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  1. DUCK SOUP is the funniest movie I've ever seen. It might have been my first Marx movie. I thought I was on acid! Never seen anything like it. So much of the humor that has followed draws from the brothers' style and attitude. The influence is clear in the early work of Woody Allen. It's all over Alan Alda's Hawkeye persona. Virtually all the good TV sit-coms have at least one Groucho clone. I like HORSE FEATHERS, MONKEY BUSINESS. A NIGHT AT THE OPERA features incredible creativity. Sadly, it sinks into the music of the environment and loses sight of the comedy. But I'll take a
  2. You certainly can't. George Sanders could do no wrong. He was even good on BATMAN!
  3. I like BIG COUNTRY a lot. But some people don't. It does get some unfavorable marks from classic western fans. To each his own!
  4. Holy Cow! I love stuff like this! Where do you people find these movies? I swear, sometimes a good B feature is more fun than a serious project.
  5. SERGEANT YORK is two thirds of a terrific movie. A story that covers a lot of ground, a character who grows spiritually and makes choices. Exceptionally well presented by the talented Hawks. As it nears conclusion, it becomes a bit of a fairy tale. "And that's not all! Show them what else they've won, Bob!" Could be, that stuff really happened. Does that mean it has to be in the movie? Like another eternally debated Hawks film, RED RIVER, a more thoughtful third act would have been a better choice. For next week's session, please read pages 22 through 50 of "My Opinion of Vari
  6. "Williams-ish" though it is, THE LONG HOT SUMMER is based on Faulkner stories. Of course. Barn burning! His favorite theme. It's not a bad little drama. Not something I'd watch every other year. But it's entertaining.
  7. I'd love to see this. Never heard of it till recently. Especially after the book I just read. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER! I am not kidding.
  8. HOUSE OF STRANGERS is good. Much better than the western remake, BROKEN LANCE.
  9. You gotta like The Flash! The bright red costume. The visuals used to depict his speedy travel. So thrilling! Sooner or later there will be a movie. It won't be as good as the comics. It can't be. But if it's done with some intelligence, it could be fun. This is one instance where I'd support the emphasis on special effects. Imagine seeing Flash fly by so fast he leaves a red and yellow blur in his trail! Done well, it could be impressive. Botch the job, you may as well forget it. At one point, I had a comic that featuerd The Human Torch alone. Not STRANGE TALES. Something different. I
  10. DILLINGER is better. But I found the recent film interesting and exciting. I was bothered not at all by sound or photography, and didn't feel it was particularly lacking in atmosphere. Not one of the great crime films of all time, but I liked it.
  11. You're right. PUBLIC ENEMIES is a good example.
  12. T-MEN, HE WALKED BY NIGHT, NAKED CITY. Fine movies with a common thread. Some are better than others, but they're all good films.
  13. The kids I knew caught onto Marvel around 1964. They had been around for a couple of years, but we weren't aware. I began collecting ATLAS and the like a few years ago. Love that stuff! The cover art is sensational. But that's what MARVEL and its predecessors are about. Sensational! Edited by: redriver on Jun 25, 2011 3:39 PM
  14. There used to be a candy bar called Semi-Sweet. Dark chocolate. Very tasty. Is it still around? I like MOUNDS, and eat them a lot. But there's something called BOUNTY that's milk chocolate instead of dark, with coconut inside. That's even better. I have increasing respect for fans of DC comics. I abandoned them when MARVEL came out. MARVEL was flashy and visceral. Bright colors everywhere. I was eight! But DC had a quiet elegance I've come to miss. Said and done, they were about story more than action. As the years have passed, I've met people who stuck wth their first al
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