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  1. Variety is the spice of life. I think we all seem to love classic film, and that is what is so appealing about having diversity in the panel of presenters. Different perspectives can enhance what we love and know about the classics.
  2. Some of the same happened here in Houston, too. Out with the old, in with something a cash-conscious man with a suit has decided on his long weekend by the beach. There are only two of the old theaters left - one is a bookstore, and one is about to be demolished. The building housing my high school theater haunt is now a Kinko's.
  3. I don't want a talking head at TCM just to solve a perceived "diversity" issue. I think TCM should hire someone knowledgeable of the subject matter. If someone is hired who is knowledgeable and also is acceptable to the perceived and previously mentioned diversity issue, I have no squawks. And I don't hesitate to squawk. But it's also time to move "Into the Pink" and get a female perspective on the classics.
  4. Osborne has spoiled us all. He sticks to the positive. I enjoy his preview and post-screened comments. I just don't sense Maltin is that optimistic. He appears ever-at-the-ready to snipe at will. It seems from thread comments that Osborne does his homework, and Maltin has it done for him. But I have no idea what really occurs behind the screens at the TCM studios. Janet Maslin or Liz Smith might could do a guest appearance with Mr. Osborne just to test the cinematic tide, but a female co-presenter is the next logical step. Carrie Fisher's upcoming stint bodes well.
  5. Jack Cardiff work, as well as Howe's, has always amazed me and drawn me further into a story.
  6. I especially enjoyed the song that Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins sing. I love precodes. Did you see Design For Living or Torch Singer? Sorry if I moved towards another thread, but I enjoy talking about those movies and rarely am afforded the opportunity to chat them up.
  7. My favorite period word is not an oath, but I love the word "operator," as in "She's a real operator." It has nothing to do with a switchboard, but everything to do with "networking."
  8. I enjoy your well-informed comments, but lest we forget, it was at least an updated "talking" parody of the silent era that awoke some generational acknowledgement to an homage of the silent era.
  9. Has anyone read that new Ava Gardner book by Lee Server? It is such a smooth read and has lots of interviews with Ava's contemporaries! What a great summer read!
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