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  1. "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years" by Julie Andrews with Emma Walton Hamilton debuts Oct. 15.

    "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years" by Julie Andrews with Emma Walton Hamilton debuts Oct. 15. (Photo: Courtesy Hachette Books)

    The hills are alive, again. 

    Julie Andrews is reliving her Hollywood beginnings in a new memoir, "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years" (out Tuesday and co-written with Andrews' daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton).

    The book spans from her first days in Los Angeles with 1964's "Mary Poppins" roughly through 1995 – which means no tell-all tales of her more recent experiences working in the "Shrek," "Princess Diaries" or "Despicable Me" franchises. 

    But all the stage and screen icon's greatest hits are mentioned, including two that started it all and landed Andrews, now 84, her first Oscar win and subsequent nomination: "Mary Poppins" (for which she won best actress at the 1965 Academy Awards) and "The Sound of Music."

    For more of the USA Today article, look here.

    Join Julie Andrews as a TCM Guest Programmer on October 29 for screenings of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Victor/Victoria, and The Americanization of Emily. 


  2. Remembering the joyful Cicely Tyson and Tyler Perry at her #TCMFF Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in 2018 and Sounder on tonight’s TCM Essentials with Ben Mankiewicz and Ava DuVernay...


    (photo by Sue Sue)



    You’re invited on a wondrous journey to enchanted worlds of fantasy and stories beyond belief. From myths and magical creatures to ghostly encounters and travels through time, you’ll escape with fellow movie lovers to places that will ignite your imagination.

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  4. 3yEdqx7.jpg

    Mary Astor’s Summer Under The Stars Celebration is today on TCM!!


    This is the perfect day to remember Director Alexa Foreman and her documentary, Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor and that special Wednesday, April 25, 2018, interview at Larry Edmunds Bookstore. Thanks to Andrew Yang, Mary Astor's great-grandson for attending this exciting event, Larry Edmunds Bookshop, Linda Wiegman who took the interview photos, and all the fans who made the Wednesday interview and the Club TCM Screening two SRO events. The documentary screened the following Friday in Club TCM hosted by Gary Freedman. Thanks to Paula for that frothy cup of Mary Astor java.




    The iconic Hollywood Boulevard location....



    Sue Sue with director Alexa Foreman...


    Sue Sue (Christy), Director Alexa Foreman, and Mary Astor’s great-grandson, Andrew Yang, creator of the Mary Astor Doll Collection...


    Inexciting Club TCM with social media content creator Jeff Lundenberger, and Jeff Mantor Of Larry Edmunds Bookshop...


  5. Theresa Brown shares her thoughts on Ava Gardner for her Summer Under The Stars Celebration Today.....


    "It’s here folks! One of TCM’s signature programming events and one of my favorites: Summer Under the Stars! For August, TCM features one movie star a day and programs a full 24 hours of their films. I can’t think of a better way to get a sweeping overview of a film star’s career. Let me tell you a bit about my pick........"(for more, click here.) 

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  6. Comings and Goings....

    First Robert Osborne Memorial Award Recipient Martin Scorsese reunites for a collaborative screen effort with old friends....

    Scorsese's secret weapon in New York City... 

    Star Trek TMP Returns Thanks to Fathom Events...

    Quentin Tarantino's ninth film, teaming Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, needs to have strong staying power to be considered a success.'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'   |   Courtesy of Sony Pictures

    Violence Against Women in Tarantino Films from THR.....

    Tarantino Box Office....


    August is #TCMFF2020 announcement time! Last year the announcement came towards the end of the month.

      Be ready to reserve your rooms! 


  7. TCM Memorial Tribute: Albert Finney
    *The wonderful tribute to Albert Finney is tonight! 
    Annie, Tom Jones, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, The Dresser, and Night Must Fall begin tonight at 7 CST and 8 EST....
    AND your titillating tidbits du jour....
    *Cari Beauchamp's wonderful biography of Frances Marion, Without Lying Down, is now an audiobook...
    *Adjusting the top ten boffo box office bonanzas for inflation....
    *Not Faye Dunaway's first time at the rodeo. Bucked off again! 
    * Patsy and Loretta together again! A new film on the way...
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    Here are a few TCM Fanatics from the 2010 Festival.....


    Announcements in August, 

    Passes in November,

    Excitement is obvious, 

    Airfare in December!

    The weakness of the rhyme

    Belies the importance of the time!

    “Action Stations August!”

    #TCMFF Presenter and New York City Film Forum director of programming Bruce Goldstein is bringing his Pre-Code show to Houston, Texas, this summer!
    Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent in 'Baby Face' Photo: Warner Bros.
    Ginger Rogers in 'The Gold Diggers of 1933' Photo: Warner Bros.


    Bruce Goldstein loves movies from the Pre-Code Era. Give him 30 minutes, and he’ll give you the entire history of it.

    As the founding director of repertory programming at New York’s Film Forum (as well as the founder of Rialto Pictures, a film distributor that has restored and re-released many classic films in its 22-year history), Goldstein has made it his thing to hip people to the provocative films that were released in the early 1930s. This was before the Motion Picture Production Code -- aka the Hays Code, after Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) president Wil H. Hays -- along with the Production Code Association (PCA) and American Roman Catholics, forced studios to crack down on movies with questionable subject matter.

    When he grew up, Goldstein watched films that he says were more about “twin beds and chaste kisses.” All that changed during his teen years. “I went to a repertory screening in New York and I saw ‘Gold Diggers of 1933,’” remembers Goldstein, “and said, ‘Wait a minute -- this is rather racy! We don’t see these films on TV!’”


    “Gold Diggers of 1933” and many other films of that time will be shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, as part of a month-long series called Cracking the (Pre) Code. The baker’s dozen of films that will be screened (either on 35mm film or on digital) delved into what was considered the sinful stuff back then: homosexuality, promiscuity, profanity, violence, etc. These films will also feature some of the era’s heaviest hitters: sexual-innuendo virtuoso Mae West (“I’m No Angel,” “She Done Him Wrong”), angel-faced vamps Barbara Stanwyck (“Baby Face”) and Jean Harlow (“Red-Headed Woman”), German temptress Marlene Dietrich (“Shanghai Express”), perennial smart-alecks the Marx Brothers (“Duck Soup”) and, last but not least, Warren William (“Gold Diggers of 1933,” “Three on a Match,” “Employees’ Entrance”), whose rep for playing unscrupulous, nefarious men made him known as the “King of Pre-Code.” Says Goldstein, “I think all the ones I chose are really some of the most important films of the era.”

    Goldstein will be in town this weekend introducing several of his faves, including “Entrance,” “Blessed Event” and “Blood Money,” films he has also introduced at the Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles over the past few years. He will also be doing post-screening discussions on each film.

    Goldstein got together with the MFAH thanks to film/video curator Marian Luntz, a friend of Goldstein’s for nearly 40 years. She feels it’s about time the museum did a Pre-Code series. ““It’s certainly the first spotlighted series focusing on Pre-Code that we have done in a long time,” says Luntz. “I think we have probably shown some of these films here and there, but I just became excited sort of following Bruce’s programming and hearing, seeing other programming -- something always seem to pop up on TCM about the Pre-Code -- and it just seems to be a great occasion to have Bruce here, have people meet him and I hope this is the first of numerous times that we’ll be able to bring Bruce back and have him choose what he is passionate about and show it to our audiences.”

    Luntz is very aware these problematic but still fascinating films may turn off more sensitive viewers. “Bruce and I spoke about it a little bit that the audience here is gonna be different from an audience that sees the film in New York,” she says. “You hope that people will appreciate that this is of a period… I think it’s a moment for people to see the films, to think about what it reflected of our history and our society at that time.”


    “I hope they get to understand the era a little better also,” adds Goldstein. “That’s the one thing about these movies: they really are reflective of the times. They’re not escapist the way Hollywood movies were after the enforcement of the Code. They are reflections of the Depression, and that’s why some of them are a little depressing -- but entertaining.”

    Craig Lindsey is a Houston-based writer.

    Cracking the (Pre) Code

    When: Beginning Friday-July 12

    Where: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1001 Bissonnet St.

  10. It's July. Is it time to start worrying about when the 2020 festival dates will be formally released? 


    Will we see a film like Anna Boleyn celebrating its 100 -year anniversary at the fest? Directed by Ernst Lubistch.....

    Answer to these intriguing questions will eventually follow after a word from our sponsors...

    Image result for 1920s advertisements     Image result for 1920s advertisements   1920s Makeup Starts the Cosmetics Industry- History Vintage Hairstyling Practique Wave Clips �5.10 AT vintagedancer.com

    Popular ads from the 1920s.....


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  11. Tonight is the last night for WWII in the Movies with Ben and WWII Museum historian Robert Citino......
    WWII in the Movies: Allied Powers
    This is the end of a fabulous series put together by the wonderful team of producers, researchers, host, and guest programmers....Thank you, TCM!
    2:00 PM Sahara (1943)
    4:00 PM The Gallant Hours (1960)
    6:00 PM The Wings of Eagles (1957)
    8:00 PM To Hell and Back (1955)
    10:00 PM The Story of GI Joe (1945)
    12:15 AM Hell to Eternity (1960)
    2:45 AM PT 109 (1963)
    5:15 AM Above and Beyond (1952)


    D-Day (June 6, 1944) marked the date on which more than 156,000 Allied troops of World War II invaded northern France to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, signaling the beginning of the end of Hitler's grip on Europe. TCM continues to pay respect to the armed forces of WWII and the 75th anniversary of D-Day with Never Surrender: WWII in the Movies, this month looking at the Allied Powers and some of the numerous movies made about their struggles and victories.

  12. Hope you all had a chance to enjoy Thelma Ritter's fabulous performance as 'Moe,' on Noir Alley this weekend with the great Eddie Muller. I've been taking some time off from social media to continue working on Thelma Ritter: Hollywood's Favorite New Yorker . I'll be posting more photos from the TCM Film Festival 2019 later in the month. Enjoy your summer!

    Image result for thelma ritter pickup on south street
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  13. How D-Day Is Defined By Movie-Laced Memories

    War films may have been only “based on a true story.” But they did justice to the essential truth of what happened on the ground.

    By Ben Mankiewicz

    Mr. Mankiewicz is a journalist and the prime-time host of Turner Classic Movies.

    June 5, 2019

    Tom Hanks, right, and Tom Sizemore, left, in “Saving Private Ryan” (1998).CreditDavid James/Dreamworks, via Associated Press

    Read Ben’s wonderful article here






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