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  1. I'm not familiar with the Aggie Muster regarding Corregidor, patful. Care to share? You would absolutely love going to the island where it all happened. It was mind boggling for anyone with a sense of history. BTW... the Filipinos have much reverence for MacArthur (along with their own war heroes).
  2. > I liked him In Rebel Without A Cause and in Exodus I > have never seen him in a western I liked Rebel Without a Cause, as well. Also had a very young Dennis Hopper in it. And starred a young actor who later died in a car crash and came back as a country singing (Big Bad John), sausage making, business man of the same name. (j/k) Oh boy, here comes another tangent...
  3. I do remember Davey and Goliath and Gumby. Watched both a little bit. At the time that was the best animation you could get on TV and it was good enough, I guess. You had nothing else to compare it to. Gumby was almost surreal in his adventures, as I recall. Davey and Goliath were little morality stories. Kind of miss them. I thought Annette was a babe, but so did everyone else. She's still alive, I believe, but has MS or Parkinson's and hasn't been seen in years, (that I know of anyway). Loved those stupid beach movies, too. As far as keeping with the thread a little bit (tangents are good), didn't Sal Mineo play an Indian in another movie? And here's an interesting little tidbit... For anyone who remembers "The Legend of Texas John Slaughter" (A Wonderful World of Disney serial) --- It starred a handsome young actor named Tom Tryon. He is now a famous and very successful author of popular fiction books. Yes, it's the same guy.
  4. I may have seen this movie many years ago, but I'm really enjoying watching now on this Memorial Day. My father fought in WWII (European theater - Air Force) and my wife is Filipino. Because of my now personal connection to the Philippines, this movie has taken on a much greater meaning. I visited the Philippines (and China) a few years ago. They have preserved the island of Corregidor exactly as it was when the war ended. You can visit the island as a tourist. It's a little eerie and gives a few goose bumps to visit such a door to the past. The movie lends it self to some authenticity by using real Filipino actors in many roles (Though many of the Japanese soldiers in the movie do not appear to be real Japanese).
  5. Tommy Kirk was the other Hardy Boy? Pretty good. Not so wise, but a reasonably lucky memory when it comes to some things. Of course, I can't remember where I put my keys, sunglasses, etc. It's funny what our brains choose to remember - and not. Don't remember Boys of the Western Seas at all. MMC serial? Really? BTW...were the the MMC serials first shown in the theaters as complete features? Or did they start life as serials?
  6. And wasn't Tim Considine in it? He went on to play the older brother in My Three Sons, I believe. Or was he one of the original Hardy boys when it was serialized on the MMCS. It's been a while.
  7. No. But that's a good guess. I thought of that myself. And it would be truly ironic if they got their inspiration from the same source I did.
  8. If I were you, I'd be confused too. Believe me, it all makes sense when you know the details.
  9. It worked this time! I'm now LarryDarrell152. Don't ask.
  10. wow. That sounds like it. Two versions as well, it appears. Many thanks vallo13. I'm thinking it was the Lionel Barrymore version that I saw. Thanks again.
  11. I'm up for most anything classic. I haven't seen as much as most people who post here (I'm sure) but I'm using the channel to 'educate me' to the whole universe of B&W classics. I like film noir, comedy, romance, satire, war, westerns, gangster, historical and period movies. If it's good, bring it on. I'm in agreement with those who think they've winnowed down the playlist too much. More variety, please. There are literally thousands of old movies out there. They can't be all bad (or good) but there should be enough good ones to last a life time of viewing. I like to lighten it up at times - so my request would be to go deeper into the Andy Hardy series of movies - ditto Blondie movies - and perhaps a little Joe E. Brown thrown in. But most of all, the Andy Hardy movies. For some strange reason, they strike a chord with me. For the record, Clash by Night (or They Clash by Night, I forget) I had never even heard of, found it to be a wonderful piece of work - and later learned it was directed by Fritz Lang. Small world. Also discovered I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (and Paul Muni) on TCM. It's those types of experiences I hope TCM can continue to deliver. I'm ever hopeful and ready to 'watch and learn'.
  12. This board has been so good I thought I would try for an obscure movie one more time. It's an old B&W that was shown on Christmas Day oh..., maybe 15 years ago. All I can remember is that much of it took place in an old colonial type house with the screen door/porch, etc. and the catch was that there was this tree in the back yard. The tree was either the 'Tree of Life' - or the 'Tree of Death'. I can't remember which. If you touched it, I think you would die soon (I think). Near the end of the movie, a character touched the tree and ends up climbing up into it. As long as that person stayed in the tree he/she wouldn't die, so the person plans on staying there so he/she won't die. It sounds crazy, but that's what I remember about it. Anyone?
  13. Ahh, thanks YoungMiss. And you are correct. The other side of that coin is that some people are trying to act/look an age they clearly are not any longer. It's a tad sad to see. Be happy with each stage of life. They all have something special to offer, if you're willing to see it. I certainly was not short changed in having my fun during my formative years. And I've maintained a little silliness and a genuine sense of wonder as I've grown through the many stages that life tries to bring you through - if you're paying attention. It helps to have a sense of humor along for the ride with you as you make the journey. But there is something to be said for maturity as well. Maybe the question is more about maturity and/or the lack of it. Anyway, enjoy your life, and as much as possible, the lives of those around you. Absorb the 'sensibilities of life' that the classics uniquely divulge. Whoa. Didn't really mean to wax philosophical. I better go watch a Popeye cartoon, my maturity is catching up with me! Peace.
  14. TCMWebAdmin - I actually had done just that but... The site seems to go whacky when I tried to log on after that. It seems that it was trying to read the old and the new name because it kept up an unending rotating/alternating signal (hard to read what it was saying because it would change back and forth quickly) that just wouldn't stop and wouldn't allow me to post. I will go back and try it again anyway. Maybe I did something wrong afterall.
  15. So, I guess there's no way to do this. I even e-mailed TCM and got a form letter response. It's such an easy thing to do on other message boards. I'm surprised it's not even possible (easily) here. Anyone?
  16. I'm glad to hear that you liked it so much. Maybe it was better than I remembered it. The sets and make-up I remember to be rather amateurish (low budget), but I could be wrong. I would still enjoy seeing it again. Apparently there's an 'under the radar' network of movie traders. Unfortunately, I have no library. I'm at the mercy of TV programming right now. Perhaps someday, I'll be able to build up a collection, but not in the near future. Here is another oldie I haven't seen since childhood - Half Human - I think it was a Japanese made version of the Yeti myth. I did discover that it was once available on VHS, by a direct mail 'oldies' firm. Anyone remember this one?
  17. By coincidence, I just bought a Roger Miller Hits CD. I haven't heard that silly stuff in years. This site is rich with suggestions. A good place to go for anyone interested in the old flicks. I have to add Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Many, many funny lines in that movie. I watched it about 12 times when it came out, but only because I had a friend who worked in the local theater and I got in free every time. "Morons. I've got morons on my team. No one's going to rob us going down the mountain. We have no money going down the mountain." ****.
  18. > The rule-of-thumb is quite simple: when one's irony, > optimism and, most importantly, curiosity is > gone, so is one's youth. Consequently, some of the > oldest people I've ever met are the youngest, > physically. > > There are those, elsewhere on this site, who've just > taken to critcizing the puns and plays-on-words I > like to insert into my postings' title bars. They > don't seem to realize how this betrays their > advanced age. Ahhh. Well put, my friend. I have a similar opinion of what what keeps someone earnest for life (young - in your words). I quite agree.
  19. Once again, late to the party. I really, really wish I had seen that. I remember it as a 'kind of eerie' movie. I'm always curious as to my reactions when re-viewing a movie after so many years. Perhaps it will appear again. Has anyone seen it and thought it to be good?
  20. > I'm an oldie now (52), but I remember watching > these old B&W 1940's movies even as a 5 or 6 year > old. They came on in the mornings when I was growing > up and they were old then. Something just fascinated > me about them. > > I'm 52, but am not the least bit old. > > What's the matter with you? Alas and alack, CineSage jr...I agree, but the 14 and 18 yr olds here certainly will not. We are the older generation - like it or not. And it bothers me not in the least. Each age has something wonderful to offer. I have wisdom now, I would have died for then.
  21. In less than 30 minutes at that. Thanks Fred. That's really great. BTW...Sierra Madre was a great movie.
  22. Everyone here has been great tracking down what I consider obscure info on movies from my past that I thought I'd try one more... I saw this as a child in the early 60's, but I haven't seen it since. It took place on a ship (a cruise ship, I believe) and the people on the ship would each go into a room where a character (God?) would talk to (interview?) them about their lives. The ship was actually going on a one way trip to eternity - again, I'm relying on a faint memory. Then somewhere in the last 10 years I saw an advertisement for a 'revival' of a play that seemed strangely similar in plot. Anyone?
  23. Thanks, CharlieT Some other boards make it easier and have a whole range of the things. (I know. What could be easier than typing 2 keys together? - Typing one key.)
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