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  1. Personally, I say no but maybe you think differently. And maybe there are a couple in particular that could. What's your opinion?
  2. I'm an oldie now (52), but I remember watching these old B&W 1940's movies even as a 5 or 6 year old. They came on in the mornings when I was growing up and they were old then. Something just fascinated me about them. >I'm 52, but am not the least bit old. >What's the matter with you? Alas and alack, CineSage jr...I agree, but the 14 and 18 yr olds here certainly will not. We are the older generation - like it or not. And it bothers me not in the least. Each age has something wonderful to offer. I have wisdom now, I would have died for then. NOT TRU
  3. > Hi, I'm thirteen and I live in Ireland. I have been > obsessed with classis cinema since I was a about > three. I used to dance around to Meet Me In St. Louis > and My Fair Lady! Now I love them even more because I > can understand the quality of these films compared to > some of the stuff made today. My friends make fun of > me no end and I've done my best to introduce them to > my films. But pretty much no result, they still love > their romantic comedies and drag me along with them > to see them. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that you > don't care
  4. Being 16 and a lover of the classics it's been hard for me to find anyone even close to my age range that shares my appreciation for this particular area of interest.At times this dilemma makes conversation difficult for me. I just want to know if this problem is unique to me.
  5. If I could have lunch with any of the greats it would probably be a group affair including Katherine Hepburn, Carey Grant, Spencer Tracy, Vivian Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia De Havilland, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball, and Gregory Peck. Of course, I probably wouldn't be able eat anything because I'd probably have fainted from the sight of the first of them arriving!
  6. On VH1 or E! I forget which... they were showing a program called "101 Pop Culture Icons and Unforgettable Moments in Pop Culture History" . I wasn't really paying attention, infact, I believe I was absently cutting paper into tiny little pieces while the commentators were rambling on about some dead people and some lame civil war movie they starred in. Suddenly, I heard a few little somethings that caught my attention, "Oh Rhett, where shall I go? What shall I do?" and "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". The next day I begged my mom to take me to Barns & Noble. Once there, I raced to
  7. for me Kate and Ingrid would probably have staying power because they are two of the best dramatic actresses and most diverse artists of their time.
  8. I've seen enough classics to fuel the fire behind one of my strongest beliefs. And that is that the majority of film makers and actors today don't know what the hell they are doing! They seem to think that the more special effects, sex, and senseless violence there is in film the better it is. I can't stand it!!! the whole business has become a monotonous cycle of stupid plot lines, bad scripts, two cent actors with big heads and no talent, and numerous disgraceful remakes and sequels. It makes me wonder if the old hollywood greats ever feel like turning in their graves! Why can't hollywood ge
  9. For me it's "Little Women" because even though Jo March has many obstacles in her path her courage and strength of character help her achieve her goal of becoming a novelist. What's yours and why?
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