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  1. JonParker and TOOMANYNOTES - both good points. If money isn't a reason for TCM's existence, then what is? And why are they making any changes at all? Someone's paying for station's overhead. If they wanted to go 'discount', they don't even need an MC and other 'frills. ' Just run movies 'ad infinitum' one after the other. BTW...one of my points was that boomers are being underestimated by the marketers . Their discretionary income is higher than the younger generations from what I've read - and it would make sense. They've been working longer. To those who want the Underground Whatever. Knock your socks off. If it's good it'll last. If not it'll be sitting right next to "I want to Marry a Millionaire. with Darva Conger."
  2. I think we have to understand that all decisions are money driven. When you don't understand what's going on in any public situation - look for the money interest. I think the problem here is many of us older people (I'm 52) feel slighted or are getting to be ignored in many ways. While there are some younger viewers, by and large, the predominant classic movie viewer (at this point) is more mature. My fear/problem is this... We, the older generation will see a continuing trend in this direction. Any marketing pundit will tell you that the most desired audience for most advertisers is the 18-30 yr old group. Why? Because that's the age when you choose your brand loyalties, they say, pretty much for life. It is a highly contested battle for that age group for that reason. So TCM and we older people both have (different) dilemmas. If TCM's core audience is going to be slowly disappearing (terminally) over the years, they need to 'grow' new viewers. We older viewers would like to think that we still matter. In fact, a recent article I read stated that the 50-ish group and older have a bigger significant portion of wealth to 'distribute' at our discretion than any other group. It would make sense for advertisers of certain products to realize this. TCM could be a perfect place to try and reach us experienced earthlings, I would think. The article suggested that many advertisers are wrong headed to constantly chase the same age (youth) demographic. There's gold (more than before actually) in them thar baby boomers! - And many of us like the movies of yesteryear. I would suggest that TCM might actually try and reach the 30-40ish crowd with a more traditionally oriented (yet creative) set of initiatives. I actually think they may have more success than with a bold move to reach the much younger group. Almost doesn't make sense. But hey I could be wrong. I think these efforts won't be very successful and hopefully TCM will retrace their steps into more acceptable and more thoughtful directions to raise their viewership. Reality shows have run their race. They are passe now, IMHO. Late to the party on his one, TCM. Respect your product more - and you'll find the key to success I believe.
  3. Quite a discussion. A few things... 1) to the poster that said TCM is adding programming, not removing it - you have to remove something to add something else if you're already running 24/7 which TCM is. The question is - Are they adding something better than what they are removing? 2) The posts about the Osmonds - you are kidding right? I have no problem with TCM trying something new. I'm just not sure that this gets them where they want to go. If you can't figure out ways to enhance your audience by way of your great vault of golden old movies, then open the vault to other enterprising stations that might like to show the movies. I'll bet some other stations could do some justice to the inventory. Otherwise, you won't show them, but you won't let others show them either. What are you afraid of? Xenophobic?
  4. wow. FredCDobbs. That was great. I had made a uncannily similar post, but it disappeared when I tried to post it. Now I don't have to remake it. You hit on a number of points I wanted to make. Real people talking about the films - famous actors from today commenting before a favorite film of theirs. The younger people would relate their own heros/stars that were excited about these great old classics. They are windows into other eras. They teach, entertain and add unique value to what's being offered today. They are special and TCM seems to not even realize what they are sitting on. Creatively packaging around the core product in ways that make you inquisitive about each actual movie is the way to go. This 'me too' approach is late to the party and rather uncreative. Moreover, it seems to be a surrender where a great victory could be won. They just don't realize the ammunition they are sitting on. Laughable, if it weren't so deplorable. Great post, Dobbs.
  5. I'd rather that they set-up a second channel to do this stuff. I have no problem with them trying to broaden their base. I doubt they will create more classic movie fans, but they could gain a new audience. I'd rather that they get more creative with the gold mine they are sitting on. Apparently they don't even understand what they own very well. And they don't know how to creatively market it to new potential viewers. I'm sure they think that's exactly what they're doing. But it's not. New Coke. Classic Coke.
  6. Kudos to GarboManiac and all who followed. It's one of my very favorite movies as well. I was awed the first time I saw it, mostly by the underlying theme. It's a hard theme to take on and do it any justice. I just relate to the character completely. Somerset Maugham is terrific and I'm sure the book is better. I don't even want to see the Bill Murray remake. Was it good? jbd1, that's a great name. Go for it. I hope there are many more than 152 of 'us' out there. This is a great little site. Okay, it's not so little. You all seem like a wonderful group of people here. I'm glad I decided to check the site out. Message was edited by: LarryDarrell152
  7. Good topic as I'm thinking about getting a DVD recorder. Is this a regular problem for others? VHS tape just deteriorates too much over the years, I've found. I'm definitely behind the electronic curve regarding the latest, greatest stuff. I was hoping recorderable DVD machines would solve all my problems.
  8. Thanks wordmaster. I was thinking Tenn, but was quite unsure. And, I was also thinking that were might have been 2 separate engagements at Shiloh in the Civil War, but again, I might be incorrect. (Never start a sentence with the word 'and" - Miss Stosak - my 5th grade English teacher.)
  9. Ha!Ha! VG DE! With respects to Jack Handy, of course. (Deep Thoughts - for the uninitiated) Knock! Knock! "uh-oh. The Topic Police at at my door! What should I tell them?"
  10. Gotcha' inglis and many thanks! Larry
  11. Ha!Ha! Well, I guess that Shiloh's somewhere nearby then, eh? That's one on me! lol!
  12. > "> P.S. I'm feeling dimwitted tonight. When I first > saw your name I read it as re-driver. I assumed you > were a chauffeur of used cars... Duh! > > I wonder how many handles are chosen for movie > titles. How many are actors/actresses/directors? > And how many are movie characters? I've recognized > Fred C. Dobbs (from Treasure of the Sierra > Madre) and WaldoLydekker (from Laura) and > me, of course!" So no one's gotten my name yet, it appears. BTW...I did the very same thing with 'redriver'. And that reminds me of why mankind is such a mystery. Because it's made up of two words - 'mank' and 'ind' And no one knows what those words mean.
  13. Can someone tell me how to get to Bagle Street?
  14. wow. Many thanks Shiloh. Sorry it took so long to respond. I just saw your post. That's right! Invisible Invaders. I really thought the word 'Invisible" was in the title, but I kept putting it with 'Invaders From Mars' - and I knew it wasn't that movie. That's frustrated me for about a year or two. BTW...I also saw Journey to the 7th Planet as a child and remember liking that as well. I will find and buy that DVD double feature, just for kicks. and to go off on another tangent... I'm a little bit of a history and Civil War buff. There was an old Disney serialized movie called something like "The Little Drummer Boy From Shiloh" that I remember enjoying. Where exactly is Shiloh?
  15. I thought the same thing about Audie Murphy. He sure didn't look like a hero - whatever you imagine, in your mind, a hero would look like. But I found the same thing by looking at a number of other 'real life heroes'. You just can't judge a book by it's cover, I've found.
  16. I agree Fred. Denzel was very good and, initially, was one of the reasons I didn't click past it. As I got absorbed in the story and saw it was a tribute of sorts to the old time films, I realized what a great little story it was. Denzel was just fine. I do like his acting. It just occured to me while watching it, that a 'less pretty', lesser known, but talented actor could have made this film his own. Some vehicles need star power to carry them. Some do not. I thought this might be a good opportunity to bring a fresh face to the public. I'm sure the producers were absolutely ecstatic to have such a big name and talent. BTW... I also learned that it was from a series of books by a black author using the same characters. Might be fun to see more of Easy and Mouse and their adventures, if the stories are told so well and in similar vein.
  17. Thanks inglis for that great, informative post. It is stuff like that that makes going on these boards so fun and valuable for me. I never knew most of what you related about Winnipeg and it sounds just great. Another place for me to go to, now. I've been able to get wonderful 'local intelligence' regarding going to other places by talking to people on the 'boards'. Good places to eat, places to avoid, etc. Terrific information. Wordmaster, didn't mean to step on your post. That's a good question actually. I honestly have a hard time seeing Jimmy Stewart as a cowboy. I just can't buy it.
  18. I just saw most of Devil in a Blue Dress the other night. I would say that qualifies as a modern film noir. Surprisingly well done. I only wish they had cast someone else (a talented unknown) besides Denzel in the the lead role. This would have been a great role for an up and coming young black actor. For all the Denzel fans out there, it's not that I don't like his work. I do. I'm a fan. But he overpowered this role a little bit, IMHO. The story would've stood on it's own with a lesser known actor in the lead.
  19. Please forgive any inadvertant faux paus, my Canadian film friends FTR... my understanding came from a Canadian. The actual % could be way off, but I'm fairly sure on a 'population per sq ml' it is awe inspiring. It wasn't meant to be construed in a negative sense. Living in densely populated Connecticut and near to NYC, I'm sure you might understand my awe and incredulity. We trip over each other here. OTH...I'm sure Montana, Idaho, etc would be similarly compared regards pop. density. Now I'll hear from those states, I'm sure. Any country that produces Neil Young and Jim Carry and any number of other talents is alright in my book. As far as Tom Green goes, well that's another story. Carry's from another planet but Green is from another universe. The scary part is I understand him. Which brings us back to movies...I thought Dumb and Dumber to be a comedy classic. Truman was very good and I think I would like The Majestik (sp?) if I saw it. How do I get this back to 'Tonka' ? As I said in a previous thread, "You can't get there from here." peace all.
  20. Patful, thanks for sharing that link and info. The picture from Corregidor brought back memories of my trip there. It was taken at the entrance to a series of tunnels carved into a hill. That became their last redoubt against relentless bombing/shelling before being overwhelmed. The Philippine government has reopened the tunnel and recreated things as they were and made a walking show through it of the final drama that unfolded there. Personally, I view such sites as sort of sacred ground. The historical meaning of what happened at such places is not lost on me. And thanks to you, I now know something new about it. peace, Larry
  21. Nice to meet you as well, inglis. I've been to Vancouver (beautiful) and hardly anywhere else in Canada. But I did read somewhere that an astounding amount (80% perhaps?) of the total population of your country is located around a very few localized areas - Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal (I think). The vast rest of the country is pretty much wilderness - still. Is that true? Or have I exaggerated the case? Anyway, thanks for sharing the memories.
  22. Ha! Ha! Glad to know that, Jack. I guess I'm a 'silly' goose!
  23. > This is really taking this thread on a tangent; we're > not even discussing movies anymore -- westerns or > otherwise; > > Now, let's see... how can we get this back on track? > Since Sal Mineo was in Tonka, I wonder how > many other westerns he made? Sorry to upset you, Jack. Personally, I've found that many sites do wander 'off topic' from time to time in the threads. And they can make for some interesting conversation when they do. Of course, interesting is a relative thing. But I find a stroll down memory lane harmless - and fun.
  24. This site has been so good for filling in my vague memories of films that I haven't seen in a long time. Here's another one... Sci-fi 50s/60s - B/W - they're being attacked by invisible creatures that enter bodies of (dead?) men. Apparently it's happening all over as the band of people (scientists, I think) are now living in a complex in a mountain with a large door that let's them in and out to fight the monsters in the dead mens bodies. They end up capturing one by having him fall into a liquid cement-like material and pull him out covered in it (it hardens around him). They take him back to their 'lab' in the mountain and perform experiments to find out how to stop them. They find out that certain pitch sounds can kill them. They make a 'sound gun' and attach it to a vehicle and go out and start killing them all. (They leave the body they're in and kind of curl up in a clear liquid ball and disintegrate when the sound gun is aimed at them.) help please.
  25. Looking like a hag, maybe you're not, but far worse is acting like one inside. You've still got a long life. Be nicer to people. It'll pay off when you get older. Good advice, filmlover, but you're making too much sense for this thread. Reminds me of a song on the new Paul Simon cd called, "Who's Gonna Love you When Your Looks are Gone?" Check it out. Pretty funny - and true.
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