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  1. anyone here like ralph meeker????
  2. i totally agree with you. that's the first noir film i ever saw. i recently saw "kiss me deadly", with ralph meeker. i loved it until the very end, which weirded me out. but ralph meeker is great, i wish he'd had a better career.
  3. i love gloria graham!! the movie is great, i really liked it. do you know if it is in the first noir collection?
  4. rita hayworth-but i don't think anyone could play her; she's too beautiful
  5. gloria graham for sure; the coolest blonde out there!
  6. i would definitely be sharon tate, rita hayworth, or brigitte bardot when it comes to looks. if i was a guy i'd be john gavin or paul newman.
  7. i can't stand buster keaton; love the 3 stooges
  8. psycho, road to perdition, east of eden, legends of the fall, braveheart, gladiator, last of the mohicans, the crow, meet joe black, the notebook, magnificent 7, to kill a mockingbird, l.a confidential, shawshank redemption. i can't remember anymore. i have never seen man with the golden arm; but it's #1 on my list
  9. i agree; rita hayworth was the best female dancer. she grew up dancing with her father in nightclubs. gene kelly was the best male dancer. he is funner to look at than fred astaire; and he's just as good.
  10. i haven't even seen those; but i really hope the collection comes out very soon!!
  11. cillian murphy, cate blanchett, rachel mcadams; i'm trying to think of more.....
  12. i'm glad someone finally mentioned christopher plummer; he's great!
  13. the 3 stooges have been making me laugh since i can remember! tony randall is hilarious in the doris day movies, and lucy was so funny when she made fun fun of ricky's accent! cary grant in walk don't run and monkey business, maureen o'hara in parent trap, and tony curtis in some like it hot. nowadays i like anyone from saturday night live, and bea arthur is genius in the golden girls.
  14. paul newman then-cillian murphy now
  15. east of eden does it the best for sure! splendor in the grass imitation of life madame x the notebook stepmom romeo and juliet meet joe black there's that one movie where they meet at that diner by the train station and that's where they leave each other because they can't be together, i can't ever remember it!
  16. rita hayworth of course!!! in everything!
  17. from here to eternity, the dirty dozen, the deer hunter, apocalypse now, and platoon. another one is where a bunch of friends come back from war and one has no arms, and he gets married. i can't remember what it's called.
  18. casablanca is the first movie that came to mind. some more are the heiress, rebecca, cat on a hot tin roof, imitation of life, gilda, and this is going to be crazy-but i recently watched hostel, and i was so happy that he got everyone back at the end! there's just so many old movies that end good; i can't possibly name them all.
  19. i agree with you 100 percent
  20. lawrence olivier, yul brenner, rita hayworth, gloria graham
  21. hey! i am almost 24 and i love classic movies. i consider myself young still, so it's nice to talk to people closer to my age. it's awesome that you started a classic movie club. i would've joined when i was in school. kudos!
  22. why do u want to know?
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