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  1. TV just SUCKS now. I pay for TV and I get less than my parents got for the price of electricity. When was a kid I could get up in the middle of the night and turn the TV on to any of the stations we got then without cable and find a super movie that would keep me up way past the time I was supposed to be up. WHERE are those movies!!! PLEASE PLEASE show these movies, anytime, I don't care, just show them!!!
  2. Please TCM show some of the films I used to see on The Late Show before we had to pay for TV. Mr. Scout Master with Clifton Webb Margie (1946) with Jeanne Craine anything from the Henry Aldrich series anything with Judy Canova When Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Our Hearts Were Growing Up PLEASE!!! TCM, show these movies they are wonderful family movies. These movies haven't been shown in many years. HELP ME!!!!!!!
  3. There are so many great family films out there somewhere!!! Please TCM show some of these: Any of the Henry Aldrich series Home Sweet Homicide Margie When Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Our Hearts Were Growing Up Mister Scoutmaster All of these movies are from a more innocent time and are just wonderful feel good films, perfect for young and old alike. THANKS Mom, for introducing me to these movies when I was a kid !! Does anyone else remember any of these and feel the same ?
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