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Posts posted by SueSueApplegate

  1. The first drive-in movie I remember seeing was The Searchers.

    I was so impressed by the moment in the movie when Natalie Wood

    took some make-up and drew a line across her forehead, that the

    next day I found my mother's compact base and did the same thing myself...

  2. Johnm, I knew what you meant.

    I am glad that we had McClerie's screen performances, and I just felt

    that her Katie in CJ was one of her better roles. I also enjoyed her

    in Jeremiah Johnson, and when I saw her name in the credits of

    JJ, I couldn't believe it was the same actress. I felt she was great

    in her scenes with Robert Redford, and her performance was

    a coda to the whole movie. At the end of JJ, her son and her

    death still shadowed the emotions of Johnson and his reaction

    to the indian homage at the gravesite.

  3. Dear Dr. Lee,


    Do you also want me to send the broom from the wicked witch of the west

    and tie it to the sled named Rosebud and use the statue of the Maltese

    Falcon as a rudder?


    The Chalice from the Palace has the brew that is true. :)


    Maybe this problem could be solved in a PM.

    The question is obviously outside of my area of limited expertise.

  4. Thanks for such a great post!


    I see listed Allyn McClerie. I wonder why she didn't work more than she

    did in the fifties. She seemed a first rate second banana with lots

    of potential.

  5. Ally Anne McClerie has also appeared in The Way We Were,,

    but her last acting appearing was in the early nineties.


    "A Woman's Touch" and "Keep it Under Your Hat" were also songs she

    sang that I thought were enjoyable.


    Anyone have any more info. on Miss McCLerie?


    I hear Miss Day is only concerning herself with her animal/pet fund

    organizations, and has had a difficult time since her son died.

    I wish her well. I know there are many folks who may not particularly

    care for her acting abilities or songs, but the CJ thread is an homage

    to her talents.

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