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  1. *FIRST OFFICIAL POST* Dateline: Hollywood! Arriving at the Hollywood Roosevelt is always a thrill, especially when it's time for the TCM Film Festival. Palm trees are softly swaying in the breeze, and tall, cool beverages stand **** on a tray held high by a handsome waiter circling the heated pool now filled with salt water, which keeps all us bathing beauties more buoyant. Ah...the good life. It is indeed comforting to see some of the same wonderful staff members ready to help with luggage, directions, and suggestions for the fast-paced excitement. They want all guests to ha
  2. My sentiments exactly, yancey. Another wonderful, excitement-filled experience. And I need to find out what kind of vitamins Mr. O uses. His stamina and graciousness to passholders amazes... I am still recovering here in the high desert where I'm visiting family, and hope to make my first "Sue Sue" post this evening... Met so many wonderful folks like Milt and Sue and Fran and Mike from "Jersey," Emberly, Garrett and Rob, Jeff and Ed, a great crowd of fun-seeking thrillmongers from Ohio (one of whom was Antoinette), Stephanie, Victoria and Katie from Rhode Island, Isac, a true "whiz ki
  3. filmlover, it's been so much fun! I really enjoyed that Peter O'Toole interview with RO at the Music Box yesterday. I've seen Hayley Mills discuss her family and career before presentations of Summer Magic and The Parent Trap, Julie Andrews remember Blake Edwards before a screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Angela Lansbury recall her first big break before a showing of Gaslight. Plus the Fred and Kate presentation at Club TCM, Voice Doubles with Marni Nixon, and the late screening of The Mummy introduced by Ron Perlman. And that's only todays agenda! It's been so much fun because
  4. I will be arriving on Wednesday, so I may not start "official" posting until Friday morning. I can't wait to see all my "new" pals from last year and can't wait to make the acquaintance of first-time passholders in 2011! Lzcutter and Cinemave have already started rolling with their posts, so enjoy!
  5. *Cinemave!* I hope I was one of the ones who inspired you to come this year!! I can't wait to read about your exploits. I enjoyed reading about your train travel, and hope to hear more about Ann-Margret later! Keep us posted and can't wait to see you soon!
  6. Dear Wouldbestar, There was one ATM at the hotel, but last year during the festival, it quit working for awhile. There are quite a few ATMs near the Hollywood Roosevelt and the festival area, so not to worry.
  7. Dear Wouldbestar, 200 business cards sounds way too ambitious for someone like me. Plus, I just refer folks to the TCM City website and say email "Sue Sue." But it all depends on how friendly you want to be, and if you are attending the festival for professional reasons concerning the film industry. I know someone who said he was glad he had brought about 100 or so cards. Network, network, network, and it's also the title of a film being screened...
  8. Bronxie, Louis Jordan was so sneering and leering in this "Epic." Was this one of those Marty Melcher Makes Doris Pay the Mortgage films he demanded she do?...She does have the best laugh, and I have to admit, I thought she was again her wonderful self. She carries it. And I love it when she lands the plane..... Jackie, I also love Doris' songs in *My Dream is Yours* . Mave, I wish we could worship and bask in her presence...I so want her to know how much she has meant to the movie going public. I wish Barry Sullivan had been around to save her from Marty the Moocher Melcher and h
  9. Tracey, I agree with your "sanitized" comment. She does seem to gloss over noteworthy details. I am just wondering how much is memory, how much is documented, and how much is she paid. For a great biography of Dietrich, I would recommend the book her daughter, Maria Rivas, wrote, and I would also recommend watching the documentary by Maximilian Schell. One of the most haunting interviews he does is with Hildegard Neff. Burt Bacharach and Maria Rivas also appear. Several of the folks I know who are attending the TCM FILM FESTIVAL also have recommended *Furious Love*, about Elizabeth T
  10. Tatiana, check out this wealth of information for newbies at the following link if you haven't all ready found it! TCM Film Festival 101: http://www.tcm.com/festival/index.html/#2 As for DVDs for the autograph parties, I am sure they will be readily available when the gift shop opens for business on Thursday. I think you will have ample time to secure a copy before the signing parties with Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Caron. Autograph collection is a little more involved than purchasing a DVD or book. Wait for the right moment when the film professional is not involved in answering
  11. Definitely pack your dancing shoes, Jezebel! Don't miss out on any of the fun at any time. You will be smiling all the way on the flight home!
  12. The Countess and Miss Lilacs, Lynn, were some of the great style setters of the glam set, and I definitely agree that "going all out" is also "going all out" to have a wonderful time! If you don't wish to "get all dolled" up, there is no requirement, but half the fun is pretending you are at a "real" premiere, and there will be "real" screen queens and kings attending the screening as well as the Vanity Fair after party.... Last year, hair salon "Fekkai" treated Countess De Lave and Loves Lilacs to a complimentary "do", and as I recall, you ladies were certainly complimented!! Hav
  13. That's great, David! Can't wait... BTW, if anyone hasn't seen information from Film Festival 101 on the film website, it reveals when Ben and Robert O. will be interviewing and visiting film professionals at Club TCM... While you'll see our production teams at work often throughout the festival, here are some specific opportunities to watch Robert Osborne or Ben Mankiewicz interview some of our special guests live from the TCM Classic Film Festival. WEDNESDAY, April 27 (if you're in town, come on by) 1:00pm- 3:00pm Robert Osborne- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby Ben Man
  14. Can't imagine anyone not wanting to travel in style with Jack Burley!
  15. I am definitely planning to attend Peter O'Toole's Footprints Ceremony on the schedule. Anyone else add this item to their personal agenda? And I will certainly enjoy the booth they've set up at the Hollywood Roosevelt for interviews with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz as they speak with film industry professionals. Messageboards member Butterscotchgreer really enjoyed the Road to Hollywood with Ben and Angie Dickinson in Austin to introduce *Rio Bravo* on April 16, and Tricia NY wrote about Tippi Hedren and *The Birds* on the messageboards, as well as Cinemaven discussing her for
  16. Jack, I had two or three last year. They must not have been the special "suicide" shakes. I still remember what happened that night! Oooh La La! Darryl, hope to see you all there!
  17. I can't wait to see all these Laugh-O-Grams! I think it will be so much fun!! Do you have a favorite?
  18. Great photos on your link, Tricia! This thread is so much fun to read. Maven, I also enjoyed reading about your Angela/Bob encounter. Tippi and *The Birds* with Ben!
  19. Jiminy Crickets!! Everybody is so quick to put the kabosh on my canoodling.... I just said "OOOooohh, a tall Scotsman." Maybe I just like to carry on a conversation with someone and not have to duck 3 or 4 feet...Jeeesh!!! So much subtext.....
  20. For updates, check out these great festival links... Things to bring...... http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=159444&tstart=0 In and Out Unofficial Gathering Updates.... http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=158580&start=0&tstart=0 Just get ready for lots of fun, film, and friends galore! And of course there is the usual camaraderie, canoodling, and canapes, and not necessarily in that order!!! I wonder if they might be taping some of these great guest programmer segments at the Film Fest.. http://news.turner.com/article_display.cfm?article_
  21. > {quote:title=hulaskater wrote:}{quote} > Updated to remove bringing items to be signed by celebrities... > > Things people have recommended bringing: > - Comfortable shoes (for sprinting between theaters) > - Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat (for standing in line) > - Snacks and bottled water (for in-theater dining) > - Business/Personal cards (for exchanging with new friends) > - Small notebook and pen (for recording contacts and happenings) > - Sweater or light jacket (for nights and over-cooled places) > - Camera, memory cards (or film), batteries
  22. Oooooh, Jackie. *Dead Ringer* is one of my favorites... Bette is a total hoot in this one. She gets to play two different women! That big huge dog, Duke, just chows down on Pitiful Peter.... "Bring out the De Lorca jewel box, baby.. or else.." Duke gave him the "or else." That dog gave her role more humanity because Duke hated her sister, but warmed to Edie.....and it also saved her from Gigolo Pete.... I loved Karl Malden as the ever faithful beau..... Also, I think the female singer at her club was also the lady who sang "Roly Poly" in *Pillow Talk*. Doris Day sang a c
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