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  1. I think this challenge is great, kingrat! I can't believe all these wonderful entries so far!
  2. As per a special request, I have answered the questions here with an honest response. But my disclaimer is that I often change my " favorites" list depending upon what I am reading and what I am watching. *What is your favorite word? English-preferential, Spanish--madrugada(dawn), French--fromage (cheese), Italian--prego (please), German--kugeln (candy) What is your least favorite word? snag (I just hate to hit one!) What is your favorite sound? waves at the seashore
  3. Terry, I want to echo the same sentiments as kingrat and Izcutter. You should go and have a blast!
  4. Ha-Ha! Uncle Phillip or a froggie? Whomever I kiss, I hope he turns into a prince!! OR Just as long as it's not Hedley Lamarr! I'd rather kiss a Raisinet!! Bronxie, as always, THIS IS *THE* THREAD!
  5. I hope they show *Lifeboat* so the door prize can be a diamond bracelet! (Okay, rhinestone...It's the thought that counts!)
  6. I was a very naive 16 year-old, sheltered, and well-behaved. (Feel free to comment on this nugget of personal gold!) So a couple of weeks after the wedding, my Mom was being her usual inquisitive self, and asking all sorts of questions about the first wedding I had played for. (Lohengrin requirement here...) The family had called me sort of at the last minute. And I had explained to my mother that the preacher was there, the bride was there wearing a very pretty orchid-colored full-length number with little daisies sewn on a velvet ribbon around the empire waist, the groom was there, and h
  7. Well, sometimes it is a bit nerve-racking, but I have played for weddings and funerals quite a bit. Actually, the first wedding I played I was 16 and I didn't realize until much later that it was a "shotgun" wedding....
  8. I didn't realize Larry Blyden had died so young! He was from Houston, Texas. I remember watching him on Password and other game shows. He went to the University of Houston for awhile. It was so wonderful to meet you at the Turner Classic Movie Festival this year. Hope you are well, wouldbe! You, too, Mongo! I always check out your wonderful thread.
  9. Yes, Mave! All is well with me Deep in the Heart of the Lone Star Drought! We finally had a little rain to slow down the wildfires yesterday. Hasn't been this dry or this hot since around 1910. Just posted a bit on meeting documentary director Patricio Guzman on Sue Sue's Blog. I have been distracted and occupied much this week.A dear friend passed, and I was asked to play the piano at the funeral. Bronxie's Hirsuteness Thread is one of the livliest ever. Love reading Moira's, Jackie's, Izcutter's, and your posts.... Hope Jackie is doing much better!
  10. Dodging the hectic pace at the Hollywood Roosevelt one afternoon, I slipped away for a quiet lunch at Miceli's on Las Palmas. It had a typically old-world feel deep in the heart of the Turner Classic Movie Festival environs. I was seated on the first level at a table next to the corner booth, and I was so hungry that the smells of garlic bread and simmering sauces were assaulting my senses like mad. I had zoomed to the first screening and skipped breakfast. Lunch prices for pasta, salad, and a beverage are unbelievably reasonable and th
  11. Is it just me? Has anyone else noticed that Alec Baldwin is the real James T. Kirk? I mean he is everywhere...I think he is taking over for Regis sometime... Seriously, does anyone know when his ads for Priceline will be on next? I am really afraid he is going to run out of ginseng and acai berry....
  12. {size:19px}Bronxie, I suggest you pack a couple of these delightful ensembles for the South of France.... {size:19px} Hope you are doing well...I am starting to settle down now from summer travels and family obligations... ~Jackie and Maven the Mahvaluss, forgive my digressions...~
  13. One of my favorite moments at the Vanity Fair party occured toward the end of the evening when I met Peter O'Toole in one of the VIP sections. Robert Osborne and Leslie Caron had just passed through the milieu, and I inched over to the enormous leather sofa. Kate Phillips O'Toole, seated on her father's left, was smiling and seemed happy to be in attendance. I introduced myself, and said that I wanted to let Mr. O'Toole know how much I admired his abilities and his "body of work." Then, he shook my hand and said "Thank you." He was patient, and kind with all the guests, and his family certain
  14. Butterscotch, I am not sure about next year's schedule, but I do know 2011 was a whirlwind of fun and excitement. And now back to our regularly scheduled program: Swirling around the *Vanity Fair* party was much too much fun. I also met George Chakiris who looked "FAB." He was wearing a burgundy shirt with a black necktie. I went up to shake his hand, but he gave me a great big hug instead. I am sure he had absolutely no idea who I was, but he was so friendly, and there were lots of passholders and VFVIPS hanging around him for the short time he socialized, desperate to schmooze or cl
  15. Even though I met Margaret O'Brien, I didn't actually officially meet Jane Powell or Dickie Moore, but I did wave and smile at them before I took a photo. They were so very gracious. Hope you weren't mislead by the info in the column... Thank you so much for your encouraging words, butterscotch! You have a PM awaiting your perusal ...
  16. I finished mine on Friday like a good little girl...
  17. Lovers of the limelight, unite! When I bumped into Ed Faulkner, whom I'd met at last year's Vanitiy Fair party, it was another friendly face from filmdom. As an actor, he's appeared in several iconic John Wayne films, and is an affable, fun fellow, with a high schmooze factor. There were so many passholders at the party who wanted to meet him, so I kept him busy with some introductions. Ed and Peter Ford are great pals, and had traveled together to the Vanity Fair soiree, and Ed introduced me to Peter, who is also a cutie! But hands off, ladies! They are both married to great gal
  18. I've received the survey link, but I haven't made time to finish answering it yet...I will soon...
  19. Thank you, Miss Maven, for the kudos....I just love to talk to people, and there were some very nice folks at the TCM Film Fest this year, as well as last year. And we all had one interest in common--we enjoy classic film, and we enjoy visiting with others who feel the same way...
  20. That sounds like it was so much fun, Jackie! Well, after that big hug from Chris Isaak, I moved on around to the patio area where there were lots of comfy sofas and chairs and dressy folks were sipping on wine and happily ensconced while waiters came by with beverages or somethingsyummy on a platter. Out on the veranda was lovely Patricia Ward Kelly, Gene's widow, and she was happily chatting away with Countess De Lave, a passholder and poster at TCM City. Ms. Kelly, and author and speaker based in Los Angeles, met Gene while she was a writer on a television project involving the Smith
  21. Sazball, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier, Jaqueline Bisset, Nick Nolte,and Gene Hackman would all be great. Paula Prentiss (*Where the Boys Are*) and Dick Benjamin would be fun, too.
  22. *Where The Boys Are*, with Paula Prentiss would be a blast. I'll bring my rationed sunscreen, my teabags, and a bag of potato chips... One of my favorites is *Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison*....I'd love to see that one! It might even tie into a visit to one of the turtle hatcheries or eco tours...sushi would be the perfect hors'deuvre...
  23. Maven, I agree. Rudy's sensuality is certainly up a notch or two. Those sideburns are so 70's in the 20's....but I like the last shot of him without the scruffy touch while he's seated and dreaming... Moira, I go for Doug, Roland, and Ronald, too. *The Prisonah of Zenda* converts me every time...
  24. During the Vanity Fair party, I was lucky enough to meet Tippi Hedren and a few of her crew who help her with her organization, the Shambala Preserve presented by the Roar Foundation, and she spoke a little about its mission and asks all interested parties to visit the organization website: http://www.shambala.org/about_tippihedren.htm The Official Roar Foundation supports The Shambala Preserve and shares its mission: To educate the public about exotic animals and to advocate for legislation to protect them. To provide sanctuary for exotic animals who have suffered from gross mistreatme
  25. Maven, she looked fabulous! And that red dress was a stunner! I loved her glamorous attitude, too! Such a lady! Izcutter, thank you for the encouragement!
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