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  1. I don't know the answer to this, but I think that THE PLEASURE GARDEN, DOWNHILL, and WALTZES FROM VIENNA are held at the British Film Institute; since none of the three are on video I 'm guessing its one of them. Although I think I read somewhere that a university in Texas has a print of DOWNHILL. Anyway, dying to know the answer. Am I on the right track?
  2. OK, as I have somehow managed to bring the Hitchcock trivia room to a screeching halt, let me atttempt to get it going again. The answer to my question, re: What do Hitchcock actresses Nova Pilbeam, Googie Withers, and Maureen O'Hara have in common? The answer is: they are all, presently, alive. (In fact I don't really know of any other prominant Hitchcock actors of the '30s who are? I'm curious if anyone knows of any other). So to get things going again, I will open it up to anyone who has a Hitchcock trivia question.
  3. What a minute.... missing two biggies here: Veronica Lake and Grace Kelly. To pick a third (already memtioned): Rita Hayworth.
  4. Al Hirschfeld's actress wife of 50+ years, Dolly Haas, made her last movie appearance in I Confess. P.S.Thank's RobertE for the further Suspicion/Paradine Case explanation. My question: What do 1930s Hitchcock actresses Nova Pilbeam (Man Who Knew Too Much, Young and Innocent), Googie Withers (The Lady Vanishes), and Maureen O'Hara (Jamaica Inn) all have in common. Hint: 1960s Hitchcock actresses Janet Leigh (Psycho), Jessica Tandy (The Birds), and Dany Robin (Topaz) do not share this trait.
  5. Glad I got one! OK, I'll retype my trivia question: What is the only single year that a performance in a Hitchcock movie was represented in each of the four acting categories at the Academy Awards?
  6. OK: I think I have it. In three of the four movies Hitchock's cameo involves his carrying of a musical instrument (strings in each case): Spellbound (a violin), The Paradine Case (a cello), and Strangers on a Train (a double bass). In Torn Curtain, Hitchcock holds something different that creates sounds? a baby.
  7. Well I thought I had the last one in the bag? Suspicion's title, at the very least, was changed after the movie's production. I'll take a stab at the next one: Spellbound, The Paradine Case, and Strangers on a Train have one cast member in common? Leo G. Carroll (who also appeared in Hitchcock's Rebecca, Suspicion, and North by Northwest, but NOT in Torn Curtain). I hope that's it! Right or wrong, I'll offer up another: What is the only single year that a performance in a Hitchcock movie was represented in each of the four acting categories at the Academy Awards?
  8. I think I know this? SUSPICION, originally titled Before the Fact (preview audiences rejected the title). My question: Along the line of the previous trivia. What behind-the-scenes Hitchcock collaborator (other than Hitchcock himself) appeared in a cameo in a Hitchcock film?
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