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  1. Who can forget "Breakfast At Tiffanys" or one of my favorites "Wait Until Dark". A leading Lady with grace any style!
  2. Oops. spelled her name wrong. HEPBURN!
  3. Let's talk about Audrey Hepbern!
  4. Well gagman66 you listed more of my favorites. I really liked DEATH AT BARGAIN PRICES, THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE and RETURN OF THE CYBERNAUTS. I guess it is sometimes hard to narrow down favorites and select the best. Everyone has a different idea of what they like and that's good. Do you have any Cathy Gale or Tara King episodes that stand out for you?
  5. Here are some Emma Peel episodes that are pretty good.. "From Venus With Love", "The Fear Merchants", "Escape In Time", "The See Through Man", "The Bird Who Knew Too Much", and "The Winged Avenger" Two more are "Death At Bargain Prices" and "Too Many Christmas Trees" All classic Emma Peel episodes. And not to forget John Steed (Patrick Macnee) is there too! Wouldn't be The Avengers without him!
  6. I too liked Tara King and one of my favorite episodes is "All Done With Mirrors". Another good one is "Look(StopMe If You've Heard This One)..." Honor Blackman "s Cathy Gale was also good in "Mr. Teddy Bear" as well as other episodes. As you know Ms Blackman went from The Avengers to play **** Galore in "Goldfinger" Diana Rigg quit the show and also played in a James Bond movie "On Her Majestys Secret Service". Diana is now Dame Diana Rigg. All in all it is one of my TV shows since I first saw it when I was a kid. I have many of the DVDs and I have to put in a word about the theme music by L
  7. I know these forums are for movies and related subjects but, I am a huge fan of the 60's TV show The Avengers. I would like to know if there are more fans of the show and what are some of your favorite episodes.
  8. kitsy

    Woody Allen

    When I started this thread I knew his past would be mentioned. Mr. Allen is someone you either like or dislike and I'm glad these forums give us all an opportunity to express opinions. Who played his wife in "Take The Money And Run"?
  9. My favorite Woody films are, Take The Money And Run, Sleeper, Love And Death, Annie Hall, Bananas, Hannah And Her Sisters, Play It Again Sam. What are yours?
  10. I'm also going to include an actor Paul Fix who appeared. What TV show was he a regular on?
  11. Great movie Shenandoah! With Doug McClure, George Kennedy and Dabs Greer. Does anyone know who Dabs is and what other characters he played?
  12. Mr. Stwert certainly made alot of memorable movies here are my perhaps lesser known movies he made that are some of my favorites. "Firecreek", "Shenendoah", "The Cheyenne Social Club", "Broken Arrow" and "Harvey" the latter being one of his best.
  13. Thanks Judith! I'll certainly look into the titles you mentioned. By the way, Danny Kaye is also one of my favorite comic actors. I found some info on Jolson. He was born Asa Joelson and started singing as a boy in his choir. He was of Jewish faith and had a great talent of showmanship. Where he was born and what year I still don't know I also think he made the transition to "Talkies" and did more pictures. I think he may have started to lose popularity in the late thirties though. I have more research to do and I thank all those who contrbuted to this thread. I have a feeling I ain't heard no
  14. Wow that's interesting jdb1! Also it's good to hear from you again! I got hooked on Jolson many years ago when I saw the movie "THe Jazz Singer" on TV. I had heard some of his songs in a movie that I saw briefly (maybe the last hour) of "The Jolson Story" on cable TV. It starred Larry Parks as Al and William Demerest (Uncle Charlie on My Three Sons). I don't know the actress who played his wife but she was good in the part. Ever since been wanting to own the movie but I don't know if it's available on DVD. What books can you recommend and if you have any other info please post more mess
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