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  1. I always enjoy watching to see what the guys and gals are wearing at the OSCARS and thought the dress Diane Keaton wore was chic, classy, and

    was a great accessory for her bubbly personality.

    Anyone else out there have a favorite from the 2007 Oscars?

  2. I've enjoyed all the comments everyone has sent! I haven't seen the Martian dance

    scene in Just Imagine, but I am interested in what other posters enjoy

    on screen. I enjoy the music, dance, scores, songs, performances and

    unique aspects of musicals.


    I also am thankful for Moirafinne's info on Ezio Pinza as I always

    enjoyed his version of South Pacific's iconic R&H score.

  3. I



    Like who's your favorite leading man in pre-codes? Gary Cooper


    Leading lady? Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face


    Of all five years, which contains the most of your favorite movies?



    Who's your favorite pairing? Shearer and Gable; March, Cooper, & Hopkins


    What's your favorite pre-code quote? "Have you got any experience?"

    " Yea. Plenty!"


    What about a moment that you think really defines the era of pre-codes?

    Shearer's transformation in The Divorcee


    What actor/actress do you think attributed the most to the pre-codes?

    Norma Shearer


    What is your favorite pre-code musical? 42nd Street


    And... What is your favorite pre-code of all time? Toss ups: Torch Singer,

    The Smiling Lieutenant, Baby Face, The Divorcee, Design For Living


    I love Pre-Codes!

  4. I enjoy movie musicals, the most unique form of American Cinema.

    The accepted greats, Singing in the Rain, The Sound of Music, Meet Me in St. Louis, and others always listed in a serious viewer's top 10 are also usually among my favorites' list. But does anyone have a great skit

    or song that is a personal favorite that might not be in one of our

    'Top 10' features?

    For instance, I enjoyed Howard Keel's " My Love is Higher Than a Hawk" from

    Calamity Jane. Anyone have a favorite that always seems to be overlooked

    from the database 'dime' of perennials?

  5. I saw it in a "movie house" and loved it. I was eight and knew at that moment that "greed" was wrong, but watching all those folks, some of whom desperately

    reminded me of adult entities in my extended family, made it all the more

    hysterical. The swinging ladder, Merman and her girdle, and cabs, trucks,

    motorcycles and bicycles, and Johnathan Winters in a gimmie cap

    waxing doofus tickled me all kinds of pink because I knew at that moment

    sitting in the dark and watching all the gags and setups, that grown-ups

    didn't have all the answers.


    I still look for treasure under any "W" I find. (Except in the Whitehouse!)

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