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  1. Both the director and one of the stars worked on Robin Hood as well.
  2. OK First hint. It was a film noir.
  3. How about... "You were always my favorite. You know that. So charmingly unscrupulous, but so greedy."
  4. I'll probably get villified for this, but I have found alot of the discussion during the "Race And Hollywood" thing to be dull and annoying. Frankly, Bogle is a bore. There also seems to be a thread of guilt-mongering in some of it. True, many of these films were groundbreaking works, either for good or ill. However, I dislike the tone of trying to make White people today feel somehow guilty for what was done to/vis-a-vis Blacks on film, sometimes as much as 79 years ago. How precisely do the attitudes of then, whatever they may have been, impact me, now? If we want a truly color-blind society
  5. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, your turn.
  6. Anyone like these as much as I do? A great window onto a pre-TV world. I wish TCM would run a bunch of these in a festival/marathon. Great pieces of work.
  7. I taped this one. I liked the part showing the camera workshop/lab, where the equipment was serviced. Wonderful look into another time.
  8. Sounds like one of FitzPatrick's TravelTalks travelogues. I have the one he did Old New Orleans, done in 1940. Is that it? If so, I taped it.
  9. How about..."Everyone hates their telephone company. Even the Bedouins hate their telephone company." ?
  10. Nothing like these gems is being produced today. Just goes to show that H'Wood has lost any concept of good taste.
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