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  1. If there is one Warren William movie on DVD series I would include is Bedside. He is so smarmy as the fake doctor. It is Warren as his best. TBedside, Skyscraper Souls, and Under 18 are my 3 most favorite movies. Please TCM give us a Warren William day soon! To me Warren personifies the ultimate pre-code villain/hero.
  2. I am a big Norma Shearer fan and loved her performance in this movie. Her facial expressions are wonderful but Robert Montgomery's character really disturbing The way he manhandles her and forces her to be with him is scary. If anyone came on to me like that I would be afraid of date rape. I could see his character becoming a wife beater if they did a sequel to this! The only positive in this movie is Norma Shearer and she is a doormat in this movie not like her characters in the Divorcee and Free Soul. I like the tough Norma not the weak one. Outside of Norma this movie disappointed me.
  3. I saw this movie on TCM and I was amazed by the "mature" theme of this movie. It's funny how some people talk about the "good old days" where everyone was upstanding and Christian and peachy and in reality the stuff that goes on today happened then too. Thank goodness for pre-codes like Forbidden, that show that a woman can emerge from being a fumpy librarian to a hot blooded woman after discovering love or lust on a cruise ship like Barbara Stanwyck's character in Forbidden. Her transformation in this movie made me appreciate Ms. Stanwyck's range of acting .As a baby boomer my first experience with Ms. Stanywcyk was the Big Valley and Falcon Crest. Norma Sherarer used to be my favorite pre-code actress but watching Barbara Stanwyck's roles in Forbidden, Babyface, So Big, Night Nurse and The Miracle Woman gave me a whole new appreciation for her. She does not disappoint in Forbidden. This is a must see for pre-code fans! Hopefully TCM will schedule it again this year.
  4. There is nothing disappointing about pre-codes. What is the most fascinating is that the issues covered are the same ones today. I watched Washington Merry go round recently and was taken back by how the lead character Lee Tracy characterizes how Washington D.C really is. The movie was in 1932 and the same stuff is going on today. I have to laugh when I hear people say we have to go back to the old days when morals were better. The same stuff was going on then as now. To me movies like Baby Face, Bedside, Divorcee and Gabriel over the White House are still relevant today. The dialog in these movies are spontaneous and more natural. Of course I have seen some snoozer pre-codes with sappy endings. But all in all when you watch a pre-code you get a good story, with interesting acting and interesting camera techniques as film makers were allowed to be experimental and creative. I wish I had known about pre-codes phenomena earlier. I have a lot of catching up to do. And Madame Satan is so over the top. Just watching it and that party on the dirigible all I can say is WOW!
  5. Yeah, I forgot about that scene it was so telling when she pushed the soldier over the chair and he was going to hurt her but upon finding out she was white he backed off. Also I thought the Union soliders were supposed to be for helping to free the slaves, yet the soldiers treated them like dirt. Not a good representation for the Union soldiers. Shirley's father who was a slave owner and Confederate was much for sympathetic towards the slaves. He even entrusted his daughter to Uncle Billy.
  6. Last night I watched about 45 minutes of this movie. I used to love Shirley Temple movies when I was a kid and remember seeing this movie. But now as an 50 year adult I was shocked at the racial stereotypes of the African Americans in this movie. It really made me realize that several generations of Americans got their early impressions of African Americans from this movie. I never noticed these stereotypes before as an innocent. The only character that represents even some semblance of a strong black man is Uncle Peter and even then it is questionable. This somewhat explains how people come to believe that all Blacks are lazy, stupid and fearful. The one scene where the slave is hiding in the closet from the Confederates is laughful and sad at the same time. I am really enjoying this month's Tuesday and Thursday night series, I would love to see a Black cinema day once a month. There are so many of classic Black produced race movies out there and they need to be shown.
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