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  1. ken123; Yes, do explain, thanks
  2. A movie named 'Two Rode Together' was more of a comedy-drama, but some of the situations, and the kibitzing between James Stewart and Richard Widmark are priceless - two great actors with just the right inflection in their voices, double take looks, ironic coments, and facial expressions make you laugh constantly in between the seious scenes, and there ARE a lot of laughs. Secondly I'd say just about any of the John Wayne/John Ford movies with their buddies, Harry Carey, Andrew McGlaughlin, Ward Bond etc. especially later when Patrick Wayne got old enough to always play the ridiculous rook
  3. I think this film prepared her for 'Molly Brown', or vice-a-versa, because they were basically the same type of part, (start young and age). I think she was brilliant in both parts. The true mis-casting was Jimmy Stewart (altho I love him) and Carroll Baker, he was 'way too old for her, they could have had George Peppard play her husband and son with a little make-up, the dual role would have worked because once they were married, he was no longer in the movie, when the post-civil war resumed the story, both parents were already gone.
  4. Thank you again, my lifesaver, I finally did it!
  5. My first reaction was "Nah" But on second thought, that might be fun for us 50's and 60's. Those were MY movies and I haven't seen them since they were in the theaters. Now that my second childhood is approaching. . .
  6. Gotcha! But this time I did search, I just used the wrong keywords, and January was way before my time. Thanks again!
  7. See, it's like this, been there, done that, lived that, as I said at my age you've seen a lot. About 15 years ago, I went to lunch with one of my co-workers, something was bothering me that day, and he and I had worked together for about 10 years at that point, and I started talking. I was still in the middle of a story when we got back, and we stood at my desk while I finished; in the meantime another old tmer came by and listened. As I finished, the second guy said "'wow', that's rough", at which the first said "that's nothing, her life story would keep General Hospital going for
  8. I have 5 or 6 messages in my inbox which I have read and when I finish reading I hit delete, but the message stays in my inbox listing. How do I create a folder to clean out these messages, or how do I whittle down the list? I've created folders on my MS Word, and back in the day when I was working of course, but it was and is, thru the 'file' pull down.
  9. On the T.V. screen when they show the next 3 movies coming on, there's a girl in a pink, one-piece bathing suit, laying down. My T.V. cuts off her head, it only shows a little bit of her short, brunette, curly hair. Her legs are a little too chunky to be Liz Taylor, or Esther Williams (I think) and it drives me nuts every time I see it, which is at the end of every darn movie this month. Can anybody figure it out? My television set, altho only one year old is a flat screen, but is not a free standing screen, it has a frame around it.
  10. Jack Just want you to know that when I turn on my computer, I always read your posts first, because you always have good, solid and 'nice' things to say. It's appreciated when you never know what you're going to 'hear' on these boards. I'm a fan, but I don't expect everyone to agree with my choices.
  11. * * * CORRECTION * * * just saw the word 'book', but I'd also like to see a bio.
  12. I'm with you on Edna Mae, Jack. TCM has done a short 5 minute bio on her but she was so amazing I'm sure a whole hour could easily be done. I especially liked her in 'Drums Along the Mohawk' with the indians and the bed, but I never saw her in anything I didn't get a kick out of. (never end with a preposition!)
  13. Susanno; Thank you, I noticed the posts on the Hot Topics threads. That movie just burned itself into my memory, but I don't think I ever saw the beginning of it so I never really knew the name. I can handle parents losing children, I've done it myself, I lost my oldest daughter when she was 36, but the thought of those poor little kids being left alone after such a happy family life, and the oldest boy having to make such awful decisions is so heart wrenching. BTW Soc. Sec budgets don't allow much to buy DVDs but luckily my machine is both VHS and DVD so I can record from one to anoth
  14. Susanno Prince Charmings' part? singing or dialog too? I have to pull out my DVD of it (mine not my granddaughters', I got her, her own!) and see if there is anything on, or in it about that.
  15. lzcutter: Knew I couldn't make it thru last night, so I taped it this morning and just finished watching. Talk about your colossal dysfunctional families. An arrogant **** for a father, and a skinflint on top of it who bellows about his son the drunk, yet never has a scene without a drink in his hand. Two sons who think the world and their family owe them a living, and all topped off by a crazy druggie for a mother. And the dialog! ! ! Listen to the wacko who thinks she has to be forgiven BEFORE she can pray, while her husband walks around expounding as if he was on stage. Notwithstand
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