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  1. Are any of these FitzPatrick shorts, BTW?
  2. The original version of The 39 Steps?
  3. Speaking of TiVo, if anyone caught the TravelTalks short on Italy a while back, any chance I could get a copy. Or for that matter any of the TT shnorts you might have?
  4. That one's cool. I have it on tape.
  5. Ok, I have that one. I shall dig it out and check it for completeness. Send me your addy off-list if you want me to send it you.
  6. Not to mention more TravelTalks. Which reminds me, Popular Mechanics did lots of color shorts back then. Does TCM own the broadcast rights?
  7. Was that the one with the little kid that didn't want to do his homework, that walked into the giant book? Message was edited by: Senmut
  8. Would be nice to see more of the old TravelTalks shorts. Who does the scheduling?
  9. "You know, I don't believe a word that young man said." "Sounded too much like the truth to be true."
  10. 1953s How To Marry A Millionaire?
  11. Universal really knew how > to turn out these sci-fi tales, didn't they? I'm > glad you remember this one. > > Terrence. ========================= They sure did. And I always remember the good stuff!
  12. Senmut

    World War II Films

    Did anyone see Battle Of Britain on TCM? It has subtil differences to the video version I have. There are more subtitles for the German scenes, and different music in spots. Also, the end credits are different. Was there a different cut for different countries' distribution?
  13. Senmut

    World War II Films

    > Why not some anti-war film on Memorial Day? Why not some old Jim Crow era film with white guys in blackface on MLK Day? (cough, cough)
  14. Just as Gothic architecture would work today, because the basic principles of construction do not change, so the great aspects of noir would as well. Truly great art never really goes out of style, because it is just that. Art! People pay ungodly sums for Old Masters because some of their values are timeless. Since film is an art form as well, it will be the same for noir. Go for it!
  15. Yes, the line was from Rains in 1947's The Unsuspected, uttered to the lucious Audrey Totter.
  16. No, I do not, nor have I seen, that one. However, if I ever do, I shall send you a message on here.
  17. ARRRRRGGGH!!!!!!!!!!! You rotten ^%$@!$%%@$%ing ^&?*^%%$##&^%^%!!!!!!!!!!!! You guessed!!!!!! Ok, your turn.
  18. Is this the one where they find a bunch of ancient Sumerians living underground? I think I saw this back when I was about 10 or so.
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