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  1. Deleted by popular demand Inglis I am sorry for the things I said I didn't mean them I have reached my breaking point and my anger at what has been happening spilled over to you. We connected the first day on board back in May and I regret what I said and hope you find it in your heart to forgive me you are a kind sweet person who didn't deserve that PM may God only have the best in store for you and your family. To all I PM'D last night the copy of the PM I sent to Board member "TMS" is true and I hope you also forgive my immature outbursts. To all the rest please don't let this stop you
  2. This Message has been removed by TCMWebAdmin. Message was edited by: admin
  3. > Enter RR's alter-ego. > Still get your licks in that way, eh? > Seek professional help. Please Snarfie no more name calling. I'm about to leave now let's just talk about Hedy like GarboManiac intended! I beg you! Gotta go now will be back Tuesday or Wednesday till then please let's treat each other with respect we are all "Gods Children" P.S Believe it or not Snarfie Rocky Road is a good guy. He went through three years with his wife's suffering and eventual death with no one to help him. She died on "Thanksgiving Day" ( Sorry Rocky for letting that out but I had to) Snar
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