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  1. Ha! Ok, Jack. For Lamarr, they forgot to show Lady of the Tropics! I thought it was scheduled. That one is my favorite! DANG! Well, maybe for her birthday! And, for Garbo, her birthday looks pretty good, but you can't play everything! And, I am keeping my mouth shut about her. I tend to just get TOO upset!
  2. Well, that was easy enough! Done!
  3. Now, ken, Jane had her place in the movies. She was no great actress, but she was delightful in A Date With Judy. I caught the end of that this morning before I had to rush out!
  4. Ok, Jack. I will try it. I have never done that before. I assume it will be pretty easy.
  5. She was the GREATEST female dancer, in my opinion (even though I love Rita). Just can't get enough of her! It would be great to have a day of her dancing. Maybe on her birthday they will do something!
  6. OH! So many images you conjured! Very funny stuff, and kudos to you for remembering!
  7. :0 colon zero colon uppercase D colon lowercase p :| colon shift-backslash key ;-) semicolon dash right parenthesis Wordmaster sent me this list long ago.
  8. Now, how did you get those letters to appear in red? You are just the cleverest thing! See how easily I am distracted. The Wiz was so boring, anything will catch my attention. And, TOOMANY! You are TOO MUCH!
  9. Well, I agree. She was anything but sterling in this, but at least they had Lena Horne as Glinda. I wondered why she didn't show up sooner.
  10. She even brought God into it at the end!! "And, if you're listen God, . . ." Holy Cow!
  11. The funny thing is, they are all KNOCKING themselves out! And, to no avail! It is a bomb!
  12. Oh, this movie is just soooooo bad! It is loud, ugly, pretentious, and trite! Just like dpd said about the social consciousness of - Believe You Can Do Anything! Blah, blah, blah! And, at the end when everyone takes off their clothes! What is that all about? Oh, I just can't wait for it to be over. On a positive note, Diana's figure is great. What a beanpole! Her clothes hang on her and she looks great. But, somebody put some eyelashes on that woman! She hasn't got any. And, she should have worn a pigtail wig or something. That hair has got to go! And, what has Lena got on?
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