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Posts posted by SueSueApplegate

  1. I think White Christmas was one of the greatest showcases for his talent.

    He did a little of everything. I feel the same way about Vera Ellen

    and her contributions.


    But the funniest was the "Sisters" routine right before they hop out the window...

  2. I've taught Wuthering Heights as Eng. Faculty at the junior college level,

    and every semester I encounter some aspect of the novel I didn't explore that made it more enjoyable.


    But the hip new college crowd fails to connect with it initially.

    If they can't download it into an IPOD or MP3, and its lacks

    visuals, they're blinking and nodding in the first five minutes

    unless they have a venti cappucino from Starbucks resting

    next to their cell phone.

  3. I don't have a great deal of expendable income, but I did enjoy part of it,

    and I thought Ben Affleck had some moments, but felt the script needed



    I would, however, like to view it without the creeping mikitis.

    Diane Lane was great. Brody's part needed tweaking, although

    I felt he did what he could with the moments he had.

  4. Okay. Some of my actual moments with the famous:


    Eva Gabor - petite, adorable, charming

    Redd Foxx - hysterical, had about 10 minutes of repartee, starting with "How's the weather up there?" (I'm 5'11).

    Slappy White - He just laughed the whole time Redd was chatting me up.

    Lily Tomlin - friendly

    Paul Lynde - funny, charming

    Linda Kay Henning-serious, dedicated to her career

    Johnny Weissmuller - decked out as Jungle Jim, patient with children

    Englebert Humperdinck - he shook my hand. Very friendly.

    Betty Friedan - tipsy

    Dan Rather - friendly

    Tex Ritter - jovial, happy-go-lucky

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