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  1. > I think that the edit feature is invaluable since my > spelling/grammar often needs to be corrected--and I > invariably only spot the problem after posting. I also would hate to lose the edit feature altogether. Perhaps a delete-this-message button could be added so posters could delete the message rather than just the contents. It could come in handy for those times when you reply to a question and someone else answers the question with better information, while you were writing your reply. That has happened to me more than once. The downside to the delete-this-mess
  2. Dolores, La Jet?e (1962) is most definitely tape-worthy. It's scheduled for 7:30 p.m. eastern time. Here's a link for more info: http://www.classicfilmpreview.com/fragmentary-images/. DavidE
  3. It has been a while since I've seen it, but I remember The Savage Innocents (1960) having a scene where a large animal is killed for warmth. Any chance your movie couple is Eskimo? Here's a link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053244/. DavidE
  4. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. If your DVR is consistently throwing off the audio, then the problem is mostly likely in your DVR. Audio-video sync should be completely automatic with no user adjustments needed. On the off chance your batch of DVD-R discs are defective, you might try a different brand. That said, it?s hard to imagine how a defective disc could affect the audio sync. DVD-RW compatibility is becoming less of a problem as older DVD players disappear from use. Any player manufactured over the past two years should be compatible with both DVD-R and DVD-RW discs, thou
  5. That's cool. Thanks, wordmaster. So, I didn't imagine it or dream it one night. Sounds like it will definitely be in one of the two shows. I also remember her explaining why she felt she couldn?t have both an acting career and children. That was in a Cavett interview, so it may also turn up in one of the two October shows DavidE
  6. Here's the one of the movie theater: http://americanart.si.edu/collections/exhibits/hopper/p21-movie.html. DavidE
  7. TCM has used a bunch of Hopper paintings in its graphics, including one set inside a movie theater. DavidE
  8. I'm a fan of Duke Ellington, especially his music from the 1920s and 1930s. Here's a link to one of my favorites, East St Louis Toodle-oo: http://www.archive.org/details/EastStLouis. Even though this 1926 public-domain recording is a bit noisy, the quality of the music still comes through. Here's a link to a 1929 public-domain recording of Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra performing Ain't Misbehavin': http://www.archive.org/details/Misbehavin. I didn't know much about Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, or Chick Webb until I saw Ken Burns' Jazz documentary. Now I can't get enough of th
  9. Here's a link to the original painting (Edward Hopper's Nighthawks): http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/hopper/street/hopper.nighthawks.jpg. Is that what you're looking for? DavidE
  10. One of the interviews that sticks in my mind is one he did with Katharine Hepburn. Cavett was asking her about not using drugs or alcohol, and she said, "Cold sober, I find myself utterly fascinating." I hope TCM runs that one so I can find out if I've remembered her words verbatim. DavidE
  11. Sometimes a movie is based so loosely on another film, it makes more sense to say it was inspired by that film. One example would be What's Up, Doc? (1972), which borrows plot and character elements from Bringing Up Baby (1938). Another example would be 12 Monkeys (1995), which used the short La Jet?e (1962) as a starting point. In his DVD commentary for La Jet?e, Terry Gilliam says he avoided watching it until he had completed the production on his film. Gilliam says he had to lobby the screenwriters? guild to say it was "inspired by" rather than "based on" another film. No one had bother
  12. > - can we start an inter-species thread Island of Lost Souls (1933), Cat People (1942), and The Wolf Man (1941) might be variations on this theme. Does I Married a Witch (1942) count? At least the Bride of Frankenstein (1935) tried to keep the pairing in-house. Maybe we should rename the thread: Forbidden Love. Edit: Oops, forgot this is a pre-code thread. Scratch the later films as examples. DavidE
  13. I wholeheartedly agree. Maria Falconetti's performance is one of the best ever committed to film. Here's another link to read more about this incredible movie: http://www.classicfilmpreview.com/uncompromised-dedication/. DavidE
  14. My favorite Howard performance would be Pygmalion (1938), which may be in the package of Janus films that TCM has acquired. He is also in fine form for The Petrified Forest (1936), which TCM has shown in the past. I thought he was very good in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934). The last print TCM showed had a loud hum in the soundtrack. It was so bad my wife and I stopped about a third of the way through and waited to see the rest via a NetFlix DVD (which wasn't that much better). Here's a little verse from that film, which Howard recites in his aristocratic alter ego: "They seek him h
  15. > Do you happen to know how to do this? It depends on the DVR. I rent a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD through Time Warner Cable. With mine, after you select the option to record a particular program, it shows both a start and stop time. You cursor left to reach either time. Then you cursor up or down in order to subtract or add minutes to the time slot. This feature was added within the past year (my DVR automatically updates itself from time to time). The 8300HD also lets you attach an external hard drive which can triple the capacity. I can help anyone with that, if advice is needed.
  16. Brad, I run into the same problem occasionally. Either the clock on the DVR is off, or TCM has slid the movie forward beyond its time slot. As Jack mentioned, some DVRs let you program extra minutes to the allotted time, so you might add ten minutes or so to the end -- if it's a movie you don't want to miss. Rio Grande shows up fairly often on TCM. It's currently scheduled for September 17 at 12:00 p.m. eastern. DavidE http://www.classicfilmpreview.com
  17. Anne, I found it on a website, so I can't take credit for its creation. Someone probably videotaped a kitten getting up from the floor, and then cut-and-pasted portions of the video frames to create the illusion of a kitten doing push-ups. It may even have required some computer animation for the legs to move that smoothly. The other possibility is that it was created entirely with computer animation, which would be even more impressive. DavidE
  18. [nobr][/nobr] My Dream House (Biltmore Estate, used as a backdrop for Being There) [nobr][/nobr] My Reality House (Buster's do-it-yourself house from One Week)
  19. [nobr][/nobr] Time out for some exercise?
  20. > Anyone remember this one or novelty records like this? It's silly. I remember hearing that one on the radio (I think I was knee high to a grasshopper at the time). Isn't "I hear you knocking, but you can't come in" one of the clips? I heard The Flying Saucer before I had heard most of the 1950s' songs it referenced, so later when I listened to the source songs, I thought, "oh, that's where that came from." DavidE http://www.filmzoid.com
  21. Odds are it's Brief Encounter (1945), which shows up on TCM occasionally. Here's a link for more info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0037558/. It's scheduled to run again on Saturday, September 9 at 8:00 p.m. DavidE http://www.classicfilmpreview.com
  22. [nobr][/nobr] Here's a photo of Lionel Barrymore in Tod Browning's The Devil-Doll (1936). The story goes that he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and yelled out, "My God, it's Ethel!"
  23. Here's another pulling-their-boat-over-land movie you might want to check out. It's Fitzcarraldo (1982), directed by Werner Herzog and starring Klaus Kinski. Here's a link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083946/. DavidE http://www.filmzoid.com
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