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  1. If Claudia sent that over her phone, she probably wrote it as "Their." It was corrected in the headline.
  2. Complex @Complex Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s anti-Trump daughter, says her parents are trying to silence her: “[They’re] just mad that i’m finally getting my voice heard.” More: https://bit.ly/2VGEiof 7:22 PM · Jul 3, 2020·Twitter Web App
  3. Brian J. Karem @BrianKarem You are literally a punchline @realDonaldTrump to every joke about stupidity heard across the world in the last three and a half years. 5:18 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  4. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump ....The Fake News Media is being laughed at all over the world! 4:03 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  5. From June 30, 2020 Kimberley Strassel @KimStrassel Wow. Biden comes out of basement and agrees to finally answer a question or two. Our intrepid press corps uses the moment to ask him to explain, over and over, just how awesome he'll be. 1:54 PM · Jun 30, 2020·Twitter Web App
  6. Daniel Dale @ddale8 Hard to even choose where to start with the mammoth dishonesty of this stuff. 4:55 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  7. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Cases, Cases, Cases! If we didn’t test so much and so successfully, we would have very few cases. If you test 40,000,000 people, you are going to have many cases that, without the testing (like other countries), would not show up every night on the Fake Evening News. In a certain way, our tremendous Testing success gives the Fake News Media all they want, CASES. In the meantime, Deaths and the all important Mortality Rate goes down. You don’t hear about that from the Fake News, and you never will. Anybody need any Ventilators??? 2:49 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  8. Mark Knoller @markknoller Invited guests include front line health care workers along with police and military personnel and their families. Best seat in DC for tonight's fireworks. @JuddPDeere45 says they're fight against Coronavirus being honored just as forefathers for securing America's independence. 4:46 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter Web App
  9. Arden Farhi @ArdenFarhi The South Lawn is nearly set for tonight’s @WhiteHouse #4thofJuly celebration. A max of 6 chairs per table, hand sanitizer and masks, chairs spaced apart near the bandstand. 3:13 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  10. Monica Alba @albamonica The White House is set to host its largest event since the start of the pandemic tonight for the 4th. There are chairs/tables set up for hundreds on the South Lawn. Social distancing "will be observed," per a spokesman, & facial coverings will be offered, though not required. 1:49 PM · Jul 4, 2020·TweetDeck
  11. Nick Jack Pappas @Pappiness Replying to @realDonaldTrump Trump is more concerned about saving stone statues than our lives. 2:02 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for Android
  12. Josh Marshall @joshtpm lol i had never heard of this "great historian". his academic credentials appear to be dropping out of college and later getting an honorary degree from Oral Roberts University. But he did write a history of the Trump White House. 2:02 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter Web App
  13. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump “Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead 1:57 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  14. Karen Tumulty @ktumulty Via @PhilipRucker and @costareports: "Trump has left little doubt ... that he sees himself not only as the Republican standard-bearer, but as leader of a modern grievance movement animated by civic strife and marked by calls for 'white power.'” 12:45 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter Web App
  15. ABC News @ABC One critic says it's part of a growing pattern on the part of Trump, his campaign and allies to push racially inflammatory language and then, after widespread outrage, claim ignorance. Why do Trump and allies repost racist messaging and will it help his reelection effort? abcnews.go.com 1:39 PM · Jul 4, 2020·SocialFlow
  16. Kaz Weida @kazweida I'd wait for the test results to come back before having any more live events, @govkristinoem Unless you enjoy killing your own constituents. It's a hell of a re-election strategy but don't let me stop you. 1:21 PM · Jul 4, 2020·Twitter Web App
  17. The Hollywood Reporter @THR Feinberg Forecast: Updated charts as Emmys' nomination voting gets underway Feinberg Forecast: Updated Charts As Emmys' Nomination Voting Gets Underway The Hollywood Reporter's awards columnist dissects 23 categories, some of which are now set to have more or fewer nominees due to a TV Academy rule change. hollywoodreporter.com 9:31 PM · Jul 3, 2020·SocialFlow
  18. Axios @axios Mexican leaders are calling for stronger enforcement on its northern border as the number of coronavirus cases in the southwestern U.S. continues to rise. Mexican leaders call for tighter border control as COVID-19 cases increase in U.S. Mexico worries America's growing number of COIVD-19 cases could threaten their communities' own safety. axios.com 12:19 PM · Jul 4, 2020·TweetDeck
  19. The Hollywood Reporter @THR Earl Cameron, the pioneering Black actor from Bermuda who starred in the 1951 British film Pool of London and later appeared in movies from Thunderball to Inception, has died. He was 102. Earl Cameron, Trailblazing Actor of British Films, Dies at 102 After starring in the 1951 thriller 'Pool of London,' he appeared in 'Sapphire,' 'Thunderball', 'A Warm December' and 'Inception.' hollywoodreporter.com 12:44 PM · Jul 4, 2020·SocialFlow
  20. Lincoln Presidential Library @ALPLM Vicksburg, the last Confederate strongpoint along the Mississippi River, surrendered to Union forces #OnThisDay in 1863. This victory on America’s 87th Independence day and the victory at Gettysburg on the 3rd are considered by many to be the turning point of the Civil War. 10:30 AM · Jul 4, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
  21. Joe Biden @JoeBiden This Fourth of July, one of the most patriotic things you can do is wear a mask. 12:00 PM · Jul 4, 2020·TweetDeck
  22. Barack Obama @BarackObama This holiday weekend, let’s be safe and smart. It’s going to take all of us to beat this virus. So wear a mask. Wash your hands. And listen to the experts, not the folks trying to divide us. That's the only way we’ll do this—together. Honor America’s Birthday (Safely) in 2020 You may not be able to congregate for parades or fireworks, but there are other options when it comes to having a festive Fourth. nytimes.com 12:00 PM · Jul 3, 2020·Twitter Web App
  23. Raw Story @RawStory Ron DeSantis threw temper tantrum after Trump hired strategist he ‘exiled’ from Florida GOP: report Ron DeSantis threw temper tantrum after Trump hired strategist he ‘exiled’ from Florida GOP: report On Friday, Politico reported that President Donald Trump has brought back longtime Florida Republican strategist Susie Wiles to try to save his electoral chances in the critical swing state — and... rawstory.com 9:18 AM · Jul 4, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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