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  1. Sounds like Drums in the Deep South (1951) with James Craig and Barbara Payton.
  2. Yeah, I waited a long time to purchase these, but it's the only way you can get some of the movies; although Kino Lorber is slowly making some of them available on Blu-ray. What's crazy is the Universal Westerns sets have all been on bonafide pressed discs, not burned. The Douglas Sirk set is MOD. I just wish the manufacturers would own their mistakes and respond!
  3. I haven't seen the clip you're talking about, but it definitely sounds like Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (not Jr.) to me. I can envision him with his hands on his hips, raring his head back laughing heartily from any one of his swashbucklers of the early-to-mid '20s (e.g., The Mark of Zorro, The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, The Thief of Baghdad...take your pick). If you want, you can pull him up on IMDb, and go through each one of those movies. There's lots of still pictures associated with each to browse. Happy hunting!
  4. Can anyone please tell me if TCM offers an exchange program for defective discs from their Vault Collections? It's become monotonous and tiring having to continually order replacements from the vendor only to receive more defective sets. I've already gone through four sets of the Western Horizons: Universal Westerns of the 1950s, and every single time, the Backlash and Saskatchewan discs come in covered in white splotches that cause the movies to freeze during playback. Last night, I was watching The Tarnished Angels from my Douglas Sirk set, and it totally skipped the last 12 minutes of t
  5. Robert Osborne was my hero. No one in the world inspired my love of movies quite like he did, with his folksy, knowledgeable, all-encompassing passion and love for films. I’m now an uber-fan of all things old (not always classic) Hollywood, from the glossiest, all-star, big budget, Technicolor extravaganzas of MGM to the shoddiest, no-talent, shoestring budget, Poverty Row oaters made by Victor Adamson, and, in large part, I have Mr. Osborne to thank for that. I first discovered him around 1994, when my mom got satellite TV; and I got to enjoy and learn from him for more than 20 years! Whe
  6. I couldn't imagine them releasing this series short one title because, just like the Lorre Moto's, there's an exact, multiple-of-four number of titles in the series. Not that my logic bears any weight to the real reason, but I can still hope, can't I?
  7. I don't know if this has been posted on here before, but I found some great news for us lovers of classic B mystery series. 20th Century-Fox has announced the MICHAEL SHAYNE, PRIVATE DETECTIVE -- COLLECTION, VOL. 1 boxset to go along with their current Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto collections. Fortunately, this one is not overly-priced like the other two. Amazon has it on pre-order right now for $20.99, and thankfully, the SRP is 30 bucks cheaper than the Chan and Moto sets--that way it will still be reasonably priced after its release. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LC4ZDK/ref=wl_
  8. Not to butt in, but it was probably me who you're thinking about when it comes to Dale Robertson--and he's not the answer. I met him last month in Oklahoma along with four other celebs. He wasn't rude, but he wasn't the friendliest. Bill Hale, Monte's brother, was by far the most gracious. He told me to come by anytime (we live near each other). Gerb
  9. My apologies as well, Dan. My response to you was not meant to be harsh in nature. I just didn't figure you'd give away the answer right under our noses--that would be insulting the intelligence of each of us here, and I hope you wouldn't want to do that. Gerb
  10. Excuse me for assuming that you wouldn't reveal the answer in a post, but even so, you shouldn't insult my reading ability. Gerb
  11. It would have to be somebody with a more-than-60-year hiatus because Anita Page, whom he mentioned below, logged 60 years between HITCH HIKE TO HEAVEN (1936) and SUNSET AFTER DARK (1996).
  12. "For that matter, Anita Page has had a 79-year career, if you want to count movies that hardly anyone ever gets to see." -- Movies are movies, whether anyone gets to see them or not. And, if she holds the record instead of Gish, then she should be entitled to wear it. Gerb
  13. Something else...Rose Marie has equaled Gish's 75-year record.
  14. IMDb gives John Oscar a 74-year screen hiatus, but I think they are combining two different people.
  15. I've often wondered that myself. None of the widescreen sites that I've used list any of the Creature movies, but they are by no means all-inclusive. So, who knows?
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