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Posts posted by SueSueApplegate

  1. I totally agree with your comments about Morrow. Combat is a classic!

    He needs a star if he doesn't have one...

    especially if he's touched us and we're still talking about his contributions like this

    'lo these many years later....Sue Sue

  2. I think if I could choose a few Broadway musicals to have seen

    they would have been Camelot with Julie and Richard and MFL

    with Rex and Julie..


    Any other that you think stand out?


    I'm sure I might add The Most Happy Fella, AGYG, Oklahoma,

    South Pacific, and Lil Abner.


    I also adored Mary Martin in Peter Pan, the one with Cyril Richard.

    Did you see the Loesser special on PBS recently?

  3. I think of how many gifts she's been given, and how she nurtured them to such fruition,

    and I'm sure many folks have helped her along the way.


    Always keeps me wondering what I should be focusing on....writing, teaching,

    songwriting, translating, educational textbooks, editing, reviewing...

    I do a little bit of some things well, but she was able to direct her focus

    and make career decisions that I think have stood her in good stead

    through the years...and she did set quite a few records.


    I wish that I had seen the chance to watch her on the stage in Camelot or

    My Fair Lady. What was so electric about her performances?


    A confirmed alcoholic bachelor becomes responsible for the safekeeping

    of a group of students and their governess in the South Seas during

    WWII and is transformed by their interactions.

    (Featuring Cary Grant and Leslie Caron)

  5. I do have a sense of the flat portrayal with missing spark that you mention about

    Audrey, but I am grateful Julie was in Americanization. I just loved that film.


    My Fair Lady needed some spark, but I think that, like you stated, John,

    direction might have helped. I always felt the beginning of the races

    sequence was dull, and it didn't perk up until Audrey said "bloomin' ****."


    I am a Julie and an Audrey fan, so I am grateful for both their careers on film.


    Being typecast for Julie, well, life's all hits and misses anyway, and if

    she was afraid of being typecast, it was a good idea for her to

    be Jerusha in Hawaii because that was a non-singing role.

    She has her 3 squares a day, her book deals, a home in Switzerland

    and the U.S. It didn't seem to hurt her much...

  6. Miss Goddess,

    John Wayne is not everybody's cup'o'java, but I do enjoy his take on the western



    I would hope that you might take a gander at The Searchers.

    There is a moment in that film where he conveys the brutalities

    suffered by women at the hands of indians. It's reminiscent

    of some of the biographical accounts of the Fort Parker

    massacre at Groesbeck in Texas when Cynthia Anne

    Parker was abducted. The Searchers was loosely based

    on her abduction in 1836, and subsequent "rescue" many years later

    when her son, Quanah Parker became leader of the Comanches.

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