones Eartha Kitt in Anna Lucasta Shirley Maclaine in Irma La Douce Susan Hayward in I Want to Live Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz ------------------------------------------------- Because of this very interesting post, I am inspired to post a query regarding "B" movies - watch for it! Have a good one!
  24. A 2002 post gets a reply in 2006 - what staying power!!! I could list my favorite standups, but you want movie comics, so here goes: (By the way, if I don't cite a particular film or character, it means the comic or character actor is funny to me in any comedy or light-hearted movie.) Richard Pryor (my all-time favorite funny man in any genre!) W. C. Fields Jerry Lewis Wallace Beery Laurel and Hardy Bob Hope Robin Williams Groucho Marx Peter Sellers (Pink Panther roles only) Marie Dressler Redd Foxx Steve Martin Peter Falk John Candy Belushi (Animal Farm) Jonathan Winters, et al (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - funniest movie!) Red Skelton Marilyn Monroe (exceptional comedienne - very underrated for that skill) That's all, folks!!!
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