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  1. Miss Goddess,

    John Wayne is not everybody's cup'o'java, but I do enjoy his take on the western



    I would hope that you might take a gander at The Searchers.

    There is a moment in that film where he conveys the brutalities

    suffered by women at the hands of indians. It's reminiscent

    of some of the biographical accounts of the Fort Parker

    massacre at Groesbeck in Texas when Cynthia Anne

    Parker was abducted. The Searchers was loosely based

    on her abduction in 1836, and subsequent "rescue" many years later

    when her son, Quanah Parker became leader of the Comanches.

  2. The fact that Julie Andrews didn't play Eliza allowed My Fair Lady to

    display Audrey's finesse in the role. If anyone had heard Hepburn's own

    singing in a movie clip I saw years back, it did not seem o lack a

    personal quality of talent and the ability to hit the right note. Just the

    men in suits decided to make the change, which hurt Audrey's feelings terribly.


    But Julie Andrews had the luck and opportunity to create Mary Poppins

    on screen.


    The sad moment was that Audrey was not even nominated for My Fair Lady

    because she truly could act those moments that I feel that maybe Julie

    was not yet ready for onscreen. The happy moment is that Julie

    won for Mary Poppins, a cinema highlight during my elementary years.


    The positive nature of Julie's early, onscreen characters helped me to be more positive in my dealings with the adult world, no matter how "Pollyanna" (Is that another thread?) it may seem to other posters. I am grateful for those screen moments that steered me into a happier outlook on life that I might not have had otherwise.


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  3. What's your favorite Alec Guinness role?

    The Clive Kussler book, "Raise The Titanic" spawned a movie with

    David Selby and Jason Robards.


    A small character role with big emotional impact in that movie was Alec

    Guinness' part of the man who was a cabin boy. "Raise the Titanic" was not

    a critical success in some arenas, but I felt that Guiness' part elevated

    the mystery factor in this film.


    Does anyone else have a favorite Alec Guiness movie role?

  4. I loved The Moon-Spinners! The windmills, Peter McEnery, wasn't Eli Wallach

    in it, too? And Joan Greenwood? I loved the excitement of Greece,

    the windmills, and the international romance....


    I just remember when I first saw it, that I couldn't wait to be that grown up

    and have adventures like that...


    I think Pola Negri was in it long after she had supposedly retired.

    Great adolescent fun!

  5. Katiekat,

    I can remember when this film was first released, and the hype and

    excitement surrounding the opening was unbelievable.


    My mom took me because I knew she wanted to see it so desperately,

    and at the end of the movie, I fell in love with the story and all the movie

    stars. The script is weak, but just the idea of all the popular actors

    of the day mixed with a classic tale and international travel

    was intoxicating to me at the tender age of 7.

  6. With the popularity of "Once I Had Secret Love," Day's popularity

    got a great boost. It is often claimed that this is Doris Day's favorite movie,

    and I like to believe that.


    Her acrobatics and dancing have never been more demanding

    in other musicals.

  7. They just treated Marvel Ann so bad!

    The Trouble With Angels was a great script.

    Trouble Follows just didn't work as well, but there were

    moments in that film that I truly enjoyed as well.

  8. Personally, I wish the Julie Andrews thread could eventually return to feature

    comments, photos, and info about Julie Andrews...


    IZcutter, you make some very salient points about this

    being a home for all. With all the thread ideas

    and intellectual diversity, there is room for all

    kinds of discussion and dissension on the proper



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  9. The sequel was kind of different with all the show-biz cameos, but I though

    Susan St. James was certainly adequate, energetic, and tried

    to work up enthusiasm for her role.


    I've been stuck on a hot bus

    in the desert. It ain't no fun.


    I thought Robert Taylor was sweet

    in that role.

    Mary Wickes always cracks me up. She reminds me of one of my aunts.

  10. And remember the all night sewing disaster as Mother Superior saves the day?

    I could relate to that. It took me six weeks to learn how to properly sew in

    a zipper!


    The score for The Trouble With Angels was evocative. And I also loved

    Marge Redmond as Sister Lugori. She was also in ...The Flying Nun!

  11. OMG! The convent/prep school? The Trouble With Angels was on my top 10

    of adolescent favorites. Rosalind Russell is also someone whose

    abilities I admired. Some of my goddaughters think I am Auntie Mame!


    The whole Catholic girl school thing tantalized me because I was Baptist

    and had to go to public school. I always wanted a Catholic girl's school

    education because I knew they learned more and were better prepared

    for college.


    I was pretty Hicksville, and still am. I grow my own tomatoes every

    summer...sorry to disillusion you.

  12. I enjoyed Una Merkel, and Hayley Mills in Summer Magic, and The Parent Trap. These two favorites of mine during junior high helped me form an opinion about how to be a young lady without losing my personality in the adult

    world of manners and attitudes.

    Pollyanna was also a good role model because she was able to remain

    positive in the face of much adversity. During my childhood, I had

    several illnesses which kept me bedridden from time to time, and these

    positive messages helped me be a more positive adult.

    Any one else have any favorites to share concerning adolescent

    'coming of age' stories and a favorite movie?

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