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  1. Homemade cheese crackers! (Sharp Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Rice Krispies, butter, and a dash of cayenne.) Big Double Batch lasts about two days. Can't fight off the teenagers to make them last longer than that!
  2. 18 is my lucky number! Here goes: Clue #1: Henpecked husbands
  3. I liked that one from The African Queen, too. One more from me: Charade Cary: Oh, you should see your face! Audrey: Why? What's wrong with it? Cary: Nothing.
  4. That is an adorable photo! Great find, Lucky Dan.
  5. I enjoyed that immensely. I think the paperback is coming out sometime this spring. It was a fascinating read. There were several times I just laughed out loud. The funniest moment in the text for me was when Robert Mitchum saw her coming and ran the other way!!!! Amazing life she had. Server made the "cat" reference several times throughout the book, and she did seem to have nine lives. A survivor. Hysterical moments, sad moments, but Server seems such a great researcher. I also enjoyed Burgess Meredith's little autobiography. I read the Ossie Davie/Ruby Dee book, and found much to love there, but not many folks down here to discuss it with. Right now I'm plowing through Marion Meade's Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin. How about you?
  6. "You baked bread this morning, and you washed your hair... I could find you in the dark..." John Wayne in Hondo (Not necessarily that I would want the Duke to find me, but it's a sexy, come-hither line that I haven't ever heard repeated cinematically in a western since.)
  7. Some of the folks at the BFI Media Studies Conference this summer were talking about it at a screening I went to in London in July.
  8. There's nothing wrong with Leonard Maltin. He has background, experience, and a recognition factor, but his personality is just not as appealing as others in my humble opinion. He just doesn't have the WELCOME factor. I think I'll jump on the Paul Newman bandwagon. Let me know when the new thread starts, and I'll try and find it.
  9. Possible show biz temp hosts who might could handle a segment on their own: Carrie Fisher Jane Fonda Liz Smith Janet Maslin Meryl Streep Molly Haskell Cartwright Sisters (Both or pick one.) Cinemascope herself Sherri Lansing Allyn Anne McClerie Marion Meade Any other suggestions from ladies of TCM boards? All we want is a chance to step out from the Chinese screen and touch the glass ceiling.
  10. What great background info, JackBurley. I also enjoyed this film. Bittersweet is how I remember it. Judy was tender, Gene a little heartless.
  11. I am an avid reader and have read many "Hollywood" biographies. Anyone want to talk about a recent favorite?
  12. I know she's not considered a traditional 'Hitch' gal, but Teresa Wright made "Shadow of a Doubt" click. I enjoyed her work in that one Grace and Ingrid are still my classic faves.
  13. I do enjoy Mr. Osborne's comments, but I watch TCM because I love the classics.
  14. Variety is the spice of life. I think we all seem to love classic film, and that is what is so appealing about having diversity in the panel of presenters. Different perspectives can enhance what we love and know about the classics.
  15. Some of the same happened here in Houston, too. Out with the old, in with something a cash-conscious man with a suit has decided on his long weekend by the beach. There are only two of the old theaters left - one is a bookstore, and one is about to be demolished. The building housing my high school theater haunt is now a Kinko's.
  16. I don't want a talking head at TCM just to solve a perceived "diversity" issue. I think TCM should hire someone knowledgeable of the subject matter. If someone is hired who is knowledgeable and also is acceptable to the perceived and previously mentioned diversity issue, I have no squawks. And I don't hesitate to squawk. But it's also time to move "Into the Pink" and get a female perspective on the classics.
  17. Osborne has spoiled us all. He sticks to the positive. I enjoy his preview and post-screened comments. I just don't sense Maltin is that optimistic. He appears ever-at-the-ready to snipe at will. It seems from thread comments that Osborne does his homework, and Maltin has it done for him. But I have no idea what really occurs behind the screens at the TCM studios. Janet Maslin or Liz Smith might could do a guest appearance with Mr. Osborne just to test the cinematic tide, but a female co-presenter is the next logical step. Carrie Fisher's upcoming stint bodes well.
  18. Jack Cardiff work, as well as Howe's, has always amazed me and drawn me further into a story.
  19. I especially enjoyed the song that Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins sing. I love precodes. Did you see Design For Living or Torch Singer? Sorry if I moved towards another thread, but I enjoy talking about those movies and rarely am afforded the opportunity to chat them up.
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