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  1. This is really cool! Unfortunately for us up north in Canada, it looks like we are unable to purchase merchandise from this WBshop site. The Buy It Now pop-ups state "Ships to U.S. Destinations Only." I wonder if this has to do with copyright issues. Though with commercial DVD's Canada usually has the same product on the shelves as the US. They usually say "Not for sale outside the US and Canada." A North American market so to speak. Not with WBshop it seems, at least not at the present time. This is too bad because I would be a big customer for many of these classic film DVDs.
  2. Love both of these ladies, but I have say Rita is my all-time favorite film Star. For me it started sitting in my high school library in the early 1980's and seeing her picture in a big old book on Hollywood musicals. Something about her smile, and her exuberance eminating from that picture had me hooked. In the mid-Eighties Gilda was the very first video I ever bought. It was also the very first DVD I ever bought almost twenty years later. For me, Rita Hayworth will always be one of the Immortals of Hollywood.
  3. I have to say I'm really becoming an Ann Sheridan fan. One of my favorite movies is The Man Who Came to Dinner which features her in a large ensemble cast. But for years that was my only exposure to Ann. Since having TCM these past few months I've been lucky to see Ann in Nora Prentiss (a new favourite of mine), Torrid Zone (also outstanding), The Doughgirls, and now It All Came True. I know she hated the moniker, but she really does add "Oomph" to these movies, and I mean that in a good way. I know Juke Girl is on later this month and I can hardly wait to see it, specifically because
  4. Gotta say, it's Gilda. Besides showcasing my fav Rita Hayworth, it's just a great mixture of cast, chemistry, outrageous dialogue, and lurid atmosphere. It was the first ever film I bought on VHS twenty years ago! And it was the first film I bought on DVD five years ago, before I even had a DVD player. Let me tell you, the following week, I had one! LOL!
  5. For me, Rita Hayworth! She wasn't known as the Love Goddess for nothing!
  6. My number one is Gilda. I'm a sucker for the femmes fatale that is for sure. Anything with Rita in it really. Rear Window is also at the top, along with: Mildred Pierce, Beyond the Forest, Casablanca, A Foreign Affair, Red Dust, Some Like it Hot, Top Hat, The Clock.....
  7. I agree, Oscar Levant in just about all his films. I'm throwing in Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce. Her Ida had some of the best lines in the film. Whether it was putting Jack Carson's Wally in his place, lamenting about the lack of men in her life, or expressing her opinions about child rearing, Ida told you what she thought in no uncertain terms!
  8. Jack I LOVE that quote! Oscar was a true master of the quip, that is for sure.
  9. Gotta say I love Doris Day too. It's interesting to watch her early Warner Bros. films and see the evolution of her "image." In Romance on the High Seas she plays a character with a heart of gold, yet unrefined somewhat in terms of social graces, who knew her way around the block, so to speak. Even in her next films she portrayed women trying to make it whether it be as a singer, actress, or broadway star. Such a different image from the eventual Pillow Talk years where she presented a more seasoned, "higher-class," pure in virtue sort of image.
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