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  1. Thank you, but I don't think I recall ever seeing Gilligans Island. Dick Van Dyke was about the only 1/2 hour comedy I watched when my kids were young, too busy getting them off to bed and helping with homework. I thought Sr. died later than that.
  2. Does anybody know any facial characteristics that differentiate between father and son? I can never tell them apart and have to hope the year of the movie is listed to try to figure it from there. Dad was born in 1898 (I think), but son was born in 1918, so they were both acting at the same time, and a difference of 20 years isn't that noticeable in two guys with such similar features (the premature white hair, chubby cheeks, etc). Watching Destination Tokyo and realized I didn't know which one it was. P. S. I wish they had played 'Gentleman's Agreement today, or is that going to be o
  3. To Ken123 and Jack Burley: Isn't she a doll!! She's the definition of a girl being 'cute' and 'sexy' at the same time. Her smile was brilliant, and she could wisecrack with the very best of them. I'd have like to see her and Bette Davis in some kind of 'friends who hate each other' pic.
  4. Ipcress, Sorry guess I shouldn't have named names, but I'm not a Jack Nicholson fan. Anyway, movies are fun for me, if you look again, I chose a few dramas and a couple of comedies. My favorites go back to 1935, and I just see such a difference in todays movies compared to oldies. I'm a wierd fan, if I like a certain actor/actress, I'll go ahead and watch because I know I'll enjoy it. I'm like that even today, I'll see the name Kirsten Dunst, and I go to see the movie. I have old favorites like that such as Ann Sheridan, That was a beautiful lady. By the way, my late husband was 20 years
  5. Here's my list and then I have a reply to the 70's and beyond question. Frequency - Nobody I've talked to got it, but hopefully, in time to come, it will be recognized for the acting, and the good adult sci-fi story it is. Crash - The new one with S. Bullock, and Matt Dillon. This show the true mind set of 2005. Schindler's List - Good 'remember and don't repeat' movie. The American President - How I wish the presidency really was. (like West Wing). Steel Magnolias - Good example of how women think and act towards each other. Erin Brokowich - Just a good movie. Air
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