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  1. >an evil woman is to me what > makes it noir. If you haven't seen it check out Kubrick's "The Killing"...a very evil Marie Windsor lurks within...
  2. > I am a curmudgeon. I think I belong in 1939. Billie and stoney...I'll meet you in 1939. Uh, recent movie...Glengarry Glen Ross. "A, always, B, be, C, closing. Always be closing. Always be closing!"
  3. Thanks, ken123! I like Stewart, Meeker and Mann...so, I'll give it a shot.
  4. William Powell could charm me out of...a tree. Ahem.
  5. I whole-heartedly agree he deserves it...but the word is (from his daughter, no less) he wouldn't accept. And who can blame him? All the fine work he did and no real Oscar...I'd tell the Academy to shove it. Just think of all the deadbeats who've won and didn't deserve that little golden statuette.
  6. Thank you, wordmaster and Gerb...now I can sleep.
  7. I like him, but I've only seen "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Paths of Glory"...suggest another one for me?
  8. Anyone know how Lee Van Cleef lost the tip of his finger? This sort of thing plagues me...keeps me up nights...help, please!
  9. > I believe that in > one hundred years the old B&Ws will all be locked up > in some library somewhere I think you're right...I'm so glad I'll be dead...
  10. > I like your list, southerngirl. > > Not one of them a 'pretty' boy yet every one was at > least interesting and at most very sexy. > > Kind of like...wait for it...Warren William. Thank you, stoneyburke! I'm going to check out Mr. Warren William...I'm sure I've seen him, but can't place his face...must be somethin' !
  11. > What about Robert Mitchum? How would women describe > him? Uh, hunk, I think.
  12. You Can't Take It With You Dinner at Eight Hannah and Her Sisters The Kings of Comedy and, yes.....Caddyshack
  13. > does anyone care for june allyson..if you do...then > why? in my opinion she is very over-rated. > > -rose I hate to speak ill of the dead, but I have to agree.
  14. Richard Widmark Sterling Hayden William Holden Robert Montgomery Trevor Howard Joseph Cotton
  15. > I just saw the movie "Kiss Me Deadly" on TCM this > past weekend. What a great film. Ralph Meeker was > spectacular as Mike Hammer. He was very good > looking. Why didn't he have more movie roles???? I've seen this movie so many times, but it never gets old for me...Meeker is handsome and of course it has a great plot and good dialogue. I don't know why he didn't make many movies...he did LOTS of television. He's also good in "Paths of Glory" if you haven't seen it yet.
  16. Thank you, Hamid..that helps me tremendously! I'm going to find a copy and give it another look-see.
  17. Good one! Have you heard the story about Ward and John Wayne? Apparently, they had an ongoing battle in which they punched the **** out of one another. On one such occasion, they were standing in a doorway...Bond closed the door and said something to the effect of, "Ha, ha! Can't hit me now!" Needless to say, the Duke slammed his fist through the door and knocked Bond down (maybe out?).
  18. > Women do not care how they look the way they used to. You are SO right...they go out wearing any old thing, looking like God-knows-what! My husband always wonders why I insist on going places like the grocery store clean, well-groomed and wearing makeup... In keeping with the thread...I can't remember how I became obsessed with classic movies...I'll have to think about that...
  19. For me, hands down..."The Wild Bunch". But, someone please talk to me about "Johnny Guitar"...I love Sterling Hayden, Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge, etc. However, I tried watching this once and couldn't get with it. I want to like it...help me! What do you like about it? Does Hayden actually sing in this cult classic? Message was edited by: southerngirl
  20. Oy! Don't get me started on those little brats...love it when Maggie rubs ice cream in the twirpy little girl's face! And what about when Sister Woman has them all sing for Big Daddy? (retch, retch) See...I told you to not get me started!
  21. >My, but weren't they >horrible to him tho! All he did was choose an >annoying wife, Hee, hee! You are TOO funny! God, but Sister Woman was a pain in the ****!! Message was edited by: southerngirl
  22. I too was struck by the dress comment...I think Veda is so self obsessed something like that would go right over her pointed head. Jack Carson...I really like him. He could play a lech, straight man, goofball, etc., all believably. He's so good in "Love Crazy", "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and "Arsenic and Old Lace", to name just a few. I love his voice...very distinctive.
  23. I'd like to see it...I love The Wild Bunch and The Getaway...I can't wait for TCM to air it though: I ordered it from Netflix. I have a secret crush on Warren Oates...
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