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  1. Hey-- I just noticed a nifty little tidbit- your announcement of the challenge that you created will be your 2000th post! Happy 2000th filmlover! What a milestone! Kate
  2. Nevermind- I found the answer to the question I had posted. Message was edited by: Sinatrafan86 SinatraFan86
  3. My vote for both box set and for schedule go to AllieHarding. I loved basically everything in that schedule-- the Constance Bennett tribute (especially her movies with Joel McCrea) Stany's Ten Cents a Dance, the Glynnis Johns bday salute, and the Capra salute too! Plus, I absolutley loved the idea of a Helen Hayes boxset. Watching her movies really makes you understand why she was so hailed as an actress, and it would be nice if more people had access to her talent. Wonderful, outstanding job! Kate
  4. I watched them while they were on last night, and gee whiz were they wonderful! I wasn't incredibly fond of Ida Lupino's performance in the first one, but the second and third Lone Wolf movies were outstanding. I don't know about anyone else, but I think that adding Eric Blore to the cast was brilliant. I hope TCM shows the rest of the series soon, because I think the Lone Wolf might be my favorite detective series now-- treading a little ahead of Boston **** and the Falcon.
  5. Rita Hayworth is in The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt. I think it's the first one they're showing tonight.
  6. I am sooooo excited about the Lone Wolf marathon! I'm taping all of them, and then having a mini-marathon this weekend. I just love Eric Blore, and Warren William as well, so I am thrilled that TCM is finally showing these. YAY!!!
  7. What a neat schedule, mariah23! I really liked your Margaret Sullavan box set idea. What an underrated actress! I thought you might be interested in one thing about your "against type" theme-- Burt Lancaster's childhood friends all said that the one film role that reminded them the most of the man himself was Elmer Gantry- and Cary Grant's one role that he thought was the most like himself was None But the Lonely Heart! Both were against their "box office type" but both were really close to the men themselves. So, I guess techinically they were playing against type for their whole careers!
  8. ditto-- thanks to everyone who had any kind words about my schedule, and good luck to everyone else who entered! These schedules are all so wonderful, I wish everyone of them would win Kate
  9. Also here are my notes from the last post, which include all of my notes on the things that weren't changed, as well as the things I did change (just to explain why I chose what I chose, even the things that were deleted.. the notes on my new additions are in my previous post) Here are the notes on my schedule-- I'm sorry that I wrote so much, but I couldn't find a way to get it any shorter! (Believe me, I tried!) I included three new weekly features. However, for one of them I brought back "Darkness at Dawn" and moved it to 6PM on Saturdays as "Nighttime Noir." As much as I miss Darkn
  10. Here is my updated schedule-- I changed quite a few things. First of all, I made the Hollywood night include five films, including two silents to coincide with silent sundays. I changed my theme from Hollywood Homicide to just Behind the Scenes because I couldn't find any Hollywood homicide-related silents. I also got rid of my Walter Brennan birthday tribute since somebody else did it in another challenge. Instead I did "Heads Up" a tribute to psychological movies. I got to include some of my personal favorites (A Double Life and Rage in Heaven) and also some that sound really good,
  11. I was just on the TCM UK site and I noticed that every once in a while they have two titles scheduled for the same time, where viewers can text or e-mail their vote for which one they'd like to see... Any idea if TCM USA might do that sometime in the future? It might be neat.
  12. Just some food for thought: Was her name really spelled in English letters in Rome in 32 BC? That one thing is making me doubt the authenticity of this a bit. My mom pointed it out when we were watching Keith Olbermann tonight (Cleopatra was one of the top three newsmakers)... any thoughts?
  13. Frank Capra is my favorite director.. I love everything from his populist films to his earlier melodramas. My personal favorite Capra movies are Meet John Doe and You Can't Take it With You, both of which have the perfect mix of comedy, drama, wit and social conscience. Even though I love basically every movie made before 1950, regardless of director, actor or producer, I have to say that Capra's movies stand just a little higher than the rest on my list
  14. In the movie "In Caliente" there is a dance number called "The Lady in Red" when in fact the dresses were blue, so they would look more red on film since red in reality shows up so dark. I'm sure this is the same for many other b/w films
  15. I referenced your post in a different thread in case you'd like to post there as well: http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=96883&tstart=0
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