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  1. > what many called a 'directors cut' but was done without Lynch's input and > was a lengthened cut that added a lot of material cut from the theatrical > version along with some horribly crude paintings. Lynch hated the extended television version so much, he insisted the director credit be changed to Alan Smithee (that's a generic director credit for disowned movies). For the writer's credit -- and I think also for his small acting role-- he used the name Judas Booth. It's an amalgam of Judas Iscariot (betrayer) and John Wilkes Booth (assassin). DavidE http://www.classicfi
  2. Question: What do you get when you cross a dyslectic, an agnostic, and an insomniac? Answer: Someone who lays awake at night wondering if there really is a DOG.
  3. Have you ever considered a world with no hypothetical situations?
  4. Rene Des Cartes goes into a bar one evening. At last call, the bartender asks if he'd like another. Des Cartes says, "I think not," and disappears.
  5. Does John Hurt? Does Tom Cruise? Will Cary Grant? Is Robert Wise? Is Ian Holm? Can Joan Plowright? Can Peter Boyle? [And here's one for Election Day.] Will Francis X. Bushman?
  6. Here's a link to my review of Kwaidan: http://www.classicfilmpreview.com/lasting-impression/. It's scheduled for Monday morning at 2:00 a.m. eastern (late Sunday night) on TCM, in addition to being available as a Criterion DVD. This one doesn't turn up very often on television. Highly recommended. DavidE
  7. No, I'm back. I had a bunch of writing to do, as well as a business trip to New York, so I had to concentrate on that. Never stopped watching movies, though. DavidE
  8. Here's a link to my review of The Testament of Dr. Mabuse: http://www.classicfilmpreview.com/dogged-determination/. It's showing tonight on TCM at 2:00 a.m., in addition to being available as a Criterion DVD. This is one of Fritz Lang's best films, and the restored print is a real eye-opener. Highly recommended. DavidE
  9. I'm also a big fan of Lubitsch and Hitchcock. Here's my favorite quote about Lubitsch: "I still remember the day of the funeral. After the ceremony, William Wyler and I walked silently to our car. Finally, I said, just to say something to break the silence, ?No more Lubitsch.? To which Wyler replied, ?Worse than that ? no more Lubitsch films.'" ? Billy Wilder (Action!, Magazine of the Screen Directors Guild of America; November 1967)
  10. Doesn't Metropolis (1927) have a big screen TV that shows the workers below? According to Wikipedia, mechanically scanned television was first demonstrated by John Logie Baird in 1926, so it would have been in the news around that time. DavidE
  11. Sandy, Yep, that's the famous shot where Mamoulian told Garbo to think of nothing. The theory was that the audience would project whatever meaning they wanted onto her face. Works for me -- but then I'm a Keaton fan, so I'm easily impressed by a stone face. DavidE
  12. Someone else created the animation, but (I know you would want me to take some credit) I did trim it down. Glad you're back. We could use your good-natured spirit around here to help us through the rough spots.
  13. Oh, boy, GarboManiac has returned! [nobr][/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] Queen Christina says, "Welcome back."
  14. > Would someone fill me in on the short film "La Jet?e" (1962). > I missed the first five minutes It starts with the narrator explaining that as a child he saw someone murdered at the airport. Many years later, following a nuclear war, he is chosen to participate in time travel experiments, in part because he has vivid memories of the past. The experiments are initiated in what is supposed to be our future, and he travels back to what is supposed to be our present. He meets a woman there and begins to fall in love with her. That should cover the first five minutes or so -- with
  15. > He was either crazy or supremely optimistic and/or naive That's an excellent description of the character Herzog is consistently drawn to, both for his documentaries and his fictional films. Jean Renoir said, "A director makes only one movie in his life. Then he breaks it into pieces and makes it again." That's certainly true for Herzog. DavidE
  16. A quirk in the forum software places edited messages at the top of the queue, throwing off the chronological sequence of the posts. If someone decides to delete large numbers of posts by editing out the text, it can cause new posts to become lost in a storm of updates. That's the what. As for the why? I haven't a clue. Edit: As movieman1957 suggests, it centers around someone wanting to remove all traces of himself or herself. Having a less obtrusive deletion method built into the forum software could help to prevent this in the future.
  17. Thought it would be a good time for some jokes, even though the thread may be buried by the edit-storm. DavidE
  18. Did you hear about the snail that got beat up by two turtles? He went to the police, and they asked him, "Did you get a good look at the turtles who did this?" He said, "No, it all happened so fast...."
  19. Two cows were lying in a field. One of them says to the other, "So, what do you think about this mad cow disease?" The other says, "What do I care. I'm a helicopter."
  20. Question: What does a sadist do to a masochist? Answer: Nothing.
  21. What do "Winnie the Pooh" and "Jack the Ripper" have in common? Their middle name
  22. What did the fish say when he bumped into a cement wall? Dam
  23. [nobr][/nobr] Help! We're trapped inside a fortune cookie factory!!!
  24. A scientist interested in all things avian became obsessed with the ways in which seagull biology interacted with that of other mammalian physiology. This rather strange-minded individual found that by feeding live seagulls to porpoises he could make the fishlike mammals live forever. When he was out collecting more seagulls for his nonenvironmentally sound experiments, a lion escaped from the local zoo and took up residence in his driveway. Upon returning and finding the lion rather docile, the scientist jumped over the lion (bearing his cage of soon-to-be-porpoise-food) with the intent of pr
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