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  1. I don't have any problem with them playing post-1960s films. One, because they always show them in widescreen. Two, they play ones that you never see anywhere else. Three, they don't play the same movie 20 times in one month. Four, they are still playing films from every decade before the 1960s except the 1890's, 1900's, and 1910's and don't seem to be showing any signs of stopping. I will worry about the slippery slope towards AMC when they stop playing silent movies.
  2. So basically what your saying is that if I was angry about the fact that TCM won't air the silent version of The Gold Rush, then I have not yet begun to get as angry as one can about the issues surrounding this film, right?
  3. Why can't TCM play the silent version of The Gold Rush (1925)?
  4. I have recorded Pandora's Box and I have also recorded two Carl Th. Dreyer films. I just haven't gotten to them yet. I have about 448 films in my queue. To give you an idea of how far behind I am, I am watching the war films that TCM played for Memorial Day back in May. That said, I have seen Westfront 1918 as part of that group of films. I agree and disagree with your comment about Europe still being artistically on top. I would say that Europe as well as the rest of the world become fertile sources of creativity after WWI. I say it that way because you can't exclude the USSR and Japan (E
  5. I agree Jon Parker. So here it goes. Well, here a bit goes. I am only going to talk about the movies that I have seen since I started keeping this list, which means that I am basically excluding films that have Unknown as the date finished. At least for now. I really enjoyed the Federico Fellini movies that I watched, especially La Dolce Vita and Armacord. I have several other of his pre 8 1/2 movies recorded, but haven't watched them yet. 8 1/2 itself, was a bit tough to swallow, but I can really appreciate the artistry that went into it and I love Marcello. It was interesting to se
  6. Your welcome JonParker, I knew it was really bothering you.
  7. I am now 23 and am up to 1,503. Just thought an update was necessary. Name Date Finished Year Sandow (Strong Man) 5/5/2006 1894 Glenroy Brothers (Comic Boxing) 5/5/2006 1894 The Barber Shop 5/5/2006 1894 Serpentine Dances 5/5/2006 1895 Swimming In The Sea 5/5/2006 1895 Childish Quarrel 5/5/2006 1895 Photograph 5/5/2006 1895 Transformation By Hats 5/5/2006 1895 Leaving The Factory 5/5/2006 1895 The Baby's Meal 5/5/2006 1895 Demolition Of A Wall 5/5/2006 1895 The Sprinkler Sprinkled 5/5/2006 1895 Arrival Of Congress 5/5/2006 1895 Arrival Of A Train 5/5/2006 1895 Card Party 5/5
  8. "Shall we dance? Certainly, I hope you don't think I came here just for pleasure."
  9. "Chopstick Charlie concludes that when a man makes love to a maid, one of them should wear skirts."
  10. I wonder where I can get those security cameras that return artistically directed footage?
  11. I wonder why Toomanynotes and Rockyroad wanted to remove their posts. That is pretty strange. Sorry, I haven't been back to my thread in a while and was surprised to see them doing that. Well, back to the pointless for me. "College girls are one step from the street, I tell you. My son Joseph wife, she type on the typewriter - one step from the street!"
  12. "We don't have smog here [Los Angeles]. Some brown air, but not smog."
  13. What if it snowed in San Francisco?
  14. Wow, jdb1 you have it all wrong. I was trying to think of a movie quote to post on the pointless thread for today and since I had watched The Last Seduction (1994) yesterday I thought it would be a good source for the quote. I wanted to use the quote about the balls, but thought that would **** off GarboManiac again and I didn't want to do that so I picked a safer quote that I like as well. Sorry about the confusion.
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